Friday, 21 September 2012

5: Friday 21st September 2012

From the Headmaster

Dengue - let us do our part in helping to eradicate areas where mosquitoes breed
We are contributing to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education’s plans to eradicate the areas where mosquitoes (zancudos) can breed. 
At school we are doing an especially careful examination, cleaning and fumigation of the whole campus this weekend.
On Monday we will be working with our students to teach them about the problem and how all can help. Afterwards, they will be taking action, with your help, in your home, so as to identify and eliminate such breeding areas.
In the meantime, here are links with information:

Dengue - what to look for if your child is ill
In common with other schools, we have had a higher number than usual of virus-type illnesses. From an absence rate of 6.5% in the Secondary School this has now dropped to our normal rate of around 3%. Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of the virus-type illness and that of dengue are similar. However, please DO NOT send your child to school if s/he has flu-like symptoms and consult your doctor. The Ministry of Health has the home as the First Filter for detection of suspicion of dengue.
Please note - the ABC has a first aid post with a doctor on hand for emergencies - the doctor will not prescribe medicines nor carry out a detailed diagnosis, but merely send home any ill student.

Next week in Primary

Roald Dahl Day
Monday 24th September is Roald Dahl Day and children throughout Primary will be finding out more about this famous children’s author and reading or listening to some of his wonderful stories. If you have Roald Dahl books or DVD’s at home this would be a great day to sit and enjoy them with your children.

Workshops for parents
Next week in UP we will be having workshops for parents to help them to help their children with reading. These workshops will be held in the classrooms and will be between 7.15 and see below for detail about days. Parents must use the emergency car park please!

Values and Traits
For the past few weeks in Upper Primary we have been working with the Value:Responsible. On Friday the 21st of September, we will reward students who have demonstrated this value in school. At the ABC we would like to develop responsible children, able to take care of their duties; children who understand and accept consequences for their actions and try to correct their mistakes. At home please continue developing this value and congratulate your child every time he shows how important this is in the action he takes.
The price of greatness is responsibility. - Winston Churchill

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 28th September: Crocodiles from Prepa Burrows and Giraffes from Prepa Lima Spanish Assembly 7.20am at the PAC. 

Upper Primary
Monday 24th September: UP Civic Monday
Friday 21st September: McLay Fun Run
Tuesday 25th September: 5th grade Parent Workshop in the classroom from 7.15am - 7.45
Wednesday 26th September: Spanish Assembly “Independence”
Wednesday 26th September: 3rd grade Parent Workshop in the classroom from 7.15am - 7.45
Thursday 27th September: 2nd grade Parent Workshop in the classroom from 7.15am - 7.45
Friday 28th September: 4th grade Parent Workshop in the classroom from 7.15am - 7.45

Next week in Secondary

We are celebrating the Olympic year on Saturday with SANTA TECLA 2012. There will be competitors from other international schools competing with our students. Our Opening Ceremony starts at 7.30 am and we hope many of you will come along and support this Olympic style event.

Today we celebrated Peace One Day and I want to say a big thank you to the Student Council for all the work they have done spreading the word of peace. They organised an excellent assembly this afternoon to help our younger students reflect on the meaning of peace in their lives.

Caps in PE
As you will be aware young people risk serious health issues later in their lives if they get sunburn and during school PE lessons they are out in the sun. We require them to wear a cap to protect their faces and you might also want to send suncream for them to apply. A cap however is a required item. We suggest you send one into school so they can keep it in their lockers.

Taking care of valuable items
Please do all you can to remind your son or daughter to be vigilant with their possessions. They have a locker to place items ain and should do so. They must not leave them unattended in corridors or outside their lockers.

We have some students in Saturday detention this week because they have had 5 lates since the start of term. Please make sure your son or daughter is arriving at school on time. We need to help them learn the importance of punctuality!

Secondary dates for your diary
Saturday 22nd September: International Award introductory trip
Thursday 27th September: Grade 7 History trip
Friday 28th September; Grade 8 History trip
Saturday 29th September: ABC Olympic Event
Tuesday 2nd October: Grade 6 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Thursday 4th October: Grade 7 and 8 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Friday 5th October: School closed for staff INSET
Monday 8th October: Grade 11 and 12 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Thursday 11th October: Grade 9 and 10 Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings
Saturday 13th October: Grade 11 Empowerment Day

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