Friday, 20 May 2011

33: Friday 20th May 2011

From the Headmaster
Parents Workshops - great turnout!
Thank you to our Primary staff for preparing some great numeracy workshops for parents - and thank you parents for coming to learn about how to help your children in this important area. Special congratulations to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade parents, where more than half of the parents attended. It gives us encouragement and, as Ms Dickson says in Primary News below, we shall be offering more workshops, on different topics, next academic year.

Short questionnaire - last week!
Thank you to the over 100 members of our community who have already taken the 3 minutes to answer our questionnaire.
It is vital to obtain the opinion of our community in terms of how the school is doing. This short questionnaire will allow you to rate the school on how it is fulfilling its Vision, Mission, Values and Traits, and give your opinion.

Registration process - also last week!
Almost all eligible parents have enrolled electronically and have now been invited to school on a particular day to carry out the enrolment process. However, not everyone has been able to make the appointment, and so there may be a greater number of people to complete the process towards the end of the week. In order to help, please note that the administration will be open for enrolment tomorrow, Saturday 21st of May, from 8am to 12 noon.

Primary News
Primary workshops for parents
We were very impressed and excited about the number of parents who attended our maths workshops for parents in Grades 1 to 5 this week. Thank you so much for finding time in your busy schedules to come along and be a part of this initiative. I am sure that you will find the areas covered useful and it will help you to help your child at home. We will be studying the feedback questionnaires closely and offering more workshops, on different topics, next academic year.

The Story behind the song
Well done to all of the musicians, members of the pupil and staff choirs and the readers who all helped to make this musical evening such a success. Music from around the world and  from different centuries was played and/or sung and readers made sure  that we understood a little about the history of each piece. Thank you to everyone who was involved in putting this concert together.

LP Spanish assembly - PK Guadrón
Well done and thanks you to the children and the teachers of PK Guadrón for their assembly today on the theme of “If I were king....’. The assembly was enjoyed by all the parents, staff and pupils who had the opportunity to watch it.

Lower Primary Family Days
The children are very excited about our forthcoming Family Days and are working on various activities that have been developed for this special event.  Please take note of the date and time of your child’s grade as detailed below. Invitations are also going home and we hope that you can join us for what will be a series of very special and memorable mornings.

Pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 5 will be competing in an inter tribal volleyball competition during PE lessons next week.

PE lessons
2nd Grade played parachute games during this week’s PE lessons and in addition to having fun they improved their fitness, listening skills, cooperation, team work and gross motor skills.

Lower Primary
Dates for Your Diary
Pre-Kinder Family Day: Tuesday 24th May 10:00am
Kinder Family Day: Wednesday 25th May 7:00am
Prepa Family Day: Thursday 26th May 11:30am
1st Grade Family Day: Friday 27th May 11:30am
Pre-Kinder Slideshow: Tuesday 7th June 7:00pm
Pre-Kinder Slideshow: Wednesday 8th June 7:00pm
Reports go home: Friday 10th June
End of Term: Friday 17th June, depart at 11am - No Play Room

Upper Primary
Dates for Your Diary
Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June - Upper Primary Art Exhibition
Monday 30th May - 5th Grade Family Day
Tuesday 31st May - 4th Grade Family Day
Wednesday 1st June - 3rd Grade Family Day
Thursday 2nd June - 2nd Grade Family Day
Friday 3rd June - Moving Up Day
Wednesday 8th June - 3rd Avilés Assembly
Monday 13th June - CAL 3 Reports go home
Tuesday 14th June - 2nd and 3rd Grade Talent Show 10.00am
Tuesday 14th June - 4th and 5th Grade Talent Show 12.00m
Wednesday 15th June - Achivement Ceremony 2nd Grade  7.30am
Wednesday 15th June - Achivement Ceremony 3rd Grade  8.30am
Wednesday 15th June - Achivement Ceremony 4th Grade 10.00am
Wednesday 15th June - Achivement Ceremony 5th Grade 12.00am
Thursday 16th June - 5th Grade Graduation 9.00am
Thursday 16th June - 5th Grade Party 5.30pm
Friday 17th June - Staff Talent Show 8.30am
Friday 17th June - End of Term, depart at 11:00am - No Pass Club

Secondary News    
Empowerment for Grade 7 on Saturday
Our newly appointed Prefects and Grade 7 Mentors are running a two hour empowerment session to help develop responsibility, sharing and leadership skills tomorrow morning from 9 am to 11am. We expect all Grade 7 students to attend. Some ABC teachers will also be helping.

Empowerment for Grade 6 and 8 on Saturday 28th May
The Prefect and Mentors are also working with Grade 6 (from 8 - 10 am) and Grade 8 (from 10.30 - 12.30) next Saturday. Thank you to our Head Students, their Deputies and all the Prefect and Mentors involved in running this event.

May 31st is world No Tobacco Day
On Tuesday 31st May we will be joining forces with many agencies around the world to encourage our students to appreciate the dangers of tobacco and the benefits of not starting smoking. It is estimated each year in the U.S. alone that almost half a million people die from tobacco related diseases. Adriano Bolaños will be helping us with this campaign

Geography trip to Guatemala with some 11 graders
The IB Geography field trip is due back from Antigua tomorrow

Congratulations to:
Manuel Melendez who has decided to take up an offer of a place to study Government and economics at Harvard University. We are very proud of him.
All of the Class of 2012 who have finished their IB Exams or will do so on Monday. We look forward to receiving their results.

Congratulations to Ramón Sanfeliu who has been selected to represent El Salvador at the International Maths Olympiad in Amsterdam in July. Congratulations!

Saturday 21st May: Grade 7 Empowerment Day 9 - 11 am
Saturday 28th May: Grade 6 Empowerment Day 8 - 10 am and Grade 8 Empowerment Day 10.30 - 12.30
Wednesday 1st June: Ring Ceremony for Grade 12 students
Thursday 9th June: Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony
Wednesday 15th June: Grade 6 Pompei Day and Awards Assembly
Thursday 17th June: Grade 7 & 8 Awards Assembly
Friday 17th June: Grade 9 n- 12 Awards assembly
Friday 17th June: Reports go home and end of term at 12 noon.

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