Friday, 24 February 2012

24: Friday 24th February 2012

From the Headmaster

Book Week
Reading comes easily if we have a passion for books. But how important is reading in this digital age?
As important as ever. Even more. We have to deal with a huge amount of written material in our adult lives. We need to enjoy our rich culture and heritage that is recorded by the written word. We understand ourselves and others by what we read.
At school we value reading and we have an excellent formative programme for making readers of our students. During Book Week, we pay particular attention to books of all kinds, in both media - paper and digital, and there is an entertaining and exciting set of activities in the Secondary School (although there are activities during this week, the Primary School will have their book week at the end of April).

Primary News

This week’s value
Over the last two weeks the children in Primary have been concentrating in particular on the value - Confidence. In school we teach the children that being confident means that they are sure of their abilities and know what they are capable of achieving.

Each fortnight the children will be concentrating on a different school value or trait so that the children are guided towards our ultimate aim of becoming responsible and outstanding citizens.

Tribal points
The competition to win the tribal points competition in Upper Primary is becoming intense. The children are very loyal to their tribes and have be working very hard this term to be awarded as many tribal points as possible for good work, good manners, helping, remembering to speak English in the classrooms etc. Again, we have a special treat organised for the winning tribe at the end of this term.

Superhero day
After inspiring First Grade children with the Superhero topic, on Monday Grade 1 had their Superhero Parade. Children looked fantastic wearing their superhero costume made at home. There were all sort of interesting and very creative superheroes and superpowers. It showed that children and parents worked hard and came up with super ideas. The most creative superheroes won a prize.

2nd Moore assembly
Thank you to the children and teachers of 2nd Moore for their very informative and interesting assembly this week about the real jobs that scientists do. It is wonderful that the children in our school are so excited by science; I feel sure that we have some future physicists, chemists and biologists amongst the children in Mr Moore’s class.

4th Taylor assembly
The children and teachers of 4th Taylor presented an assembly this week which reminded us about many of the wonderful elements of the English language which we work so hard to develop in school. The children spoke, acted and danced their way through rhythm, rhyme and alliteration explaining the meaning of these to children and parents in the audience.

PK Safari Day
On Thursday Pre-Kinder went on safari! The children all went exploring and looking for wild animals around school. They have been busy making binoculars and learning about camouflage. There were a wide variety of interesting costumes and a great chance to consolidate all we have learnt about wild animals. PK Team

IPC - Children’s views
Last week the children from Prepa to Grade 5 all received a letter from Mrs Dickson asking them to reply to the letter telling her how they felt about the IPC. Some of you may have seen the letter as some classes gave this as a homework. The response from the children was overwhelmingly positive. It is very reassuring to know that your children are enjoying the IPC lessons as much as we are and confirms my suspicions about this. The children particularly commented on the entry and exit points for the units, working in groups and teams, the more active style of learning which the IPC involves and that the learning is fun, sometimes challenging and interesting.

As always our children are confident in expressing their opinions and feel that they would like more IPC time in the timetable and that they would like more trips out of school. They also have idea for units which we could create ourselves; Cars, Beyond the Milky Way and another unit which should have a PE core. We will, of course, consider all of the children’s comments and suggestions.

Some wonderful comments from the children:

I like having this much time for the IPC and the projects. It’s amazing how we start knowing nothing and then, wow, we know a lot, (Grade 5)

I love the IPC because I learn more for my life. (Grade 4)

IPC rocks! (Grade 3)

I am finding the IPC great. My favourite topic is Active Planet because I can learn how earth can tell us that it is alive. (Grade 2)

The IPC lessons make me think about celebrations and the people living on my planet. (Grade 1)

I like IPC lessons because we do lots of things. I like best to do art like Kandinsky (Prepa)

