Friday, 15 March 2013

26: Friday 15th March 2013

Primary News

Sally Featherstone - Early Years Specialist
From the 18th - 22nd March we will have Sally Featherstone in Lower Primary working with staff. Sally has been a teacher, headteacher and local authority adviser, specialising in the early years and primary sectors. She now divides her time between training, consultancy and writing, and works throughout the UK and overseas. Her training covers a range of current issues, and she is particularly interested in promoting thinking skills, developing communication, gender, child-initiated learning, and assessment for planning. Among Sally’s many books are titles in the Little Books series, Catching Them at It, and with Ros Bayley, Independent Learning in the Foundation Stage, Smooth Transitions, Carrying on in Key Stage 1 and The Cleverness of Boys, and, with Nicola Call, The Thinking Child.

Characteristics of Effective Learning in the Foundation Stage
Parent Workshop led by Sally Featherstone on Wednesday 20th March 7.15am - 8.30am in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) - only with confirmation.

Swimming galas
Please check the dates below for Lower Primary swimming galas next week

Wednesday 20th March 
9.10 3rd Garcia Prieto
11.55 5th Molina

School for Parents
At 7am on Thursday 21st March our next school for parents session will cover the following issues:
  • What Authority is
  • How different types of authority influence a child's development positively and negatively.
  • Consequences of each type of authority
  • Basic tips on how to practice suitable authority skills
Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 18th March: Pre-Kinder Swimming Gala 10.00am
Tuesday 19th March: Prepa Swimming Gala 10.00am
Wednesday 20th March: Sally Featherstone Parent Workshop 7.15 - 8.30am
Wednesday 20th March: Kinder Swimming Gala 10.00am
Monday 25th March - Friday 5th April: Easter Holiday

Upper Primary
Wednesday 20th March: 3rd Garcia Prieto Assembly, 9.10am at the PAC
Wednesday 20th March: 5th Molina Assembly, 11.55am at the PAC
Thursday 21st March: School for parents, 7:00am, at the PAC

Secondary News

We have been celebrating Brain Week in secondary school this week and our message has been simple. Each of us has a hugely powerful brian capable of amazing feats but our brains need a number of things to grow to their full potential.
  1. Stimulation - our brains need to be challenged to think and to solve problems. They need exposing to information and ideas
  2. Sleep - our brains need sleep to process information and get ready for the next day. This should be a minimum of 8 hours a night for teenagers.
  3. Food and Water - our brains need good natural food and plenty of water in order to be at their best
  4. Physical Exercise - our brains benefit from physical exercise and sporting activities.
We want all our students to understand that their brains can develop and grow even more if they follow these basic guidelines

Our HACIA Democracy team return from Dominican Republic on Monday and we look forward to seeing them back after their conference. WE have had very encouraging reports from Mr. Quijano and Mr. Arnold who are with the team.

On Thursday we are supporting a local Down’s Syndrome charity with a Tshirt day and on Friday, the last day of term, the Student Council are sponsoring a Tshirt day.

Grade 10 and 12 students should be spending time studying and preparing for their forthcoming IGCSE and IB exams.

Secondary dates for your diary
Thursday 21st March: Jeans day with the Down Syndrome T-shirt campaign
Friday 22nd March: Student Council Non Uniform Day. Last day of term two.
Monday 8th April: First Day of Term Three

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