Friday, 1 March 2013

24: Friday 1st March 2013

From the Headmaster

The Learning Support Unit-Secondary has created a blog to share ideas and activities that are being carried out in the ABC. You can check it out at:

Primary News

Maths workshops
Many parents attended our Maths Workshops for parents last week and reported that they had learnt new ways to help their children with their maths at home. Many thanks to the teachers for taking the time to organise these valuable opportunities for our parents to learn too! On Monday 4th March 1st Grade teachers will be holding their Maths workshop for parents from 7.14 - 7.45am in their classrooms. Please remember to use the emergency carpark if you are attending this event.

World Maths Day
Wednesday 6th March is World Maths Day and children in the primary school will be taking part in a range of maths based activities to encourage their enjoyment and appreciation of this area of the curriculum.

5th Grade camping night
Unusually the children from 5th Grade are being permitted to have their camping night during the week! This is because they are fulfilling a part of the PE and Science primary curriculum while they are away with participation in outdoor activities and scientific investigations into forces and habitats.

Careers Day
This coming Friday, March 8, we will have “Careers Day” in Upper Primary. Boys and girls will be able to come to the school with appropriate clothing of the different professions that exist and/or what they dream about being when they grow up.

All students of Upper Primary (2nd to 5th grade) are invited to participate. Don’t miss it!!

The cost to participate is US$1.00. The money will be used for the grades’ saving funds.

Bicultural Schools Arts Festival
The Bicultural Arts Festival brings together students from different schools to experience and produce Art (art, music, drama, dance, etc.)

We believe that students will have an enhanced experience by working together with students from other schools, as well as by participating in a festival which is put on combining the resources of the schools involved.

The Upper Primary is taking part in this great activity with the Choir and some Strings players. All students are working hard to put together a good repertoire of songs learning about the beauty of music and making new friends.

The Bicultural Festival Concert will take place on Saturday 9th of March in Teatro Presidente at 6:00 PM. Entrance is free!!

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 8th March: Pre-Kinder Cáceres Assembly 7.20 a. m. at the PACWednesday 13th March: First Grade Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.
Friday 15th March: Pre-Kinder Carbajal Assembly 7.20 a. m. at the PAC
Monday 18th March: Pre-Kinder Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.
Tuesday 19th March: Prepa Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.
Wednesday 20th March: Kinder Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.

Upper Primary
Friday 1st- Saturday 2nd March: 2nd grade camping night - Tuscania
Friday 1st: 4th Grade Maths workshop for parents
Wednesday 6th - Thursday 7th: 5th grade camping night - Portezuelo park, Juayua
Friday 8th: UP Career day
Monday 11th March: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.
Tuesday 12th March: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.
Wednesday 13th March: 4th Hernández Spanish Assembly, 11.55 at the PAC
Thursday 14th March: 4th Grade Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.
Friday 15th March: 5th Grade Swimming Gala 10.00 a. m.
Wednesday 20th March: 3rd Garcia Prieto Assembly, 9.10 a. m. at the PAC
Wednesday 20th March: 5th Molina Assembly, 11.55 a. m. at the PAC
Thursday 21st March: School for parents, 7:00am and 6:00pm, at the PAC

Secondary News

Bicultural Arts week is next week and will involve ABC students working with students from other bilingual schools on a range of artistic projects. If your son or daughter is involved please ensure you know where they need to be. There will be exhibitions and performances at the Teatro Presidente on Friday 8th March and Saturday 9th March which will be open to parents and we hope to see you there.

Please note on Tuesday Grade 6, 9 & 11 Cal 2 reports will be issued to students to bring home at 1.50 pm. Your son or daughter will have the original and a photocopy. Please sign and return the photocopy on Wednesday morning.

There is a very important Grade 8 IGCSE Information Evening on Tuesday starting in the PAC at 6pm. Grade 8 reports will be issued and there will be a discussion of IGCSE and IGCSE Options. Please note the 6 pm start

On Wednesday there is a Grade 7 Parent Partnership Meeting in the PAC at 6 pm. We hope all Grade 7 parents will come to this discussion about relevant issues.

Secondary dates for your diary
Lunes 4 de marzo: Semana del Festival Bicultural de Artes
Martes 5 de marzo: Entrega de Reportes de Cal 2 para 6º, 9º y 11º grados y a la 1.50 p.m. los alumnos se llevan los Reportes a casa
Martes 5 de marzo: Noche Informativa sobre el IGCSE para 8º grado, Entrega de Reportes y entrevistas de padres y maestros para hablar sobre el progreso y posibles opciones, 5:30 p.m. en el PAC
Miércoles 6 de marzo: Reunión de Padres en Sociedad para 7º grado
Lunes 11 de marzo: Semana del Cerebro y toma de fotos para los alumnos
Martes 12 de marzo: Reunión de Padres en Sociedad para 12º grado
Miércoles 13 de marzo: Sale de viaje el grupo de ”HACIA Democracy”. Reunión General para todos los Padres de la ABC
Jueves 14 de marzo: Inicio de los exámenes de Cal para 6º,7º y 8º grados
Jueves 21 de marzo: ‘Spring Formal’ del Consejo Estudiantil
Viernes 22 de marzo: Consejo Estudiantil Día sin el uniforme, último día del Segundo trimestre.

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