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 28th February: Prepa Pashley Spanish Assembly
Friday 2nd March: PK Guadrón Assembly
Friday 9th March: PK Catani Assembly
Friday 16th March: PK Cleaver Assembly
Monday 19th March: PK Swimming Gala (Training pool)
Tuesday 20th March: Kinder Swimming Gala (Training pool)
Wednesday 21st March: Prepa Swimming Gala (Training pool)
Thursday 22nd March: 1st Grade Swimming Gala (25m pool)
Friday 23rd March: PK Carbajal Assembly

Upper Primary
Friday 2nd - Saturday 3rd March: 2nd Grade Camping, Tuscania Friday 11:00 - Saturday 10:00am
Wednesday 7th: 3rd Judge Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 7th: 5th Brenes Assembly, PAC 12.00m
Wednesday 21st: Upper Pimary Poetry Day
Wednesday 21st: LSU for parents, Leaders: ¿Innate o developed? PAC 7.00am and 6.00pm
Wednesday 21st: 2nd Quijano Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 21st: 4th Fastiggi Assembly, PAC 12.00m
Monday 26th: Upper Primary Theater Day
Monday 26th: 5th Grade Swimming Gala, ABC Swimming pool 10.00am to 12.00m
Tuesday 27th: 4th Grade Swimming Gala, ABC Swimming pool 10.00am to 12.00m
Wednesday 28th: 5th Grade Speech Competition, PAC 8.00am to 9.30am
Wednesday 28th: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala, ABC Swimming pool 10.00am to 12.00m
Thursday 29th: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala, ABC Swimming pool 10.00am to 12.00m
Friday 30th: Last day of Term

Secondary News

Grade 10 Parents
We expect to see all Grade 10 parents and students at a meeting on Thursday 1st March in the PAC to discuss a number of issues relating to the class and to IB Options. The meeting will start promptly at 5.30 pm and we ask that you please be punctual. We will be issuing Exam Cal grade sheets at this meeting and you will hear about the IB Option choices students have to make and will have the opportunity to talk to each of the individual subject teachers of your son or daughter. We hope this will be very useful.

Grade 6-8 Exam week starts TWO weeks on Thursday
Exam week is approaching for Grade 6-8. Please ensure your child knows what they should be revising. We do have some Maths books in the office which will help for mathematics.

Grade 11 Exams start THREE weeks on Thursday and Grade 9 Exams start THREE weeks on Friday

At our assembly this week we celebrated the start of the build up to the Summer Olympics in London with a visit from a member of the El Salvador Olympic Committee. We intend holding our own mini Olympics in August 2012 with events such as athletics, swimming archery and cycling. We hope that students will start to get ready and we will be inviting students from other country linked schools in the city.

Book Week is this week
Please encourage your son or daughter to share their favourite books with us and with you. We know how important reading is to intellectual and emotional development and are hoping to encourage more reading in our students. On Friday we are having a jeans day to celebrate Book week and students are encouraged to dress up as a book character of their choice.

Bicultural Arts Festival
This is taking place next week in a number of areas including dance, drama, music and art and we have many students participating. There will be performances and exhibitions at the end of the week at the Liceo Frances on Friday at 6.30 pm and at the Teatro Presidente on Saturday at 6 pm. You are invited!

Dates for your diary
Tuesday 28th February: Grade 12 reports issued
Thursday 1st March 5.30 pm: IB Options Evening (Grade 10 parents and students) with Exam Cal reports being issued
Friday 2nd March: Bicultural Arts Festival Performance in Drama, Dance and Photography Lyceo Frances 6 .30 pm
Saturday 3rd March: Bicultural Arts Festival Performance in Music, choir, Art and Photography Teatro Presidente 6 pm
Tuesday 6th March 5.30 pm: IGCSE Options Evening (Grade 8 parents and students) with Cal 2 reports being issued
Tuesday 6th March: Grade 6,7,9,& 11 Cal 2 reports sent home
Thursday15th March: Grade 6-8 Exams start until Tuesday 20th March
Thursday 22nd March: Grade 11 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 23rd march: Grade 9 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 30th March: End of Term Two

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