Friday, 7 October 2011

8: Friday 7th October 2011

Primary News

UP Tribal assembly
On Monday 3rd October, our Upper Primary students had special guests invited to their first Tribal Assembly. A group of teachers and parents shared their experience with all Upper Primary about the time when our school had four houses instead of four tribes. Among this group of guest we had former Tribal chiefs, cheerleaders, Student Council members who belonged to the Drake, Raleigh, Cortez and Columbus houses. We also viewed a video produced by Rodrigo Alfaro in which Mr Argueta was interviewed about the transition from Houses to Tribes and the meaning of each of the tribes' colours.

The assembly ended with our Primary Tribal Chiefs announcing this week's tribal points.

Thank you to our guests for coming. We hope to see you again and enjoy more of your anecdotes soon.

House points/Tribal points to you! Mariela, Emma Rita, Beatriz, Xenia, Liana, Sonia, Tutty, César, Natalia, Olgui, Gabriela, Sofia, Estefania, Tania, Catherine, Luis and Rodrigo.

Pre Kinder Music Assembly
Introducing musical instruments.
In their music lessons the Pre Kinder children have been learning about a range of simple percussion instruments and their names and which of the three main groups they belong to (metal, wood and skins).They also have learnt to sing a traditional song Humpty Dumpty, with which story they are familiar. The children had an assembly this week to reinforce their learning.

Pre-Kinder Curriculum Night
Pre-Kinder Curriculum Night on Thursday was very well attended by parents who enjoyed an explanation by the PK teachers about how the children in our school learn through play and discovery. The teachers were very keen to point out that in learning at this age it is the process which is important rather than the outcome. The teaching staff had prepared some very interesting videos and photographs to demonstrate the points they were making. Parents displayed their artistic talents by leaving pictures and paintings for their children to admire when they came to school the following day.

1st Cáceres Assembly
Well done and thank you to the children of 1st Cáceres for their assembly this week on Food and Healthy eating. As you know the Primary section of the school is working hard on encouraging our children to eat more healthily. Children in Grade 1 are working from an IPC unit called - You are what you eat. 1st Cáceres managed to pull together both of those messages and spoke very confidently and clearly during their presentation.

Spanish teacher
We would like to welcome Claudia Vela to our Spanish teaching team in Upper Primary. I am sure that she will soon settle in to the ABC routines and will be asset to the primary teaching team.

UP Crazy Head Day

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Thursday 13th October: Kinder Curriculum Night
Friday 14th October: Prepa Contreras Assembly
Monday 17th October: First Grade Parents Maths Workshops
Thursday 20th October: Prepa Curriculum Night
Friday 21st October: LP United Nations Day
Thursday 27th October: First Grade Curriculum Night
Friday 28th October: Prepa Pashley Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 24th October: United Nations Day
Wednesday 26th October: 3rd Aviles Assembly
Wednesday 26th October: 5th Quintanilla Assembly

Secondary News

Being ABC Positive
In our assemblies this week and next week we are talking about the importance of all of us being ABC positive. We want to stress the importance of all of us working together to be positive about the aims and mission of the school. It is really important we all give the same message.

Parent Teacher Meetings
We have had parent teacher meetings for all grades in the last two weeks and we feel these meetings have been an excellent opportunity to establish a good understanding between school and home. Please continue to follow our activities on the blogs for your child's grade.

Being Considerate
We want to reinforce our strong expectation in school that all students are considerate towards all members of our school community and we feel this very strongly.

There have been some concerns expressed by parents about activities at class parties. We are very anxious to work with you to ensure that our students behave responsibly at all times. We would like parents in each grade to think about and discuss parental expectations and agreements on how parties should be regulated. We are working in school to ensure our students make the right choices but we need your support.

Donations of Shoes
One of our CAS projects is organising a collection of unwanted shoes (in pairs) for a school in Ataco. If you have any unwanted shoes can you please send them in with your son or daughter.

Grade 11 Empowerment Day
All grade 11 students are expected to be at school on Saturday (tomorrow) at 8.30am for the Empowerment Day.

Dates for your diary
Saturday 8th October: Grade 11 Empowerment Day
Monday 10th October: Grade 11 and 12 University Guidance Meeting, 6pm PAC
Friday 28th October: End of First Half term - school closed for the following week

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