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13: Friday 23rd November 2012

From the Headmaster

Coffee with the Headmaster and Board Chair.
Parents are cordially invited on Thursday 6th of December at 7:10 to 8am. In order to plan properly for parking, space and catering reasons, please let us know that you are coming using this simple form.

Next week in Primary

Maths Relays in Upper Primary - Term 1
On Friday 16th of November we had our first Maths Relay across the whole Upper Primary. These relay games were designed for children to have fun and to be better engaged in the different material covered during our first eleven weeks of Term 1. The activity turned out to be an enjoyable experience for all students and something they will look for at the end of Term 2.

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Grade
4th Grade
3rd Grade
2nd Grade

Last week we concluded focussing on the value Independent in Primary. At school we believe in creating independent children and it is our responsibility to prepare them for their future. Children need to become independent, self-sufficient and competent adults and in order for these skills to develop in them, they need the opportunity to take risks, practice skills and experience various situations. Please, take your time to praise your child whenever he reflects this value at home!
´The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.´ Denis Waitley

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 30th November: Prepa Vásquez Assembly 7.20am in the PAC
Friday 7th December: 1st Cáceres Assembly 7.20am in the PAC
Wednesday 12th December: Christmas Shows 4pm - 6.30pm in the PAC

Upper Primary
Friday 23 - Saturday 24th November: 3rd grade camping night, in Residencial Tuscania
Wednesday 28th November: 3rd Navas assembly, at the PAC at 9.10am
Wednesday 28th November: 5th Brenes assembly, at the PAC at 11.55am
Thursday 29th November: School for parents “Family communication”, at the PAC, at 7.00am & 6:00pm

Next week in Secondary

Grades 7 and 11 are on their overnight trip and will be returning at 11am on Saturday. Parents should follow the Class 2018 and Class 2014 blog for details. Grade 10 will be going on their day trip on Monday. These trips have been very successful so far and the students seem to have really enjoyed the teambuilding activities.

Cal 1 Grades are being calculated this week. Your son or daughter should know their grades in most of their subjects and please check the schedule on our Calendar for the issuing of reports. In Grade 10 and 12 these are being issued at a Parent Teacher Meeting where you can discuss progress with all teachers. In Grade 6 and 8 there are Parent Partnership Meetings which we hope all Grade 6 and Grade 8 parents will attend. Grade 7, 9 and 11 reports will be sent home with students.

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 23rd & Sat 24th November: Grade 7 overnight trip to Ecoparque Portezuelo, Juayua
Monday 26th November: Grade 10 trip to Albaclara
Thursday 29th November: Cornflour Concert 6pm
Thursday 6th December: Grade 10 and 12 Parent Teacher Meetings: Cal 1 reports issued
Friday 7th December: Grade 7, 9 and 11 Cal 1 reports issued
Tuesday 11th December: Grades 6 and 8 Parent Partnership Meeting: Cal 1 reports issued.
Thursday 13th December: Awards Assemblies
Friday 14th December: Term 1 ends at 12 noon for the three week Christmas Holiday.

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