Friday, 10 February 2012

22: Friday 10th February 2012

From the Headmaster

ABC mathematicians take the Central American MathCounts Trophy!
The ABC won the Central American round of MathCounts and will be going to the next round in Mexico. All the ABC teams performed really well and congratulations to all of them and to their coach Carlos Arriola. They have put in a great deal of preparation for this on Saturdays and it has paid off. Teja Huggins won the individual competition in an exciting finish. The four ABC teams did exceptionally well as shown below:

MathCounts Teams (out of 29 teams)
  • TEAM A: 1st Place (Teja Huggins, Andrés Butter, Andrés Puente and Alejandro Alfaro - all from Grade 8)
  • TEAM B: 4th Place (Gerardo Cabrera, Lila Durán, María Fernanda Arteaga, José Andrés Cáceres)
  • TEAM C: 6th Place (Andrea Osegueda, José Alfredo Medina, Camila Popoff, Carlos Arturo Velásquez)
  • TEAM D: 7th Place (Regina Carbonell, Andrea Atanacio, Daisy Brown, Mi Ra Kim)

This is a superb result in this international competition of nine schools. Well done to all the students involved and a grateful thanks to Mr Arriola for training our teams so well.

Primary News

Active Planet - Grade 2 trip
Last Friday second grade students enjoyed a delightful visit to Eco-Parque El Boquerón. They learned about the volcano’s history and began to understand how the lives of people that live in volcanic areas is affected. This field trip was the perfect entry point to tour new IPC unit “Active Planet”.

Prepa Parents
A reminder for Prepa parents to take a look the Prepa blog. As promised at the recent reading workshop the Prepa team have posted some links to videos and games that will help your children learn the Tricky Words and vowel sounds.

3rd Navas assembly
The assembly which 3rd Navas presented to us this week was based on a story from the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme which is used in schools in the UK. The focus of the assembly was on Friendship and the children used words, drama, song and dance to get their messages over. Well done and thank you to all involved.

5th Garcia Prieto assembly
Thank you also to the children and staff of 5th Garcia Prieto for their assembly this week which took as its theme the Olympic Games. The children took us on a dramatic journey from the ancient to the modern Olympics including some of the games of the Olympics past and present and the origins of the Olympic flag and torch. It was very enjoyable to watch and helped us to think about and prepare for our own Olympic Opening ceremony on Friday 20th April.

Pre Kinder trip to Tin Marin
Pre Kinder went to Tin Marin in a convoy of five buses. The children were divided into small groups and escorted by teachers and assistants while a member of the Tim Marin staff explained each area. They spent two hours being shown around most of the different exhibits and the children enjoyed participating in the various activities. It was a great morning and they were ready for their lunchbox when they got back to school! Here are some photos.

Kinder Suárez assembly
The children of Kinder Suarez have also been thinking about Friendship and performed their assembly this week on this theme. Well done and thank you to all of the children and staff of this class who worked and practised so hard to present such an enjoyable assembly. Thank you also to the parents who gave up time from their busy days to come along and support the children.

PK press-release!
Pre-Kinder have had some great learning experiences this week linked to our People Who Help Us in our Community topic. On Tuesday we had a visit from the fire brigade and police. We all enjoyed seeing the fire engine and police vehicles up close. The fire fighters showed us all the equipment they carry. The police told us about being safe especially when we are travelling in cars: we should all always be wearing seat-belts. They also told us adults can get in trouble if they are not wearing their seat-belts or if they are using their phones whilst driving. Everyone's favourite part was having a ride in the Fire Engine and in the Police pick-up!

On Wednesday we had our first real school trip when we visited Tin Marin. The children really enjoyed the role play opportunities in the hospital, dental surgery, market, supermarket and aeroplane. You can see more more photo's on the PK Blog. PK Team

1st Grade Sleepover
At the sleepover I toasted marshmallows and it was delicious! - Adriana Menjivar
We saw the dragon of the Chinese New Year. Last year was the rabbit. The animals had a competition and had race. - Valeria Lopez
We danced 'the Hawaii!' - Stephano Rodriguez
My favourite part was when we made the rangoli - Jose Gabriel Denys
At the Sleepover we were superheroes - Naomi Castaneda

5th grade trip to Joya de Cerén and San Andrés

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 13th February: Pre-Kinder Sports Day 10.00am
Tuesday 14th February: Kinder Sports Day 10.00am
Wednesday 15th February: Prepa Sports Day 10.00am
Thursday 16th February: First Grade Sports Day 10.00am
Friday 17th February: HALF TERM break

Upper Primary
Wednesday 15th February: 2nd and 3rd Grade Spanish Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 15th February: 4th and 5th Grade Spanish Assembly, PAC 12.00m
Wednesdy 15th February: COESAL School for Parents/4th grade students, PAC/Lecture Theatre 1.30 to 3.00
Monday 20th February: COESAL School for parents/4th grade students, Lecture Theatre 7.20 to 8.30am
Wednesday 22nd February: 2nd Moore Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 22nd February: 4th Taylor Assembly, PAC 12.00m
Wednesday 22nd February: Catholic Club - Ash Wednesday, ABC Auditorium 1.45pm

Secondary News

MathsRelay and Mathscounts Events took place last week
Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Mathcounts competition last weekend. Our A Team won first place and Teja Huggins from Grade 8 won the overall individual competition. Andrés Butter, Alejandro Alfato, Andrea Osegueda and José Andrés Cáceres all finished in the top ten places in the individual competition. All our students were placed in the top half of the more than 120 entrants from across Central America. Well done to all of them and their coach Mr. Ariola. We are proud of all of them. Some of the students will be participating in the next round in Mexico next month.

Parent Partnership
We had received requests for an advice session on helping raise self esteem and last week we ran a Parent Partnership session with a guest speaker from FUNPRES. Thank you to the parents who came but we know there are many more parents who would have benefitted from this session and we would like to know how we can encourage more people to attend this type of session. We are always concerned to try to provide advice on dealing with issues relating to successful parenting of teenagers.

Exam Cal
Please note the Exam Cal is coming for Grade 6-8 in just under 5 weeks and for Grade 9 & 11 in 6 weeks. We are publishing the Grade 6-8 timetable today and the Grade 9 & 11 timetable next week. We are also providing lists of revision topics to help parents check on revision progress. Students in all these grades should be starting to prepare for these upcoming exams.

Our participation in TELETON 2012 was very successful and we want to thank all the parents for their support.

Dates for your diary
Friday 17th February: HALF TERM
Thursday 1st March: IB Options Evening (Grade 10 parents and students) with Exam Cal reports being issued, 5.30 pm
Tuesday 6th March: IGCSE Options Evening (Grade 8 parents and students) with Cal 2 reports being issued, 5.30 pm
Tuesday 6th March: Grade 6,7,9,& 11 Cal 2 reports issued
Thursday 15th March: Grade 6-8 Exams start until Tuesday 20th March
Thursday 22nd March: Grade 9&11 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 30th March: End of Term Two.

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