Friday, 10 June 2011

36: Friday 10th June 2011

From the Headmaster

Graduation for the Class of 2011
Grades 9, 10 and 11 represented the students in a well attended Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2011. Alumni Licda. Maria Teresa Angulo (ABC 1982) was the Guest of Honour (Chief of Administration for the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - United Nations, Mexico). Seventy eight students received the ABC’s Graduation Diploma and the traditional awards were presented.

Improvements in traffic times
Thank you to all our community for achieving improvements in the drop-off and pick-up times this term. Even though we had many days when two grades were out on examination leave, there were many days when they were in school - and yet we have had a much better traffic experience at school.

The Madres Enlace participated in a survey which involved keeping a log of when they joined a queue (if there was one) and when they left the school, both when dropping-off and picking-up. This showed improved times ranging from a couple of minutes with the best times being shown at the Administration gate - the widening of the exit gate and preventing recirculation have been very successful measures.

Primary News

2nd and 3rd Grade field trip to El Boqueron
Pupils in 2nd and 3rd Grade have been studying a unit of work called ‘Active Earth’ and as a part of the unit visited the El Boqueron volcano this week. The children in 2nd Grade were fortunate to be there at the same time as the Minister of Tourism who was visiting the park to open new facilities such as a visitors centre and play area. The children, in addition to viewing the volcano crater and the surrounding area, were a good audience for this event and represented the school well.

Children in 3rd Grade enjoyed a quieter visit to the volcano and were able to study the crater and slopes carefully and spend some time in the new Visitor’s centre. In their Active Earth unit the children have been studying plate tectonics and how earthquakes and volcanoes are formed. We are very lucky to be able to visit volcanoes without having to travel too far.

3rd Aviles Assembly
Well done and thank you to the 3rd Grade Aviles team for their assembly this week on the Ancient Egyptians. This was our last UP assembly of the year and well worth waiting for. Through dance, spectacular props and prose the children shared with us the things that they have learnt this year in their History topic. Thank you to the children and staff for their hard work to get this assembly ready for us.

1st Grade field trip
The children in first grade are reaching the end of their unit of study ‘Hooray we’re going on holiday!’. They have enjoyed this theme enormously, as have their teachers! To round off the theme on Tuesday 14th June the grade will be going on a bus tour of the tourist sights of San Salvador to encourage them to understand that El Salvador too, has a growing reputation as a tourist attraction. From the bus the children will view the Basilica de Guadalupe, Cuscatlan Stadium, Salvador del Mundo monument, Gran Via and the Teatro Presidente. They will make a short stop at the Artisan’s market and return to school via the pupusería Rincon de Olocuilta. Thanks to the teachers for organising this trip which will help the children to consolidate some of the things they have been learning about.

Also in Grade 1; congratulations to Fernando Caballero and Jonathan Rodezno who won the English Spelling Bee and to Hector Himede who won the Spanish spelling contest.

Student Council Assembly
The Upper Primary Student Council representatives will present an assembly on Tuesday, June 14th.

Every grade level from 2nd through 5th Grade will present a different value from the ones studied throughout the year.

2nd Grade will present the value of Respect
3rd Grade  will present the value of Friendship
4th Grade will present the value of Responsibility
5th Grade will present the value of Creativity

Upper Primary Talent Show 2011
After a very difficult selection process, everything is ready for our annual Talent Show. More than 60 children will be taking part in this event giving our students the opportunity to share their talents in singing, dancing, acting and playing musical instruments with the ABC community.
Talent Show Performances:
2nd/3rd Grade Talent Show: Tuesday 14th of June at 10:00 AM – PAC
4th/5th Grade Talent Show: Tuesday 14th of June at 12:00 AM – PAC

UP Spanish department
The UP Spanish Blog will be ready for the holidays with interesting links for grammar, spelling and fun games.

We will have a list of reading books that we recommend for the children too!

