Friday, 17 February 2012

23: Friday 17th February 2012

From the Headmaster

Sometimes, as parents, we find it difficult to say no to our children. They pressurise us with statements such as:
Of course going to that party will be safe, everyone is going” or “I want to have a Facebook account since everyone is on Facebook in my class” (from a Primary child) or other similar situations.
Some issues can be settled quickly by making a phone call or sending an e-mail - finding out what the situation really is. Remember that the Madres Enlace hold excellent grade social events for parents periodically and this can be a great time to find out what other parents think about particular issues; it is also a great time to get to know other parents so that you will know who is inviting to parties.
What about these two particular statements? Well, there are very sensible guidelines on how to hold parties at home for Secondary School age children which all parents should consider.
And the minimum age for Facebook and Google+ is 13. End of story, end of pressure.

Primary News

1st Grade IPC entry point - Circus
1st grade parents prepared a Circus for our children as an Entry Point for our new IPC topic – The Circus is Coming. Lots of time and dedication was put into it and parents presented different shows; within those: clowns, mimes, El Chavo del Ocho, dancers, an elastic woman, magicians and wild animals with their trainers. Children had fun and it was a great experience for them as it was for the parents that participated.

3rd Grade IPC exit point - Money and Trade
To exit the IPC Unit Young Entrepreneurs 3rd Grade students offered a Car Wash service to all teachers in Lower and Upper Primary. Children had to think of a name for their company, create a logo and made a TV commercial to promote their service. All profits will go towards the Spring Fair scholarships.

Lower Primary Sports Days
We have had four really enjoyable LP sports days this week. The children have all practiced and demonstrated their PE skills and stamina as well as having lots of fun. Thank you to all of the parents who came along to support their children and to the PE staff for all their hard work to get these events ready.

Olympic Opening Ceremony at the Cuscatlan Stadium
All the children in the Primary school (PK to Grade 5) will be taking part in an ABC version of the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday 20th April. This will be the entry point for our summer term IPC units which are all related to the Olympic Games. The ceremony will take place at the Cuscatlan Stadium and we would like to invite all of our parents and friends to write this date in their diaries so that they are able to come along to support the children. Some of the children in UP are taking part in a competition to design the tickets which will be on sale soon.

Lecture for PK to 3rd grade parents:
How to be open when talking to your children about growing up?
The lecture will be about:
  • * Basic concepts about growing up as an integral part of the person
  • Your child and his/her concerns
  • How, When and Where should you talk to your child about growing up
  • The 3 stages of sex education (truth, truth - love, truth - love - values)

Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2012
Place PAC
Time: 7:00 a.m.
Cost: $3.00
This lecture will be give in Spanish and only at 7:00 a.m.

Bicultural Festival of Arts 2012
This week we started with the rehearsals for the Bicultural Festival of Arts 2012. We have a good number of Primary students taking part in the Strings Orchestra and the Primary Choir. Strings will be rehearsing at the German School and the Primary Choir rehearsals are taking place at the American School. Detailed information has already been sent to the students involved. Mr Santamaria

4th Grade Spelling Bee
4th grade teachers have launched the very first Spelling Bee competition for the children in their classes. The idea behind this exciting activity is to discover the best spellers. In the process this has made spelling fun for pupils of all abilities and has helped teachers develop the talents of their students.

Two children from each tribe in every class have been selected to represent their class peers. In preparation for this special event, our children have watched the film “Akeelah and the Bee”. This film follows the life of a ten year old girl whose dream it is to win the spelling bee. The inspirational film enthused children, motivating them to study very hard for their spelling bee.

The big spelling competition day will take place on the 9th of March.

3rd Navas Assembly

 Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 17th February: End of half-term, no school
Friday 2nd March: PK Guadrón Assembly
Friday 9th March: PK Catani Assembly
Friday 16th March: PK Cleaver Assembly
Monday 19th March: PK Swimming Gala (Training pool)
Tuesday 20th March: Kinder Swimming Gala (Training pool)
Wednesday 21st March: Prepa Swimming Gala (Training pool)
Thursday 22nd March: 1st Grade Swimming Gala (25m pool)
Friday 23rd March: PK Carbajal Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 20th February: COESAL School for parents/4th grade students, Lecture Theatre 7.20 to 8.30am
Wednesday 22nd February: 2nd Moore Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 22nd February: 4th Taylor Assembly, PAC 12.00m
Wednesday 22nd February: Catholic Club - Ash Wednesday, ABC Auditorium 1.45pm

Secondary News

Olympics Assembly
We had a visitor from the El Salvador National Olympic Committee to our assembly on Tuesday. We are all looking forward to the coming Summer Olympics but we also intend holding our own mini Olympics for the Secondary School in August 2012 when we will be doing a number of sports including athletics, swimming, cycling and archery. We hope our students will start practicing for the event.

Facebook Language
I would like to make another plea that parents please check the Facebook language of your son or daughter. It disturbs me if children are using inappropriate or bad language and I think that as parents you need to know the kind of discussions and language your children are using. Please remind them also to be careful with the images they post and that their security settings are correctly set.

Half term holiday
We only have a one day half term break but I hope all our students use it as an opportunity to have a rest and to get ready for the coming half term which will include exam weeks for Grades 6-8, 9 and 11.

Grade 8 and 10 parents please note the very important Options Evenings coming up for IGCSE and IB courses next year. Grade 8 is on 1st March and Grade 10 on 6th March. We hope ALL parents will be able to attend with their son or daughter.

Dates for your diary
Thursday 1st March: IB Options Evening (Grade 10 parents and students) with Exam Cal reports being issued, 5.30 pm
Tuesday 6th March: IGCSE Options Evening (Grade 8 parents and students) with Cal 2 reports being issued, 5.30 pm
Tuesday 6th March: Grade 6,7,9,& 11 Cal 2 reports issued
Thursday 15th March: Grade 6-8 Exams start until Tuesday 20th March
Thursday 22nd March: Grade 9&11 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 30th March: End of Term Two

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