Friday, 14 September 2012

4: Friday 14th September 2012

Next week in Primary

Parent workshop - Reading

Parent workshops for Prepa parents will be on Wednesday or Thursday next week, depending on which class your children are in. They will be at 7am and last approximately 30 minutes. The idea of these is to give parents some ideas and strategies for helping their children to enjoy and develop their reading at home. Parents are requested to use the emergency car park.

McLay Fun Run/Peace One Day
In the Primary school we will be combining these two events on Friday 21st September. Peace One Day shirts, ordered by the children, will be in school early next week and the children will wear these on Friday whilst taking part in the run. More details about the fun run will be sent soon. Please remember to check your emails.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 14th September: 1st Quintanilla Spanish Assembly
Wednesday 19th: Prepa Pashley and Prepa Vásquez Parents Reading Workshop from 7:00am to 7:30am in the Jubilee Library Seminar Room.
Thursday 20th: Prepa Burrows and Prepa Lima Parents Reading Workshop from 7:00am to 7:30am in the Jubilee Library Seminar Room.
Friday 21st September: Kinder Suárez and Kinder Tenorio Spanish Assembly at the PAC 7:20am.
Friday 21st September: Peace One Day & the McLay Fun Run

Upper Primary
Monday 17th September: UP Civic Monday
Monday 24th September: UP Civic Monday
Friday 21st September: McLay Fun Run
Monday 24th - Friday 28th September: Parent Workshop Grades 1 to 5
Wednesday 26th September: Spanish Assembly “Independence”

Next week in Secondary


We celebrated Independence Day in the secondary school this week and especially today. Our message to the students has been based on celebrating the achievements of the nation where we all live and how we can help to respect its values and traditions while contributing to the development of our own communities and nation. One of the key values we have been promoting is that of peace and all it means. We are also looking forward to the international celebration of Peace One Day next Friday. We hope you all have a Happy and Peaceful Independence Day tomorrow. 

Our first six week block of extra curricular activities started this week and we hope your son or daughter has found something of interest. Team Sports has also got off to a healthy start and may students are practicing for the ABC Olympics SANTA TECLA 2012 on Saturday 29th September. We are being joined by athletes and swimmers from the German, French and American schools for this event. Parents and non participating students are welcome to come to the event which will start at 7.30 am with a colourful opening ceremony.

On Thursday at 6 pm in the PAC we have invited all Secondary parents to a PARENT PARTNERSHIP MEETING on healthy eating and helping parents understand their vital role in helping teenagers develop a healthy attitude towards food. There are many areas in which young people can get the wrong idea about eating and food and we want to meet with all parents to try to help ensure that we reduce these as far as possible. The meeting will be addressed by Asociación Estima, an organisation who will be working with staff and students on these issues later this term.

We have had a number of students with flu like symptoms this week especially in Grades 6-8 and we would ask you be careful and keep your son or daughter at home if they wake up with a temperature in the morning. Any students we find with flu like symptoms will be sent home.

Thank you for all the support we have had over uniform. We still have occasional P.E. student without caps and I would ask you to address this issue if it relates to your son or daughter and we are still reminding some girls about their socks which must be proper ankle socks for school and PE.

Peace One Day will be celebrated on Friday 21st September with a Tshirt and jeans day but we do require students to wear either the current Peace One Day T shirt or one from a previous Peace One day celebration. We will also have various activities on Friday to celebrate the day.

On Saturday next week our first International Award trip for interested Grade 9 and Grade 11 students takes place. This was very successful last year.

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 17th September: Grade 8 Creative Carousel changes
Thursday 20th September: for Grade 6-12 Parents, Parent’s Partnership Meeting-Asociacion Estima on Nutrition and Developing Healthy Habits and Relationship with Food 
Friday 21st September: Peace One Day
Saturday 22nd September: International Award introductory trip
Thursday 27th September: Grade 7 History trip
Friday 28th September; Grade 8 History trip
Saturday 29th September: ABC Olympic Event
Tuesday 2nd October: Grade 6 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Thursday 4th October: Grade 7 and 8 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Friday 5th October: School closed for staff INSET
Monday 8th October: Grade 11 and 12 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Thursday 11th October: Grade 9 and 10 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Saturday 13th October: Grade 11 Empowerment Day

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