Friday, 27 January 2012

20: Friday 27th January 2012

Primary News

4th Grade exit point
As part of our exit point, we have been making video diaries. Children have been asked to imagine that they are either on the way to Mars or are on Mars already. They were given the brief to work in groups to make a video diary of their ''Mars experience'', telling their families back on Earth all about their travels to Mars. Some of the experiences were filmed on the space craft and others on the surface of Mars! The videos were shown to all of the children in UP during assembly on Monday and can now be see on the Grade 4 blog.

2nd Mena assembly
Well done and thank you to the children and staff of 2nd Mena who presented a great and very informative Australia Day assembly this week. The children shared some very interesting information about Australia with us and spoke up very clearly. It certainly made many of us want to go and visit!

4th Molina assembly
The children of 4th Molina took us on a tour of the Solar System during their assembly this week. They had some really interesting information to share with us and presented the facts clearly. The assembly concentrated on the planet Mars as the children in Grade 4 are just coming to the end of their IPC unit - Mission to Mars. Maybe we have a future astronaut amongst the children in Primary, they are certainly showing an enthusiasm and interest in learning about space.

2nd Grade exit point
The Second Grade children have enjoyed learning and working through the IPC unit “Footprints from the past”. During their exit point today they had a chance to become palaeontologists and teach first grade children some of the knowledge and understanding that they have developed throughout the unit. The children also experienced the excitement of discovering a dinosaur fossil and writing their own dinosaur comic book. It was another great day!

4th Grade camping night
This weekend is the first 4th grade first camping night. Our 4th Grade teaching team has planned many fun and learning activities to make sure our students have a wonderful experience. Our camping night will allow students to bond away with each other and their teachers away from the demands of technology and other distractions. Camping by nature is relaxed and less structured than everyday life.

The night includes pupusas for dinner, team building games, a treasure hunt and a movie night under the stars. The children will also take part in a rally, crafts and other fun activities. Our children will be given the opportunity to watch the stars and planets using real electronic microscopes guided by professionals from El Salvador observatory. They will learn more about the moon and stars. At the end of the evening students will sleep in comfortable tents on the school field. Staff are assigned to look after each camper so that students have a great time and feel safe and secure.

COESAL for 4th Grade children and parents
This organisation will soon begin a set of lectures for our 4th grade students and their parents. These lectures will cover topics related to physical and emotional changes the body undergoes during adolescence as well as its impact on their feelings, emotions, friends and family. We understand that for many families this is a very sensitive topic, this is why we believe it is necessary to be prepared and to encourage better dialogue at home between the children and their parents.

Although this series of lectures involves an additional cost of $15, we believe they will promote the necessary environment for healthy dialogue between parent and child and we look forward to see many of you on the days of the lectures.

The program will include four sessions as detailed below:
  • First Session: Wednesday 1st February 2012: 7.00 am or 6.00 pm PAC (Parents only) 
  • Second Session: Wednesday 8th February 2012 - 7.00am or 6.00pm PAC / Lecture Theatre (Mother/Daughter and Father/Son) 
  • Third Session: Wednesday 15th February 2012 – 1.45pm PAC / Lecture Theatre (Students only) 
  • Fourth Session: Monday 20th February 2012 - 7.00am / Seminar Room (Parents only) Jubilee building second floor
Parent workshops
Just a reminder that parent workshops (Grades Prepa to 5) will take place all next week at 7.15 am in your child’s classroom. You should have received a letter from your child this week with dates for each class and an attendance slip for you to return to school. We are looking forward to seeing many of you in classrooms bright and early for some advice from our teachers on helping your child to become a skillful and enthusiastic reader.

5th Grade trip
5th Graders are going on an educational trip to Joya de Cerén and San Andrés next 3rd February. This trip relates to our IPC Unit "Settlements".

The Children will be investigating what a settlement is, why people in the past chose to live here and this will help them later to compare and contrast with other settlements in our city and in other places around the world.

1st Grade sleepover
Grade One, at the Academia Britanica Cuscatleca, are looking to their exit point for their topic on Celebrations. This will take place in school, as part of their Sleepover experience Grade One take part in each year. The children will be experiencing four different Celebrations - most of which have a night time theme. At the Hawaiian Luau they will wear grass skirts, make floral garlands, hoola and limbo amongst tiki lamps. For Chinese New Year they will learn about the story behind the festival and experience the dragon dance performed by Chinese students, as well as receive lucky money! For Diwali they will be making group Rangolis and clay diva lamps to place in front of classroom doors. The Superhero training course will help the children to celebrate Superhero powers and the powers we all have at a human level. Before bedtime, the evening will come to an end with a walk round the school to enjoy the festive lights in full, the stars in the nighttime sky and a bonfire with songs and marshmallows to toast!

PE uniform
A reminder about the PE uniform: we have been checking the ABC Cap in our PE lessons this week and we have noticed there are still some students who do not have it. The cap is part of the uniform and next week it must be worn complete. We would also like to remind you to mark the cap with your child’s name. Caps are being sold at the ABC School Store.

