Friday, 16 November 2012

12: Friday 16th November 2012

From the Headmaster

Our bulldog mascot has a name!
The stork “delivered” our new bulldog mascot on Founders’ Day - 23rd of October - and after a competition involving hundreds of entries we were able to select the most popular name for it. Since it is a young mascot, with some growing up to do, we need to teach it the ABC values. Our vision is to create Responsible Outstanding Citizens - ROCs as we say at the ABC. So it is appropriate that “Roc” is the name of the new bulldog mascot (it is already being called “Rocky” when face-to-face). 
We are all very glad that the ABC Bulldogs have a mascot emblem to support our school activities! GO BULLDOGS! 

Next week in Primary

Week 4 Extra Curricula activities

Tuesday 20th November
7.20 Parents of children in Prepa Burrows are invited to attend their children’s assembly

Thursday 22nd November
7.15 in the PAC Jolly Phonics workshop for Kinder parents

Friday 23rd November
7.20 Prepa Lima assembly
3rd Grade Camping night at Tuscania. The arrangements for this are well underway and it all sounds very exciting!

Wednesday 28th November
9.10 3rd Navas assembly
11.55 5th Brenes assembly

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 20th November: Prepa Burrows Assembly 7.20am in the PAC
Thursday 22nd November: Kinder Jolly Phonics Workshop for Parents 7.15am - 7.45am
Friday 23rd November: Prepa Lima Assembly 7.20am in the PAC
Friday 30th November: Prepa Vásquez Assembly 7.20am in the PAC

Upper Primary
Friday 23 - Saturday 24th November: 3rd grade camping night, in Residencial Tuscania
Wednesday 28th November: 3rd Navas assembly, at the PAC at 9.10am
Wednesday 28th November: 5th Brenes assembly, at the PAC at 11.55am
Thursday 29th November: School for parents “Family communication”, at the PAC, at 7.00am & 6:00pm

Next week in Secondary

We are in the middle of our team building trips with each Grade and we hope the students find them not only fun but also that the trip will help them discover new things about themselves and their classmates. Thank you for your support for these trips. Grade 9 are returning tomorrow morning and we have trips for Grade 8 and Grade 11 next week.

We have had fun celebrating British fortnight these past two weeks and hope your son or daughter have learned some things about Britain and especially some of the scientific heritage. 

We are still having some students not wearing the correct PE uniform and we ask for your help in ensuring your son or daughter wears the correct socks and footwear. 

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 16th & Sat 17th November: Grade 9 overnight trip to Ecoparque Portezuelo, Juayua
Monday 19th: Grade 8 trip to Albaclara
Friday 23rd: Grade 11 trip to Santa Leticia
Friday 23rd & Sat 24th November: Grade 7 overnight trip to Ecoparque Portezuelo, Juayua
Monday 26th November: Grade 10 trip to Albaclara
Thursday 6th December: Grade 10 and 12 Parent Teacher Meetings: Cal 1 reports issued
Friday 7th December: Grade 7, 9 and 11 Cal 1 reports issued
Tuesday 11th December: Grade 6 and Parent Partnership Meeting: Cal 1 reports issued.
Thursday 13th December: Awards Assemblies
Friday 14th December: Term 1 ends at 12 noon for the three week Christmas Holiday.

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