Friday, 9 September 2011

4: Friday 9th September 2011

From the Headmaster

“Much Ado About Nothing” - TNT Theatre Group Return
The much acclaimed production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” will be presented on Monday 26th of September at 7pm, in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). There will be a limited number of tickets available since the PAC will be in optimum-viewing mode. Please note that there will be no tickets sold at the door - tickets with reserved seating will be available from Wednesday at a cost of $15.
Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson starred in the film of the same name - see the version which has been touring the World live!

School closed for students from Thursday 15th to Monday 19th inclusive
In addition to the national holiday on Thursday 15th, teaching staff will be undergoing two training days on Friday 16th and Monday 19th of September. The Primary School are hosting a trainer from the UK on the International Primary Curriculum and the Secondary School have got a complete programme of professional development on those two days.

Primary News

‘Beatles’ assembly
As part of the Music Curriculum, we enjoyed a music assembly this Monday with all the Upper Primary Section of the school. A Band came to perform a selected repertoire of songs from "The Beatles". Our students learned how songs can reflect the time and place in which they were written. Songs like Eleanor Rigby and Imagine help the children to understand the importance of lyrics in getting across a message.

1st Vasquez assembly
Many thanks to the staff and pupils of 1st Grade Vasquez for their assembly this morning. It is never easy to be the first class to do an assembly in the year but the children took it all in their stride and presented an assembly which reminded us all about the school motto “Effort Leads to Success” and the traits and values which we aspire to in Lower Primary. Well done everyone.

Smoothie sale
It looks like we may have a new regular feature in the Upper Primary section of the school! Selling juice this Wednesday was a huge success! The queue stretched around the corner of the library, but with the help of various members of staff we managed to get the drinks around quickly and without fuss! What to do with the proceeds made from the juice sales will be explained in the coming assembly. Well done to everyone that took part... see you again next Wednesday! Mr Moore

UK TRIP 2012
We are starting to plan our annual UK TRIP 2012. The selection process of students and teachers is under way. In the following weeks we will be holding the students interviews. An acknowledgement and interview dates will be sent home on Monday 12th of September. The students who are selected to go on this magical journey will be announced by the end of September. Looking forward to meeting all those students who have applied.
Mrs Aviles
UK TRIP Leader

Team Sports message
The Team Sports Programme looks into providing the students with an opportunity to participate in a sport that helps promote regular physical activity, which will provide health benefits. Teachers are present at all times to ensure a safe practising environment and the enforcement of safety rules. We see that the students drink an adequate amount of liquids before and during their training session, do a warm up before starting to help prevent injuries, and teachers constantly explain students how to be safe and act responsibly.

Just a reminder that parents who visit school during the school day must enter through the admin car park and door. Please do not ask the children to let you in through the pedestrian gates next to the PAC or next to the Grade 4 classes as the have been told not to do this. We take our responsibility for keeping your children safe very seriously.

In service training days
School will be closed to children on 15th September for Independence Day and 16th/19th September for staff training days.

IPC meetings for parents
As mentioned during Back to School nights, this academic year the Primary school will be introducing the International Primary Curriculum to complement the English National Curriculum which we use at present. We have an IPC trainer, Katherine Tucker, visiting us from England on our teacher training days and, if you would like to find out more about this exciting way of teaching and learning, she will be giving presentations specifically for parents on Tuesday 20th September at 6pm in the PAC and Wednesday 21st September at 7am also in the PAC. In order to get an idea of the numbers of parents we should expect your child will be bringing a letter home on Monday which asks you to choose one or other of the sessions. We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible; this really is a great opportunity for you to find out more about how this is going to affect the learning of your children.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 13th September: LP Assembly
Thursday 15th September: Independence Day No School
Friday 16th September: INSET for teachers
Monday 19th September: INSET for teachers
Wednesday 21st September: Peace One Day
Friday 23rd September: McLay Fun Run
Friday 23rd September: First Grade Aguirre Assembly
Monday 26th - Friday 30th September: LP Parent/ Teacher Interviews
Friday 30th September: First Grade Gilchrist Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 12th September: UP Assembly
Monday 12th September: UP Civic Monday
Wednesday 14th September: 2nd and 3rd Grade Civic Celebration
Thursday 15th September: NO SCHOOL (Independence Day)
Tuesday 20th September: Civic Tuesday
Wednesday 21st September: Peace One Day
Friday 23rd September: McLay Fun Run
Monday 26th September: Civic Monday
Monday 26th September: UP Assembly
Wednesday 28th September: 4th and 5th Civic Celebration
Friday 30th September: UP Children’s Day

