Friday, 9 November 2012

11: Friday 9th November 2012

Next week in Primary

British Fortnight
British fortnight continues in the primary school with the children learning more about well known British scientists and their discoveries.

Week 3 - Extra Curricula activities

Monday 12/11/12
Teachers in Grade 1 will be giving parent workshops today which will help parents to help their children at home with their reading.

Tuesday 13/11/12 Visiting artist

On Tuesday a local artist, Anabela de Tenorio, will visit school to talk to and work with pupils from Grades 4 and 5. Anabela’s work is inspired by the tropical colours of El Salvador and her unique style is recognised throughout the world.

Wednesday 14/11/12 Spanish assemblies

9.10 3rd Grade Spanish assembly

11.55 5th Grade Spanish assembly

Thursday 15/11/12 5th Grade trip

As the exit point to the IPC unit ‘Time Tunnel’ Grade 5 will be visiting the Museo David Guzman on Thursday.

Thursday 15/11/12 PK trip to the Zoo
In Pre kinder we have been reading “Handa's Surprise” and we really enjoyed this book. We have learned a lot about the animals that are featured in this story and that’s why we have decided to go on a trip to the ZOO next Thursday. We know it is going to be an exciting adventure!

Friday 16/11/12 UP Bake Sale

Friday 16/11/12 Prepa Pashley assembly

Parents of children in Prepa Pashley are invited to come to watch their children’s assembly today.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 12th November: First Grade Parent’s Workshop
7:10am – 7:50am - 1st Fastiggi and 1st Caceres in the Jubilee Library Seminar Room
12:15pm – 12:55pm - 1st Quintanilla and 1st Aguirre in the Jubilee Library Seminar Room
Friday 16th November: Prepa Pashley Assembly 7.20am in the PAC
Tuesday 20th November: Prepa Burrows Assembly 7.20am in the PAC
Friday 23rd November: Prepa Lima Assembly 7.20am in the PAC
Friday 30th November: Prepa Vásquez Assembly 7.20am in the PAC

Upper Primary
Wednesday 14th November: 3rd Spanish assembly, at the PAC at 9.10am
Wednesday 14th November: 5th Spanish assembly, at the PAC at 11.55am
Friday 16th November: UP British bake sale
Friday 23 - Saturday 24th November: 3rd grade camping night, in Residencial Tuscania
Wednesday 28th November: 3rd Navas assembly, at the PAC at 9.10am
Wednesday 28th November: 5th Brenes assembly, at the PAC at 11.55am
Thursday 29th November: School for parents “Family communication”, at the PAC, at 7.00am & 6:00pm

Next week in Secondary

Grade Trips
As we discussed at the Know Your School events last month we have organised team building trips for each Grade and we ask for your support in sending your children on these trips. They will help to ensure the Grade learns how to work together and support each other better. I am pleased to say we have had a good response but we would like all children to be included as far as possible.

Grade 11 IGCSE Certificate Assembly

We will be awarding these on Tuesday next week at 1.50 pm in the PAC. All Grade 11 parents are invited. We will also be awarding HM Roll of Honour for the IGCSE exams and the top IGCSE student award.

British Fortnight continues and we will be celebrating more of the scientific history of Britain with our students. As part of British Fortnight some of our Grade 11 and 12 students will be attending a talk by Mr. Hugo Swires MP who is currently visiting El Salvador.

Cal 1 is ending over the next week and we will soon be issuing reports. Please see the calendar and the dates below.

Secondary dates for your diary
TONIGHT Friday 9th November: Guy Fawkes Night Party and Market fair
Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November: PAES mocks for Grade 12 students
Tuesday 13th November: Grade 11 IGCSE Award Assembly at 1.50 pm in PAC
Thursday 15th November; Grade 6 trip to Albaclara.
Friday 16th & Sat 17th November: Grade 9 overnight trip to Ecoparque Portezuelo, Juayua
Monday 19th: Grade 8 trip to Albaclara
Friday 23rd or Friday 30th: Grade 11 trip to Santa Leticia
Friday 23rd & Sat 24th November: Grade 7 overnight trip to Ecoparque Portezuelo, Juayua
Monday 26th November: Grade 10 trip to Albaclara
Thursday 6th December: Grade 10 and 12 Parent Teacher Meetings: Cal 1 reports issued
Friday 7th December: Grade 7, 9 and 11 Cal 1 reports issued
Tuesday 11th December: Grade 6 and Parent Partnership Meeting: Cal 1 reports issued.
Thursday 13th December: Awards Assemblies
Friday 14th December: Term 1 ends at 12 noon for the three week Christmas Holiday.

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