Friday, 3 February 2012

21: Friday 3rd February 2012

From the Headmaster

Coffee with the Headmaster and Board Chair
Parents are cordially invited to a “coffee with the Headmaster and Board Chair” which will take place on Thursday 9th of February at 7:10 am to 8:00 am. So as to have an appropriate setting and not waste resources, please let us know your intention of attending by clicking this link.

Accident Insurance Information
For easy referral, the information about students’ accident insurance is on our website - please access this and much more information by following the “Parents” tab.

Head Lice - nothing to be ashamed of
Head lice are not fussy about the hair they live in - straight or curly, short or long, clean or dirty - it is a myth that having head lice is linked to lack of hygiene.
It is usual for schools to have to deal with it and you may know that we have been having hair checks in Primary. When we find head lice, the child goes home with a letter regarding suggestions for treatment. We also send a letter to the rest of the children in the class.

It is difficult to prevent head lice but there some things to note:
• Reduce chances for head lice to spread - it can only happen with hair-to-hair contact so tie hair back and not have it loose
• Check regularly for head lice or nits
• If detected - take action! The only thing to be ashamed of is not doing anything about it

We send detection and treatment information home but you can find reliable sources on-line - here are two different ones in English (product site but with good videos) and in Spanish.

Primary News

Kinder Tenorio assembly
Well done and thank you to the children and staff of Kinder Tenorio for their lovely assembly this week which retold the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The children told the story clearly and confidently with appropriate actions and clearly enjoyed presenting this to their parents and friends.

Kinder Flores assembly
Kinder Flores prepared a great assembly based on the book Glad Monster, Sad Monster: A Book about Feelings by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda. The children spoke well and the assembly was illustrated by many photographs of the children interpreting the feelings that were being discussed. Well done for talking about such an important topic!

Grade 4 sleepover
4th Grade children really enjoyed their camping night last weekend and had a great time. The highlight for most of the children (and adults) was the rare opportunity to meet with astronomers from the El Salvador observatory and to spend some time with them, using their powerful telescopes to look at the night sky. As well as having a great camping experience the children rounded off their ‘Mission to Mars’ IPC unit in a very memorable way. I think we may have some future astronauts and astronomers amongst the children in Grade 4.

Parent’s workshops
This week, in Primary, we have been running parent workshops early in the mornings to help our parents to understand how they can help their children when listening to them read at home. There was a good attendance and I am sure that those parents who were able to attend will find that they are more easily able to inspire and motivate their children with this vital skill. Workshops this year have reflected the parent’s wishes as expressed last year. Next term we will be running further workshops for parents; this time on how to help your children to achieve well in school in their Spanish classes.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 3rd February: 1st Grade Sleepover from 4pm until 7.30am Saturday 4th of February 2012
Monday 6th February: Prepa Workshop from 7:15 to 7:45am, in each teacher’s classroom
Friday 10th February: Kinder Suárez Assembly from 7.20 am to 7.50 am, PAC
Monday 13th February: Pre-Kinder Sports Day 10.00am
Tuesday 14th February: Kinder Sports Day 10.00am
Wednesday 15th February: Prepa Sports Day 10.00am
Thursday 16th February: First Grade Sports Day 10.00am
Friday 17th February: HALF TERM break

Upper Primary
Wednesday 8th February: COESAL School for parents (Mother-Daughter/Father-Son), PAC 7.00am and 6.00pm
Wednesday 8th February: 3rd Navas Assembly, PAC 10.00 - 10.40am
Wednesday 8th February: 5th Garcia Prieto Assembly in the PAC 12.00 - 12.40m
Wednesday 15th February: 2nd and 3rd Grade Spanish Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 15th February: 4th and 5th Grade Spanish Assembly, PAC 12.00m
Wednesdy 15th February: COESAL School for Parents/4th grade students, PAC/Lecture Theatre 1.30 to 3.00
Monday 20th February: COESAL School for parents/4th grade students, Lecture Theatre 7.20 to 8.30am
Wednesday 22nd February: 2nd Moore Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 22nd February: 4th Taylor Assembly, PAC 12.00m
Wednesday 22nd February: Catholic Club - Ash Wednesday, ABC Auditorium 1.45pm

Secondary News

Valuable Items
Secondary students often bring valuable personal items to school including mobile phones and laptops. Each week we have instances of students mislaying these items but in most cases they are quickly found. We always stress to students that they must take proper care of these items and not leave them unattended around school. We would ask that you reinforce this message at home.

Missing HP Computer
One of our Grade 11 students lost his HP computer in school last week and we believe it may have been picked up by someone else by mistake. Can you please check your son or daughter has not picked it up by mistake and if they have please return it to school. The student concerned is anxious to retrieve information from the computer.

Parent Partnership Meeting
We have a visiting speaker from FUNPRES talking about raising self esteem on Tuesday. We hope many of you will be able to attend as self esteem is an area which has a huge effect on making good choices and being positive in the face of difficulties.

Dates for your diary
Saturday 4th February: Mathcounts Events
Tuesday 8th February: Parent Partnership Meeting, 6.30 pm PAC
Friday 17th February: HALF TERM
Wednesday 29th February: Grade 10 and 11 Careers Day
Thursday 1st March: IB Options Evening (Grade 10 parents and students)

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