ABC Olympic Opening ceremony
Please write this date in your diary - Friday 20th April.

On this day all of the children in the Primary school will be taking part in an ABC version of the Olympic opening ceremony at the Cuscatlan Stadium. As part of the International Primary Curriculum which we follow, all of the children will be working from units related to the Olympic Games during the summer term and our opening ceremony will be the entry point. It promises to be a fantastic morning and, of course, parents and friends will be invited to attend.
Watch this space for more news.

Jeans Day
This coming Thursday 2nd February, the children who bought the Teleton t-shirt can wear jeans and their t-shirt. The children who do not have the shirt must wear their regular uniform. Thank you those who supported this campaign.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 30th January: 1st Grade Parent Workshop from 7.00 to 8.00am, in each teacher’s classroom.
Tuesday 31st January: Kinder Tenorio Assembly from 7.20 to 7.50am, at the PAC
Friday 3rd February: Kinder Flores Assembly from 7.20 am to 7.50 am, at the PAC
Friday 3rd February: 1st Grade Sleepover from 4pm through 7.30am of Saturday 4th of February 2012
Monday 6th February: Prepa Workshop from 7:15 to 7:45am, in each teacher’s classroom.
Friday 10th February: Kinder Suárez Assembly from 7.20 am to 7.50 am, at the PAC
Monday 13th February: Pre-Kinder Sports Day 10.00am
Tuesday 14th February: Kinder Sports Day 10.00am
Wednesday 15th February: Prepa Sports Day 10.00am
Thursday 16th February: First Grade Sports Day 10.00am

Upper Primary
Wednesday 1st February: COESAL School for 4th grade parents. At the PAC. 7.00 am and 6.00pm
Wednesday 1st February: 3rd Grade parent Workshop. In 3rd grade classrooms. From 7.00 to 8.00am.
Thursday 2nd February: 4th Grade parent Workshop. In 4th grade classrooms. From 7.00 to 8.00am.
Friday 3rd February: 5th Grade parent Workshop. In 5th grade classrooms. From 7.00 to 8.00am.
Wednesday 8th February: COESAL School for parents (Mother-Daughter / Father-Son). At the PAC. 7.00am and 6.00pm.
Wednesday 8th February: 3rd Navas Assembly in the PAC. 10.00 - 10.40am
Wednesday 8th February: 5th Garcia Prieto Assembly in the PAC. 12.00 - 12.40m
Wednesday 15th February: 2nd and 3rd Grade Spanish Assembly in the PAC. At 10.00am
Wednesday 15th February: 4th and 5th Grade Spanish Assembly at the PAC. At 12.00m
Wednesdy 15th February: COESAL School for Parents/ 4th grade studens. At the PAC/Lecture Theatre. From 1.30 to 3.00
Monday 20th February: COESAL School for parents/ 4th grade students. At the Lecture Theatre. From 7.20 to 8.30am
Wednesday 22nd February: 2nd Moore Assembly at the PAC. at 10.00am
Wednesday 22nd February: 4th Taylor Assembly at the PAC. at 12.00m
Wednesday 22nd February: Catholic Club - Ash Wednesday at the ABC Auditorio. At 1.45pm

Secondary News

IB & IGCSE Mock exams have started and continue for Grade 10 and 12 all next week. Please make sure your son or daughter know what time the exams start and that they are at school in good time for the examinationa

Bicultural Schools Leadership Conference
The Conference started today and continues tomorrow at ESEN Campus. The Opening Ceremony took place in school today with an opening speech by Dra Vanda Pignato.

Teleton & jeans day
On Thursday we are celebrating the national Teleton campaign and hope your son or daughter will support the campaign by buying a Teleton T shirt for the jeans day on Thursday 2nd February. We also hope that your son or daughter is able to raise funds to support the campaign by collecting small amounts from their family and friends.

MathsRelay and Mathscounts Events
Please note the El Salvador round of Mathcounts and MathRelay are taking place at the end of next week. We are hoping to defend the title that we won last year. Good luck to all involved.

PT meeting for Grades 9 and 11 next Tuesday
There is a full parent teacher meeting in the PAC next Tuesday at 5.30 pm. You will be able to talk to all the teachers of your son or daughter but if you are asked specifically to meet one or more teachers please prioritise these meetings.

Dates for your diary
Friday 27th and Saturday 28th January: Bicultural Schools Leadership Conference
Tuesday 31st January: Grade 9 and 11 Parent Teacher meetings PAC 5.30-7pm
Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February: MathsRelay and Mathcounts Events
Friday 17th February: HALF TERM
Wednesday 29th February: Grade 10 and 11 Careers Day.
Thursday - 1st March: IB Options Evening (Grade 10 parents and students)

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  1. Math Relay and Mathcounts: we surely will, and just for the record, it is the Central American Round. Go ABC!! Go Bulldogs!!!