Friday, 8 June 2012

37: Friday 8th June 2012

From the Headmaster 

ABC End of Year Survey
Please take a moment to rate how we are fulfilling our values, vision and mission, and to let us know your opinion about how we can improve. All replies are read by myself and the leadership team.

Primary News 

A busy week ahead for primary pupils. Please note the below dates and times carefully! 

Monday 11th June
This morning the Tribe which has been awarded the most tribal point this Cal will have the opportunity to spend a few hours with the Salvadorean softball team, who will set up some games for them and also do some coaching.

Monday 11th June - 5.00 - 8.30pm 5th Grade Leavers party
A special end of term celebration for a special group of children. The grade 5 pupils will be remembering their years in the primary school and celebrating the end of term with ‘Glow in the Dark ‘party in the PAC.

Tuesday 12th June:
10.00 -11.00am 2nd and 3rd Grade Talent Show 
12.00 - 1.00pm 4th and 5th Grade Talent Show 
A selection of our talented dancers, singers, musicians and magicians will entertain us in our annual talent shows.

Tuesday 12th June - 6.00pm Meeting for parents of children going on this year’s UK trip
Parents and children involved in this year’s UK trip should come along to this meeting in the PAC to hear and discuss last minute arrangements and ask any final questions they have. Please be prompt.

Wednesday 13th June:
7.30 - 8.30 am 2nd Grade achievement ceremony
10.00 - 11.00am 3rd grade achievement ceremony
12.00 - 1.00pm 4th Grade achievement ceremony
Achievement ceremonies will take place today which celebrate our pupil’s successes this Cal.

Thursday 14th June - 7.30 - 9.30am - 5th Grade Graduation and achievement ceremony
The culmination of eight years in the primary school for some of our pupils! Our graduation and achievement ceremony for our grade 5 pupils is a very special occasion which we are sure parents will remember for many years to come. This is a very important occasion for our Grade 5 pupils and not really appropriate for younger siblings if it is likely that they will detract from this special event.

Thursday 14th June - 4th Grade end of year trip
Grade 4 have organised an exciting and fun packed trip to a private social club called ''Deportivo''. The students will get the opportunity to play football, basketball and swim in the pool! The students have all been working very hard during the course of the year and this will be a great reward for them. It is also a chance for the children to say goodbye to their current teachers before they make the important transition into 5th grade. The children will already be leaving 4th grade with some memorable experiences and this trip to Deportivo is going to be the icing on the cake! 

Friday 15th June - 12.00 noon School closes for summer holiday

Thursday 23rd August - School reopens for pupils.

Dates for your diary 

Lower Primary 
Thursday 14th June: Last day Team Sports Extra-curricular Activities for First Grade and Prepa. 
Friday 15th June: Last day of school 

Upper Primary 
Monday 11th June: 4th & 5th Grade Party in the PAC, at 5.30pm 
Tuesday 12th June: 2nd & 3rd Grade Talent Show, in the PAC, at 10.00am 
Tuesday 12th June: 4th & 5th Grade Talent Show, in the PAC, at 12.00m 
Tuesday 12th June: 5th Grade UK Trip meeting, PAC 6.00pm 
Wednesday 13th June: 2nd Grade Achievement Ceremony, at the PAC, at 7.30am 
Wednesday 13th June: 3rd Grade Achievement Ceremony, at the PAC, at 10.00am 
Wednesday 13th June: 4th Grade Achievement Ceremony, at the PAC, at 12.00m 
Thursday 14th June: Last day Team Sports Extra-curricular Activities 
Thursday 14th June: 5th Grade Graduation & Achievement Ceremony, at the PAC, at 7.20am 
Friday 15th June: Last day of school 

Secondary News 

Next week is the final week of this term and we have a range of different activities taking place. I want to thank you for keeping up to date and ensuring your son or daughter arrives at the right place at the right time in the right uniform each day. Please check your class blogs for up to date details. We hope Grade 9 enjoy Work Experience and look forward to seeing them back in school next August. Please note Grade 9 reports can be collected from Wednesday morning from Roxana’s office. Reports will only be issued to grade 6,7,8 and 10 students if they have returned the correct text books to their teachers. If they have not you will receive a request for payment for the books which will need to be paid before reports can be issued. 
We hope to see many of you at the awards assemblies scheduled later this week. 
Please note that only Grade 10 and Grade 11 students are attending the Graduation Ceremony on Thursday but all students will be leaving school on Thursday at 12 noon. As you will be aware we also finish at 12 noon on Friday. If we do not see you at school again next week we hope you have a pleasant summer holiday. 

End of Year Awards Assemblies
Wednesday 13th June - Grade 6 at 1pm in the PAC
Thursday 14th June – Grades 7 & 8 from 10:45am to 12noon in the PAC
Friday 15th June - Grade 11 at 7am in the PAC

Dates for your diary 
Monday 11th - Friday 15th June - Grade 9 Work Experience
Wednesday 13th June - Award Assembly for Grade 6 at 1pm in the PAC
Wednesday 13th June - Grade 9 reports available for collection from school.
Thursday 14th June – Award Assembly for Grades 7 & 8 at 9.15am in the PAC
Thursday 14th June - All Secondary students leave school at 12m. All Grade 10 and 11 students must be back in school at 4:30pm
Thursday 14th June - Class 2012 Graduation, at 5pm, Auditorium
Friday 15th June - Award Assembly Grade 11 at 7am in the PAC
Friday 15th June - Final reports issued. School closes at 12 noon
Thursday 23rd August - First Day back at 7 am!

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