Secondary News

School Trips
As part of the educational opportunities available to us we do occasionally take our students on trips. In the last week there were trips for Grade 6 and Grade 7 and their educational value is often very significant and generally students find them inspiring and fun. I want to reassure you that before we go on any trip we do a previsit and check very carefully for any potential problems or concerns. You can be sure that if we organise a trip we are sure that it will be as safe as we can possible make it. Thank you to all the parents who supported these trips this week.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a busy day in school: MATHCOUNTS & MOCK PAES
We have the Mock PAES Exam for Grade 12 starting at 9 am on Saturday 10th September. The exam will last for 3 hours and will be a practice for the real exam which takes place on Wednesday 28th September. The PAES counts towards our ABC graduation as well as being a requirement of the MINED graduation.

On Saturday over 70 Grade 6-8 students will be participating in the ABC Internal Mathcounts competition. The event starts at 7.30 and is being run by the Maths Department under the leadership of Mr. Arriola and with the help of many of our older students who will be checking answers and ensuring fair play!

Independence Day Assembly and Festival celebration
On Wednesday 14th September we will be celebrating Independence Day in school. We are excited that this year marks the 200th anniversary of the first shout for independence. We will be holding an Independence Day assembly for the Secondary school in the morning and in the afternoon students will be attending a traditional fair where there will be sport and cultural activities and the opportunity to buy traditional foods. We hope students will support and enjoy this event. School will finish as usual at 1.50 pm

Independence Day holiday and INSET for teachers
Just a reminder that school is closed for Independence Day and also for Friday the 16th and Monday the 19th of September for teacher training INSET activities.

Know Your School Evenings
Please note the dates below. At these meetings you will have the opportunity to meet all your son or daughter’s teachers as well as find out more about our expectations and hopes for the coming school year. We hope all parents will be able to attend.

Student Council
The following students have been appointed to the Student Council Executive for the coming school year. We have also been electing Student Council class representatives this week.

6A Andrea Landaverde
6B Camila Gómez
6C Vanesa Reyes
6D Diego Behrens
6E Diego Arévalo
7B Daniela Villalobos
7C Emilio Moreno
7D Carlos Velásquez
7E Andrés López
8A Andrea Atanasio
8B Héctor Duque
8C Adriana Carta
8D María Fernanda Hernández
9B Maya McCormak
9C Natalia Gómez
9D Lucia Palomo
9E Steven Kawas
10 AZTEC Shari Ortiz
10 INCA Michelle Rivera
10 MAYA Esteban Cabrera
10 PIPIL Alejandro Guerrero
11 AZTEC 1 Alfredo Rodríguez
11 AZTEC 2 Alfonso Díaz Bazán
11 INCA 1 Carlos Rodrigo Romero
11 INCA 2 Felipe Fernández
11 MAYA 1 Jaime Bou
11 MAYA 2 Paolo Dell'Arciprete López
12 AZTEC 1
12 AZTEC 2 Gabriela García
12 INCA 1 Claudia Isart
12 INCA 2 María Emilia Naranjo
12 MAYA 1 Eduardo López
12 MAYA 2 Alejandra Coto

Student Information
Today all Secondary students brought home a form to update our records to ensure we have up to date contact information. Please fill in the form and return it to school on Monday if possible.

Dates for your diary
Thursday 15th September: School Closed for Independence Day
Friday 16th September: School Closed for INSET Day
Monday 19th September: School Closed for INSET Day
Tuesday 27th September: Grade 6, Know Your School night
Thursday 29th September: Grade 7 and 8, Know Your School night
Monday 3rd October, Grade 11 and 12, Know Your School night
Wednesday 5th October: Grade 9 and 10 Know Your School night

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