Friday, 16 March 2012

27: Friday 16th March 2012

From the Headmaster

Parents Meeting
Thank you to those who were able to attend the Parents Meeting on Wednesday, called by the Board of the ABC. At this annual meeting a presentation is made about school progress and plans, and the new fees for the following school year are announced. We shall be communicating the main points of this meeting very shortly, but here is an excerpt from the examination results part.

Excellent work celebrated in the Good Work Blog
This week we highlight another one of the ABC’s blogs. There is much good work done at the school and we post some of this up in the Good Work Blog so that we can recognise and celebrate excellent work - the latest entry is from an assembly on the classic “El Lazarillo de Tormes”. Do look at the blogs list on i-Com and follow a blog!

Primary News

4th Grade Spelling Bee
After a very exciting competition last Friday the finalists of the 4th Grade Spelling Bee will battle it out again at 9am on Friday 16th March to find an ultimate winner. Well done to everyone who took part, there were some very impressive performances.

PK Cleaver assembly
Well done and thank you to the children and teaching staff of PK Cleaver for their assembly this week in which they shared the learning that they have been focusing on this term about farms. The children presented their assembly in English through words and songs. Some lovely art work too!

5th McCall Spanish assembly
Our students in 5th McCall did a spectacular theatrical performance based on a universal literary classic, El Lazarillo de Tormes. In this performance we were able to appreciate their individual and group talents in areas like performing and dance, as they closed their presentation with a beautiful flamenco dance.

Primary Poetry Day
Poetry Day in primary takes place in school on Wednesday 21st March. During this day your children will be both listening to and writing their own poetry in both English and Spanish. It would be wonderful if you would follow this up at home by reading poetry with your children or perhaps talking to them about some of your favourite poems.

Tickets for the Primary Olympic Opening Ceremony on sale!
Tickets for our primary Olympic Opening Ceremony to be held at the Cuscatlan Stadium on Friday 20th April will be on sale in the primary offices as of Monday 19th March. Tickets for spectators cost $5 dollars each and all primary children from PK to Grade 5 will be taking part. Please come along and bring friends and relatives to support your child and the school!

LP Swimming galas
Lower primary swimming galas take place next week. Please check the calendar below to see when your child is involved.

No Pens Day
On Friday 23rd March the primary school will be having it’s first No Pens Day. This is a day when teachers will be asked to teach a whole days lessons through speaking and listening activities. The purpose of this is to raise awareness amongst the teaching staff and children of the importance of good communication skills. During this day we expect that teachers will be using technology to take the place of pens and paper and that role play, story telling, drama, use of skype, video conferencing etc will encourage our children to talk and to listen more.This will become a termly event.

4th and 5th Grade pupils
4th and 5th Grade pupils are reminded by Mrs Hernandez that whilst they are permitted to bring footballs to school it is their responsibility to ensure that the games played with these balls are safe and sensible. Games such as Dodge ball for example should not be played with a leather ball as this is dangerous. Balls will be confiscated if they are not played with sensibly.

Child safety
We take your children’s safety very seriously. Therefore, we would like to remind parents once again that if their child is being picked up from school by anyone other than their usual parent or driver the class teacher and either Mrs. Claudia Aviles or Miss Veronica must be informed. We will not let your children leave school with someone else without your written or oral permission.

Swimming Competition
The Swimming Departamental Competitions took place last Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. There were fourteen institutions present and the ABC achieved first place, being the results as follows:

Out of 138 events:
1 Academia Britanica Cuscatleca 1074.5 points
2 Escuela Alemana 297 points
3 Colegio Santa Cecilia 282 points
4 Liceo Frances 182 points

The ABC also won:
29 gold medals
25 silver medals
28 bronze medals

Congratulations to all the athletes who, with great effort and much pride, represented the colours of their institution. There were athletes from Lower, Upper and Secondary. A special mention for all the teachers and parents who came along to support the athletes.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 16th March: PK Cleaver Assembly - PAC 7.20am
Monday 19th March: PK Swimming Gala (Training pool) - 10am
Tuesday 20th March: Kinder Swimming Gala (Training pool) - 10am
Wednesday 21st March: Prepa Swimming Gala (Training pool) - 10am
Thursday 22nd March: 1st Grade Swimming Gala (25m pool) - 10am
Friday 23rd March: PK Carbajal Assembly - PAC 7.20am
Friday 30th March: PK Catani Assembly - PAC 7.20am
Friday 30th March: Last day of Term

Upper Primary
Wednesday 21st March: Upper Primary Poetry Day
Wednesday 21st March: LSU for parents. Leaders: ¿Innate o developed? PAC 7.00am and 6.00pm
Wednesday 21st March: 2nd Quijano Assembly, PAC 10.00am
Wednesday 21st March: 4th Fastiggi Assembly PAC 12.00m
Monday 26th March: Upper Primary Theater Day
Monday 26th March: 5th Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Tuesday 27th March: 4th Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Wednesday 28th March: 5th Grade Speech Competition, PAC 8.00am to 9.30am
Wednesday 28th March: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Thursday 29th March: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Friday 30th March: Last day of Term

Secondary News

Congratulations to the Mathcount teams who came first and third in the competition in Mexico last week. The top teams included the following students: Teja Huggins, Alejandro Alfaro, Andrés Butter, Andrés Puente, Andrea Osegueda, Gerardo Cabrera, María Fernanda Arteaga and José Andrés Cáceres. Andrés Puente also had the proud achievement of being the top individual student.

Brain Week
Thank you to all the parents who responded to our Brain Week survey. It is clear from some of the feedback that some of our students are not getting as much sleep as the 8-9 hours a night which is recommended for teenagers. We all need to make an effort to encourage them to get to bed earlier and to get more sleep. Most of our students have breakfast before leaving home and that is really encouraging. It is very likely however that some of our students who do not eat breakfast before coming to school could improve their grades in school if they were to eat breakfast each day.

Students from all Grades should be studying this weekend!
Grade 6-8 exams continue on Monday and Tuesday and then start for Grade 11 on Thursday and Grade 9 on Friday. You can see the exam timetables through the class blogs. Please note that students need to be in school at least 20 minutes before a scheduled exam but may leave after their last exam of the day. They cannot leave school between exams. We will be reporting the exam results after the Easter holidays.

Dates for your diary
Saturday 17th March: Student Council Spring Formal
Thursday 22nd March: Grade 11 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 23rd march: Grade 9 Exams start until Friday 30th March
Friday 30th March: End of Term Two.

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