Friday, 2 March 2012

25: Friday 2nd March 2012

From the Headmaster

Making sure that our children and staff are safe is our prime concern. We take the issue of security seriously and want to ensure that only those who have legitimate business in school enter. To this end I want to remind parents and visitors of the arrangements for visiting during the school day. Please take note of the following procedures for individual visits, including the need to show your ABC identity card or be registered and issued with a Visitor’s Pass.

Visiting the school during the school day: (view complete document)
  • Use ONLY the Administration Entrance for entry.
  • Appointments with teachers are notified by section secretaries so that a parking space can be reserved in the Administration Entrance area.
  • Visitors will need to show their ABC Identity Card or, for legitimate visits, a Visitor's Pass will be issued in exchange for official identification.
  • All visitors must report to the ABC Front Desk in the Administration Area. No visitors are allowed to go directly to other parts of the school.

(Arrangements for Sports Days, Assemblies and similar events allow parents to visit the event location without these procedures - but please ensure that you follow the parking and location instructions for the event)

Primary News

UP ICT assembly
As part of our ICT objectives our assembly was planned to teach children the safety they need to practise while surfing on the Internet. Children were taught the importance of:

S - SAFE (Keep personal information private).
M - MEETING (Never meet with someone you don’t know).
A - ACCEPTING (Never open emails, files, or web pages from people you don’t know, they may contain nasty messages).
R - RELIABLE (Information you find on the Internet may not be true).
T - TELL (Always tell an adult).


Prepa entry point - Seeing the Light
Prepa children began a new topic last Friday - Seeing the Light.
As our entry point all, the classes were blacked out for the day! All the windows were covered in black paint, black plastic and black curtains. Even we came in black and white clothes! We had to use our torches to answer our names at registration and we found that writing and colouring in the dark was very difficult! The Spanish teachers put on a great glow-in-the-dark show for us with special costumes and ultra-violet lights.

During this topic we will be researching how light has been used in art and trying out some new techniques ourselves. We will find out how daylight and darkness differ in countries around the world and we will be carrying out lots of experiments to answer all our questions about light and darkness.

3rd Grade entry point - Chocolate
3rd grade students were very excited, finally the IPC topic they have been waiting for made its Entry Point: CHOCOLATE.

We set up a sense laboratory in our classroom. We set up different senses areas for the different senses as they relate to chocolate. Each of the senses area was decorated with relevant pictures. For each sense, the children had to think of two questions that they could investigate in their role as chocolate scientists or taste testers.

Some of the Lab results were:
1. Some children prefer sweet tasting food to savoury food.
2. 4 children could hear the sound of chocolate when eating!
3. Manufacturers don’t make green or purple chocolate because people can be allergic to food colouring.
4. Chocolate melts at 45◦ C
5. Everyone agreed that refrigerated chocolate tastes and feels better than room temperature chocolate.

First Grade Clowns!
On Tuesday, as part of First Grade IPC Topic "The Circus is Coming to Town", a clown came to teach the children step by step how to paint their face as a clown. The children worked in pairs and had a great time painting each other’s face. A few children even overcame their fear of clowns by clearly seeing that a clown is a person that wears a costume, a silly wig and puts makeup on their face. It was a successful and fun activity that the adults (teachers and a few mothers) and children enjoyed!

3rd Guzmán Spanish assembly
3rd Guzman’s Spanish Assembly had its theme based on equality among human beings. In a very pleasant way, we learned that regardless of how we look, we are all equal and the most important thing is to always be friends. Friendship does not see colour, race, language nor form and accepting that is what makes good friends. Regina Velásquez

Prepa Pashley Spanish assembly
The children of Prepa Pashley presented a lovely assembly in Spanish this week which retold the well-known children’s story Peace at Last. The story was told by the children with some clever and effective use of percussion and other musical instruments to supply the sound effects. Well done and thank you to the children and teaching staff involved in the preparation of this assembly.

PK Guadrón assembly
The children of PK Guadron presented the story on The Selfish Crocodile in their assembly this week. Thank you to all the staff and children involved in this; the children spoke clearly and confidently in English and the art work which provided a backdrop to the assembly was very impressive. Well done everyone.

School caps
It is great watching our Primary children going out for their PE lessons now as they are nearly all wearing the correct school cap which covers their necks as well as their heads. For those very few parents who still need to buy a cap for their children these are now available in the school shop.

