Friday, 6 September 2013

3: Friday 6th September 2013

From the Headmaster

The school reviews its philosophy and objectives regularly and will be doing so in preparation for our Five Year Accreditation Report with this questionnaire. The ABC’s philosophy and objectives are not dry and unused statements - we base all that we do at school on them. Do we have the right Vision? Is our Mission appropriate for preparing students for the 21st Century? Are the school’s Traits and Values institutionalised? How well are we doing in these areas?
Please help - we need your opinion. This questionnaire is just slightly longer than the usual one which we do each year but it is vital for us to be able to concentrate on doing the correct things.
Deadline: 7:00am on Monday 16th September 2013.

Primary News

Upper Primary Back to School nights
Our Lower Primary school Back to School Nights this week have been very well attended. 

We look forward to welcoming parents of Upper Primary pupils to school next week to meet the teachers and learn about the school day. After parents have met with the class teachers they are invited to share some refreshments, kindly organised by the Madres Enlaces, in the Jubilee Library. Specialist teachers will also be in school on these evenings so if you have any questions about PE, Music, Art, ICT or our LSU this is the time to ask.

Lower Primary Back to School Night attendance
Pre-Kinder 96%
Kinder 90%
Prepa 91%
Grade One 87%

Lower Primary Car Passes and Stickers
We are still selling PK, K and P car passes and stickers at $1 each.

Mobile phones
Although still early in the term, in UP we have already had incidents of children’s mobile phones being temporarily lost or mislaid. The primary school rule is that mobile phones should be handed in to the UP office when the children arrive at school and collected again at the end of the day. The children may not have mobile phones on them, or in classrooms, during the school day. Parents and children must be aware that, whilst we do our best to keep these safe, these phones (some of them VERY valuable) remain the responsibility of the children, some of whom are very young to have such a responsibility. We do have landline phones available for the children to use after school in the offices so please encourage your children to leave their mobile phones at home where they will be safe.

Trainers for PE
In the primary school we ask our pupils to wear predominantly white trainers for PE. We understand that it can be difficult to buy entirely white trainers but would ask you to do your best. The most important aspect of trainers is that they offer good support to the children’s feet and ankles and that they have a good, non marking sole. We do not want to encourage our children to view trainers as being a fashion item. 

Swimming and PE lessons
At the ABC we consider swimming and PE to be a very important part of our curriculum. Except in exceptional circumstances, and with a medical note, we expect all children who are in school to take an active part in these lessons. If your child is too ill to take part in their swimming or PE lessons then they should probably be at home resting and recovering rather than in school.

Extra curricula activities
Our extra curricula and team sports programmes are up and running with a very pleasing number of primary children involved in a wide range of activities. There were a few problems this week with some children and parents unsure as to which classes their children were registered for. We believe that this has all now been sorted out but do apologise for any misunderstandings. Patricia Zelaya our coordinator for extra curricula activities can be contacted via email or by phoning 2241 4408.

UP School Council
Congratulations to the children in UP who have been chosen to represent their classes in this year's School Council. The School Council will be led, this year, by Mr. Hall. Please follow their blog.

UP Tribal Chiefs
Further congratulations to this years Tribal Chiefs who are:
Incas Luciana Mollins and Gabriel Lara; 
Aztecs Alfredo Sánchez and María Loreto Paz; 
Pipiles Ariana Guirola and Sebastián Arce; 
Mayan María Isabel Canales and Martín Atanacio.

We look forward to a year of healthy tribal competition led by our eldest children in Primary.

5th Grade UK trip 2014
Just a reminder that the deadline for receiving applications for 5th Grade children wishing to go on the annual UK trip in June/July 2014 is Monday 9th September.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 13th September: Prepa Cáceres Spanish Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Monday 16th September: INSET Training day for staff - No school for children
Friday 27th September: 1st Fastiggi Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Wednesday 2nd October: Pre-Kinder Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Friday 4th October: 1st Quintanilla Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Tuesday 8th October: Kinder Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Thursday 10th October: Prepa Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Friday 11th October: 1st Vásquez Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 18th October: Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Monday 21st - Friday 25th October: Half term break
Wednesday 30th October: 1st Grade Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Friday 8th November: 1st Aguirre Assembly 7:20am in the PAC

Upper Primary
Monday 9th September: 2nd and 3rd grade back to School night, from 6pm to 8pm at the PAC
Wednesday 11th September: 4th and 5th grade back to School night, from 6pm to 8pm at the PAC
Friday 30th September - Friday 11th October: UP teachers meet all UP parents

Secondary News

Student Council
We have had Student Council elections this week and as a result we have a new team of students working to ensure the student voice is heard. Congratulations to all who have been elected and we all look forward to working with them.

Independence Day
We will be celebrating the forthcoming Independence Day next week through assemblies and classes as well as with a Secondary Assembly on Friday. Please note we are not having our normal afternoon party due to the work taking place on the basketball courts which we hope to be complete by the end of the month. We will be holding our Independence Party on Tuesday 5th November which is the anniversary of the first shout for independence in El Salvador in 1811.

Dangers of Pornography
We have become aware this last week of a number of instances of our students viewing pornography in the privacy of their home and the effect it has had on them. I would like to remind all parents that it is sensible to have protective software to stop young children from being exposed to pornography either by accident or intentionally. We have also had some instances of students obtaining photographs or videos of other students of an inappropriate nature and we are making an urgent call for all parents to check the cell phones, laptops, computers or other mobile devices to ensure there are no inappropriate videos or pictures in your child’s devices. I know this is potentially distressing but it is important we all work together to ensure our young people are safe from pornography and understand the possible consequences of such offensive pictures. We work with our students in school on being respectful and making smart choices but we need parents to help ensure their safety in this area as well. If you feel you need help from school checking a device then please feel free to contact school and we will try to help. We will talk about this more at the coming Know Your School meetings.

Extra Curricular and Team Sports events started this week and we are hoping to see high levels of attendance over the coming week as well.

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 13th September: ABC Independence Day celebrations
Monday 16th September: School closed for INSET
Tuesday 1st October: Grade 6 Know Your school and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Thursday 3rd October: Grade 7/8 Know Your school and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Monday 7th October: Grade 11/12 Know Your school & Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Wed 9th October: Grade 9/10 Know Your school &Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC

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