Friday, 13 September 2013

4: Friday 13th September 2013

From the Headmaster

The school reviews its philosophy and objectives regularly and will be doing so in preparation for our Five Year Accreditation Report with this questionnaire. The ABC’s philosophy and objectives are not dry and unused statements - we base all that we do at school on them. Do we have the right Vision? Is our Mission appropriate for preparing students for the 21st Century? Are the school’s Traits and Values institutionalised? How well are we doing in these areas?
Please help - we need your opinion. This questionnaire is just slightly longer than the usual one which we do each year but it is vital for us to be able to concentrate on doing the correct things.
Deadline: 7:00am on Monday 16th September 2013.

Primary News

If you love me keep me safe
We are delighted to see the vastly increased number of seat belts, booster seats and car seats being used properly. However, we’d like to remind some parents that it is not sufficient to strap your child into one of the back seats without using the proper booster/car seat (according to their height). Some parents are attaching the seat belt and tucking the shoulder restraint behind their child’s back. This is not advisable.

Additionally, nothing worth having comes easily. It takes more time to remove the belts and take the children out of the cars in the morning as well as taking more time to strap them in properly in the afternoons. Thank you all for being so patient.

UP Back to School Nights
Again we were very impressed with the support from parents at this week’s Back to School Nights and would like to thank all of those parents who came along to find out more about their children’s school lives and our expectations. Thanks too, to the Madre Enlace in UP who supplied refreshments for parents to enjoy after the classroom presentations and gave parents and staff an enjoyable opportunity to mix.

Upper Primary Back to School Night attendance
2nd Grade 91%
3rd Grade 92%
4th Grade 81%
5th Grade 79%

McLay Fun Run/Peace One Day
On Friday 20th September we will be celebrating two events simultaneously. All primary children will be taking part in the McLay fun run and running laps of the school field. This event takes place annually to remind us of Mr McLay a previous Head of Primary who enjoyed running and encouraged to children to keep fit and healthy. The children all pay a small amount of money to take part and the funds raised are used to help equip local schools with sporting equipment.

On the same day we will also be celebrating Peace One Day and spending time talking to our children about conflict and how to deal with it. The emphasis for our young children is on establishing and maintaining peace at home and at school. You will already have received a letter about the Peace One Day T shirts for this year. The deadline for sending in money for these is today - Friday 13th September.

Children who purchase a Peace One Day T-shirt will be able to wear these (with their PE shorts) for the McLay Fun Run. Children who do not have one of these special shirts will wear their normal PE kit.

Inset Day
Monday 16th September is a training day for staff. No children should be in school on that day.

School for parents
Lower primary parents are invited to attend a lecture at 7am on Wednesday 18th September in the PAC. A brief outline of the contents of the lecture is below.

Goodbye to tantrums: Tantrums occur for different reasons. Children express their frustration through them but healthy strategies should be taught for expressing their feelings. In this lecture, parents will learn tips on how to teach self control and autonomy to their children and how to establish limits (boundaries) so tantrums are less common.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 16th September: INSET Training day for staff - No school for children
Friday 20th September: 1º Quintanilla Spanish Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 27th September: 1st Fastiggi Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Wednesday 2nd October: Pre-Kinder Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Friday 4th October: 1st Quintanilla Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Tuesday 8th October: Kinder Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Thursday 10th October: Prepa Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Friday 11th October: 1st Vásquez Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 18th October: Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 18th October: UN Day
Monday 21st - Friday 25th October: Half term break
Wednesday 30th October: 1st Grade Curriculum Night 6:00pm in the PAC
Friday 8th November: 1st Aguirre Assembly 7:20am in the PAC

Upper Primary
Friday 30th September - Friday 11th October: UP teachers meet all UP parents

Secondary News

Libertad, Union, Dios
We hope you all have time to discuss and enjoy the coming Independence Day celebration on Sunday. We have been celebrating the upcoming event in school with assemblies and Life Skills classes and have been working on our students understanding their own freedoms and independence and ensuring that they remain free, true to their aspirations and making their own independent choices. Within their own freedom and independence their education is key and we feel this education is also key to the growth and success of this nation. As George Washington Carver who was born as a slave said “Education is the key that unlocks the golden door of freedom”. As we have pointed out to our students El Salvador was one of the first countries to abolish slavery in 1824.

As you will be aware we are vigilant about confidentiality in school and we will not discuss your son or daughter with other parents and equally we will not discuss other students with you other than where it has an impact on your son or daughter. In school we always seek to act fairly and decisively in the very best interests of each of our students and of the whole student community. If there are occasions where you hear rumours that school is doing something which does not sound right or does not meet your understanding of the school then it is very likely that the rumour is either false or you do not have the whole story. We need your continued trust and support to work effectively with all our students and we need the partnership between you and us to continue to be strong and mutually supporting. 

Field and Basketball Courts
Our new courts are coming on and soon we will be able to use them again. In the meantime most PE classes are using the field and it can be muddy. Team Sports are continuing after school but again the main location is the field. Please continue to encourage your youngsters to participate in these activities while we wait for the new courts. This year we have postponed our independence day school party until November 5th which is also a very significant day in the El Salvador independence.

Peace One Day
This will be celebrated on Friday next week and a big thank you to Esteban Cabrera our Student Council President and his Student Executive team for the work they have put in and thank you to all parents who have supported our youngsters by purchasing a T shirt for the day. We think Peace One Day fits very well into our Independence month celebrations.

Please remember we are closed on Monday for students as we are undertaking some INSET training to do with CIS and our accreditation.

Know Your School evenings are coming up and we are hoping for 100% attendance! Please make a note in your diary

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 16th September: School closed for INSET
Tuesday 1st October: Grade 6 Know Your school and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Thursday 3rd October: Grade 7/8 Know Your school and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Monday 7th October: Grade 11/12 Know Your school & Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Wed 9th October: Grade 9/10 Know Your school &Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC

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