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 10th June: Reports go home
Friday 17th June: End of Term, depart at 11am - No Play Room

Upper Primary
Monday 13th June: CAL 3 Reports go home
Tuesday 14th June: 2nd and 3rd Grade Talent Show, 10.00am
Tuesday 14th June: 4th and 5th Grade Talent Show, 12.00m
Wednesday 15th June: 2nd Grade Achievement Ceremony, 7.30am
Wednesday 15th June: 3rd Grade Achievement Ceremony, 8.30am
Wednesday 15th June: 4th Grade Achievement Ceremony, 10.00am
Wednesday 15th June: 5th Grade Achievement Ceremony, 12.00am
Thursday 16th June: 5th Grade Graduation, 9.00am
Thursday 16th June: 5th Grade Party, 5.30pm
Friday 17th June: Staff Talent Show, 8.30am
Friday 17th June: End of Term, depart at 11:00am - No Pass Club

Secondary News

Congratulations to the Grade 10 Students who finished their IGCSE Exams this week. They are going to Santa Leticia on Monday for some Pre IB introduction. Their results will be here at the start of August.

It was great to see so many friends of the ABC at the Graduation ceremony on Thursday. It brings it home to us that the ABC is a growing family based on our shared values and aspirations.

Next week
The first two days of next week are normal school days following the normal school timetable. From Wednesday we have special cross curricular activities which can be accessed via the Class blogs for more details. Thank you for all your cooperation in participating in these activities. On Friday we finish at 12 noon when students should be collected.

Grade 9
From Monday Grade 9 are on Work Experience and they will be out of school until Friday. We will be monitoring their work experience and expect them all back in school on Friday morning. Congratulations to them all for the effort and enthusiasm they put into ABCMUN today when they had Sra. Carmen María Gallardo Hernández as a guest speaker.

Clearance Forms
All students have a clearance form which must be signed when they return their school books. If clearance forms are not signed and returned then reports will not be issued on Friday. Please check your son or daughter is returning their books and getting their clearance form signed.

Awards Assemblies
Our first Awards Assembly is on Wednesday for Grade 6, Thursday morning for Grade 7 and Thursday afternoon for Grade 8. The final Awards Assembly is for Grade 9-11 on Friday, We will be informing parents of students who are receiving awards by e-mail so you can be there but please note that all parents are invited.

ABC Stars
At each Award Assembly next week we will be celebrating a selection of students chosen as ABC Secondary Stars for their effort and achievements this year. We have chosen the following:

- Manuel Melendez (12): in recognition of achieving a perfect 10 in a Cal this year and being accepted into Harvard University
- Ramon Sanfeliu (11): selected to represent El Salvador in the International Math Olympiad in Amsterdam, Netherlands next month
- Mauricio Sifontes (8): Maths counts runner up in the Central American competition in February
- Daniel Garcia (6) and Amanda Obando (8): both selected to represent El Salvador in the Central American swimming competition later this summer
- Rodrigo Suriano: for setting a national swimming record in 50 m front crawl and 100 metres backstroke
- Fabiola Wollants, Carlos Villalobos and Marcela Garcia: winners of the ESEN Debating Competition in February
- Mariela Gutierrez (10): winner of the Millennium Scholarship
- Top IB point scorer in June 2010: Antonio Garaycochea
- Top IGCSE point scorer in June 2010: Maria Fernanda Arango (11)
- The whole IGCA team for their work on the environment in school and especially promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Values T-Shirt Day
Many thanks to Sara Urbina, Danny Jazrawi and the Prefects and Mentors who organised the ABC Values T-shirt Day last week. It was good to see students wearing shirts promoting our values.

Hospital Bloom
One of our CAS groups is raising funds to help refurbish one of the floors at Hospital Bloom. Money was raised last week and their project is going very well. Thank you to everyone who has supported them.

Dates for your diary

Monday 13th June - Tuesday 14th June: Grade 10 Santa Leticia IB trip
Monday 13th June - Thursday 16th June: Grade 9 Work Experience
Wednesday 15th - Friday 17th June: Grade 11 IB Science project
Wednesday 15th June: Grade 6 Pompeii Day and Grade 6 Awards Assembly at 1 pm
Thursday 16th June: Grade 7 Awards Assembly at 7am. Grade 8 Awards assembly at 1pm
Friday 17th June: Grade 9-11 Awards assembly 7am
Friday 17th June: Reports go home and end of term at 12 noon

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