Friday, 13 May 2011

32: Friday 13th May 2011

From the Headmaster
We need your help - 3 minutes of your time
It is vital to obtain the opinion of our community in terms of how the school is doing. At the end of each year we have a questionnaire that will help us gather your opinion and improve. It should take no more than 3 minutes and we would be grateful to have it done by Friday 27th of May.
This short questionnaire will allow you to rate the school on how it is fulfilling its Vision, Mission, Values and Traits, and give your opinion.

Traffic disruption due to OAS General Assembly meeting in El Salvador
We plan to remain open during the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) which is due to be held 5th to 7th of June at CIFCO. As with President Obama’s visit, we shall ensure that we monitor the situation and take the appropriate decisions.

Primary News
Maths workshops
In order to help parents to help their children with their maths homework we will be running some short maths workshops for parents in Grades 1 to 5 next week. Each of the workshops will last for only half and hour and will be held in your child’s classroom. Teachers will concentrate on showing you the methods that we use in school to teach the four basic operations. If these workshops are popular with parents we will plan to do more next academic year. Please see the calendar dates below.

Music concert: The Story Behind the Song, Thursday 19th May, 6.30pm PAC
The final music concert of the year will take place this Thursday.  Musicians from the Upper Primary choir, recorders and violin extracurricular groups will perform together with the secondary band and special guest staff performers.  There will be a great variety of music on offer from Handel's Water Music to the theme from Starwars.  This will also be a fantastic educational experience for everyone, as the story behind each piece of music will be revealed.

Safari Day
The Kinder, Prepa and 1st Grade children enjoyed a very special day last Thursday. The children and teachers came dressed in safari clothes and colours ready to participate in the exciting activities that the teachers and assistants had prepared for them. They started the morning with a discussion and story from Ms Corry and Ms Ana. Then the groups rotated around the classrooms trying to anticipate what was in store for them. It was a great day and a very memorable one!

LP Spanish assembly - Prepa Pashley
In school we feel that the values of politeness, good manners and caring for each are extremely important and we try very hard to help the children to develop these attitudes. Prepa Pashley’s Spanish assembly today was on this theme and the children reminded us of this message in story, role play and song. Well done and thank you to all of the teachers and children responsible for putting this assembly together.

School Council
The last value of the school year will be introduced in UP by our school council next week. This is the value of independence.

Lower Primary
Dates for Your Diary
LP Spanish Assembly with Prepa Pashley: Friday 13th May
1st Grade Maths workshop for parents: Monday 16th May 7.10-7.40am
LP Spanish Assembly with Pre-Kinder Guadrón: Friday 20th May
Pre-Kinder Family Day: Tuesday 24th May 10:00am
Kinder Family Day: Wednesday 25th May 7:00am
Prepa Family Day: Thursday 26th May 11:30am
1st Grade Family Day: Friday 27th May 11:30am
Pre-Kinder Slideshow: Tuesday 7th June 7:00pm
Pre-Kinder Slideshow: Wednesday 8th June 7:00pm
Reports go home: Friday 10th June
End of Term: Friday 17th June, depart at 11am - No Play Room

Upper Primary
Dates for Your Diary

Tuesday 17th May - Maths workshop for parents - Grade 2 - 7.10-7.40am
Tuesday 17th May - 5th Grade COESAL session, students only 1:45pm – 3:00pm
Wednesday 18th May - Maths workshop for parents - Grade 3 - 7.10 - 7.40am
Thursday 19th May - Maths workshop for parents - Grade 4 - 7.10 - 7.40am
Friday 20th May -  Maths workshop for parents - Grade 5 - 7.10 -7.40am
Monday 30th May - Upper Primary Art Exhibition
Monday 30th May - Family Day

Secondary News    

IB and IGCSE exams are continuing next week. Grade 10 and 12 students should be aware of the examination times and must be in school at least twenty minutes before the start of the exam.

Work Experience
We are organising work experience for Grade 9 students which thy will do during the last week of term

Millennium Scholarship
The interview phase of the Millennium Scholarship award will be taking place next week. The selected internal and external students will be our Millennium scholars.

Awards Assemblies
We will be holding our Awards assemblies in the last week of term and we hope that many of you will be able to attend to celebrate the successes of this school year. The dates and times are shown below

Friday 20th May: Grade 10 and Grade 12 Reports for Cal 3 will be issued
Wednesday 1st June: Ring Ceremony for Grade 12 students
Thursday 9th June: Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony
Wednesday 15th June: Grade 6 Pompei Day and Awards Assembly
Thursday 17th June: Grade 7 & 8 Awards Assembly
Friday 17th June: Grade 9 n- 12 Awards assembly
Friday 17th June: Reports go home and end of term at 12 noon.

Noticias de Secundaria  
Los exámenes de BI y IGCSE continúan la próxima semana. Los estudiantes de 10º y 12º grados deben estar pendientes de los horarios de sus exámenes y deben estar en el colegio por lo menos veinte minutos antes del comienzo del examen.  

Experiencia de Trabajo
Estamos organizando la experiencia de trabajo para los alumnos de 9º grado, el ual harán durante la última semana de este año escolar.

Becas del Milenio
La fase de la entrevista para el premio de las Becas del Milenio se llevará a cabo la próxima semana.  Los alumnos internos y externos seleccionados serán nuestros estudiantes del Milenio.

Asambleas de Premiaciones
Vamos a celebrar nuestras Asambleas de Premios en la última semana del período y esperamos que muchos de ustedes puedan asistir a celebrar los éxitos de este año escolar.  A continuación se les mencionan las fechas y horas.

Fechas para su Agenda
Viernes 20 de mayo: Entrega de Reportes de la Cal 3 para 10º y 12º grados
Miércoles 1º de junio: Ceremonia de Bendición de Anillos para 12º grado
Jueves 9 de junio: Ceremonia de Graduación de 12º grado
Miércoles 15 de junio: Día de Pompeya y Asamblea de Entrega de Premios para 6º grado
Jueves 16 de junio: Asamblea de Entrega de Premios para 7º y 8º grados
Viernes 17 de junio: Asamblea de Entrega de Premios para 9º, 10º, 11º y 12º grados
Viernes 17 de junio: Entrega de Reportes a los alumnos y último día del año escolar, hora de salida a las 12 m.

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