Individual and Group Photos

Monday 5TH, March
3rd Guzmán 07:05 – 07:35 Individual 07:40 Group
3rd Navas 07:35 – 08:05 Individual 07:15 Group
4th Molina 08:05 – 08:35 Individual 08:45 Group
5th Quintanilla 08:40 – 09:10 Individual 08:30 Group
5th McCall 10:30 – 11:00 Individual 10:15 Group

Tuesday 6TH, March
1st Vásquez 07:05 – 07:35 Individual 07:40 Group
1st Aguirre 07:35 – 08:05 Individual 07:15 Group
2nd Quijano 08:05 – 08:35 Individual 08:45 Group
2nd Padilla 08:40 – 09:10 Individual 08:30 Group
1st Cáceres 10:30 – 11:00 Individual 10:15 Group

Wednesday 7TH, March
5th Brenes 07:05 – 07:35 Individual 07:40 Group
4th Fastiggi 07:35 – 08:05 Individual 07:15 Group
3rd Judge 08:05 – 08:35 Individual 08:45 Group
3rd Avilés 08:40 – 09:10 Individual 08:30 Group
5th García-Prieto 10:30 – 11:00 Individual 10:15 Group

Thursday 8TH, March
1st Gilchrist 07:05 – 07:35 Individual 07:40 Group
2th Mena 07:35 – 08:05 Individual 07:15 Group
2nd Moore 08:05 – 08:35 Individual 08:45 Group
4th Hernández 08:40 – 09:10 Individual 08:30 Group
4th Taylor 10:30 – 11:00 Individual 10:15 Group

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 28th February: Prepa Pashley Spanish Assembly- PAC 7:20am
Friday 16th March: PK Cleaver Assembly - PAC 7.20am
Monday 19th March: PK Swimming Gala (Training pool) - 10am
Tuesday 20th March: Kinder Swimming Gala (Training pool) - 10am
Wednesday 21st March: Prepa Swimming Gala (Training pool) - 10am
Thursday 22nd March: 1st Grade Swimming Gala (25m pool) - 10am
Friday 23rd March: PK Carbajal Assembly - PAC 7.20am
Tuesday 27th March: PK Catani Assembly - PAC 7.20am
Friday 30th March: Last day of Term

Upper Primary
Friday 2nd - Saturday 3rd March: 2nd Grade Camping. Tuscania. Fri. 11:00 - Sat 10:00am
Wednesday 7th March: 3rd Judge Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 7th March: 5th Brenes Assembly PAC 12.00m
Wednesday 21st March: Upper Primary Poetry Day
Wednesday 21st March: LSU for parents. Leaders: ¿Innate o developed? PAC 7.00am and 6.00pm
Wednesday 21st March: 2nd Quijano Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 21st March: 4th Fastiggi Assembly PAC 12.00m
Monday 26th March: Upper Primary Theater Day
Monday 26th March: 5th Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Tuesday 27th March: 4th Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Wednesday 28th March: 5th Grade Speech Competition, PAC 8.00am to 9.30am
Wednesday 28th March: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Thursday 29th March: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Friday 30th March: Last day of Term

Secondary News

Please note we now have links to the year blogs at the side of this page.

Grade 12 Reports
Grade 12 reports were sent home today. If there are any concerns there will be a letter with the report. Please keep the original, sign the photocopy and the letter and return it to school on Monday.

Bicultural Festival
We have had a very busy week of drama, dance, art and music in school in cooperation with other bicultural schools in the city. Tonight there will be a performance at the Liceo Frances at 6.30 pm by the drama and dance groups and tomorrow there will be a performance of the music and choral work at the Teatro Presidente at 6 pm. As parents and students of this school you are invited to these events.

IGCSE Information Evening and Issuing of Grade 8 report - next Tuesday
On Tuesday we have a meeting for Grade 8 parents which will focus on the coming IGCSE Option choices for Grade 8. The meeting will start promptly at 5.30 pm. we are expecting all Grade 8 parents to attend and there is more information on the Grade 8 blog.

IB Option Choices
Grade 10 are making their IB Option choices and their forms should be returned by Thursday 8th March to the IB Office.

Cal 2 Reports are being issued on Tuesday to Grade 6, 7, 8 ,9 and 11. These will be sent home at the end of school with a photocopy of the original report. Please keep the original and sign the photocopy which we would like you to send back to school on Wednesday morning.

Exam Cal
Please take note that Grade 6-8 Exams start on Thursday 15th March. These exams are very important and need to be prepared for by the students. They know what to study but need to make sure they do so! Grade 9 and 11 exams start a week later.

Dates for your diary
Friday 2nd March: Bicultural Arts Festival Performance in Drama, Dance and Photography Lyceo Frances 6 .30 pm
Saturday 3rd March: Bicultural Arts Festival Performance in Music, choir, Art and Photography Teatro Presidente 6 pm
Tuesday 6th March 5.30 pm: IGCSE Options Evening (Grade 8 parents and students) with Cal 2 reports being issued
Tuesday 6th March: Grade 6,7,9,& 11 Cal 2 reports sent home
Thursday15th March: Grade 6-8 Exams start until Tuesday 20th March
Thursday 22nd March: Grade 11 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 23rd march: Grade 9 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 30th March: End of Term Two.

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