Friday, 31 August 2012

2: Friday 31st August 2012

Next week in Primary

Back to School Nights

We look forward to welcoming all our parents to our Back to School nights this week and next. Please check the calendar below to see which dates are relevant to you.

Children in Prepa, Grade 1 and Upper Primary will be beginning their new IPC units this week. Do talk to them about this and find out about what they have been learning. We have deliberately chosen units for the first part of the year which will allow us to include the history and geography of El Salvador, as this is Civic month.

Team Sports
The team sports programme begins on Monday 3rd September.

Extra curricula activities
You will be receiving a letter explaining how our new extra curricula programme will be working and introducing Patricia Zelaya who has been employed to work as our Extending Interests and Talents Coordinator. By offering more, but shorter sessions we are hoping to allow the children throughout the year to discover what really catches their interest. Most of the activities offered are those which have been suggested by the children themselves. Extra curricula activities will begin on Monday 10th September.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 3rd September: Pre-Kinder & Kinder Back to School Night 18:00 at the PAC.
Wednesday 5th September: Prepa and First Grade Back to School Night 18:00 at the PAC.
Friday 7th September: LP Spanish Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 14th September: LP Spanish Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Tuesday 18th September: Parent Workshop for Prepa
Friday 21st September: McLay Fun Run
Friday 21st September: LP Spanish Assembly
Friday 28th September: LP Spanish Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 3rd - Friday 7th September: Week 1 Team Sports
Thursday 6th: 2nd & 3rd Back to School Night 18:00 in the PAC.
Monday 10th - Friday 14th September: Week 2 Team Sports
Monday 10th: 4th & 5th Back to School Night 18:00 iin the PAC.
Monday 27th - Friday 21st September: Week 3 Team Sports
Friday 21st: McLay Fun Run
Monday 24th - Friday 28th September: Week 4 Team Sports
Monday 24th - Friday 28th: Parent Workshops
Wednesday 26th: Spanish Assembly “Independence”

Next week in Secondary

All parents should have received an emailed guide to the new school year from the Head of Year. If you have not please contact us!

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 for their IGCSE success. Our top students achieved superb results and we are especially proud of Raul Zaldaña, Ting Yi Lin and Young Ik Kim. Our top IB students from the Class 2012 were Ting Che Lin and Maria Fernanda Arango. The overall IB Diploma pass rate was very pleasing. Well done to all members of our community who played their part in helping these students achieve their success.

We have had a very focused start to the new school year and we have been very pleased with the way our students have started. Next week Team Sports start and the music department is offering a variety of music options from individual instruments to orchestra and rock band. Please make sure your son or daughter sees Ms. Leong or Mrs. Sanchez if they are interested. We will be sending more information about extra curricular classes next week.

I do not want to start this year on a negative note but I do want to remind you of the importance of punctuality and attendance. We are not willing to accept poor punctuality as an ABC trait and as you will have read in your guide to the new year students getting five lates in a month will receive an immediate Saturday detention. We are also concerned that students do not miss school unnecessarily as there is an obvious correlation between attendance and success in school. 

On a final note can we please ask for your support in ensuring your son or daughter meets our uniform requirements and especially with respect to girls and socks and PE shoes. All information is in the guides sent home earlier this week.

Secondary Dates for your diary
Monday 3rd september: Team Sports, Music lessons and Mathcounts start
Monday 10th September: Extra curricular activities start
Friday 14th September: Independence Day Assembly and celebrations
Thursday 20th September: for Grade 6-12 Parents, Parent’s Partnership Meeting-Asociacion Estima on Nutrition and Developing Healthy Habits and Relationship with Food 
Friday 21st September: Peace One Day
Saturday 29th September: ABC Olympic Event
Tuesday 2nd October: Grade 6 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Thursday 4th October: Grade 7 and 8 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Friday 5th October: School closed for staff INSET
Monday 8th October: Grade 11 and 12 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Thursday 11th October: Grade 9 and 10 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Saturday 13th October: Grade 11 Empowerment Day

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