Friday, 1 November 2013

10: Friday 1st November 2013

From the Headmaster

“Obras en la Panamericana”: Communication #3 (Friday 1st November, 2013)
There has been an improved traffic flow at drop-off and pick-up times around the schools. The Liceo Frances has been on vacation this week and this has eased the pressure somewhat. Additionally, the closure of the Panamericana up to the “El Trebol” petrol station has reduced the non-school traffic making it much easier to travel on Calle El Carmen and 17th avenue.

Training: the traffic staff have been trained by the PNC. With two days of theory and practice in the classroom and on the streets, the traffic staff of the ABC and the Liceo Frances have undergone a thorough course in order to standardise the way we deal with traffic around our schools.

Latest information that we have from the project engineers:
On Monday 4th of November (or shortly after) the Panamericana will be closed from El Trebol up to Finca El Carmen. This means that there will be no access to the ABC or the Liceo Frances coming along the Panamericana from San Salvador. It will still be possible to use some u-turns coming along the Panamericana in the opposite direction. Please use the access provided by avenida El Boqueron and the SISA slip road. It will still be possible to travel along the Panamericana in front of the ABC.
Coffee with the Headmaster and Board Chair 
Parents are cordially invited on THURSDAY 7th NOVEMBER at 7:10 to 8am. In order to plan properly for parking, space and catering reasons, please let us know by Tuesday 5th of November that you are coming, using this simple form.

Date for your diary - Friday 13th December
Due to construction work, we are unable to have our usual Guy Fawkes event. However, we shall be having a Grand Christmas Fair on Friday 13th December. In addition to delicious food and drink by our Madres Enlace, fireworks, entertainment, the bazaar in the auditorium and a special Friday 13th Student Council event, we shall be inaugurating the new Cafeteria building. Don’t miss this great ABC community event.

Primary News

UP Maths Workshops
Maths workshops for parents will be taking place in Upper Primary on the week of the 11th of November, all Grades will be covering basic operations in response to all the requests from the parents survey.

These workshops aim to help parents understand how children learn different strategies to solve basic operations. Please feel welcome to participate. Check the school calendar for days and times for each grade!

Next Friday 8th November 3rd Grade will host a Salvadoran Bake sale for all children in UP. A letter of invitation, including menu, went out this week. Choices can be guaranteed by sending money before Wednesday and children will be able to pay on the day also.

On Wednesday 6th November at 7.10am at the PAC we will have a Escuela para Padres specifically for you called: “30 most frequently asked questions that parents have about addictions”, which is mandatory for both parents because it is necessary to prepare for and facilitate greater dialogue at home between the students and their parents. This session will be presented by Lic. Jaime Zablah, external consultant of this school, who has extensive knowledge on the subject. Our 5th grade teachers, learning assistants and Learning Support Unit staff will attend this session, they will be the ones in charge of developing the subject together with the teachers.

On Wednesday 20th November at 7am we will be hosting a School for Parents, entitled Web Influence. We will cover a range of current issues related to technology and the safety of your children. As well as information we will be giving you practical advice on how to keep your family safe. Please make space in your diary for this important event. 

We would like to remind you that your child's attendance directly affects their academic performance. Whilst we understand that there will be certain occasions when it will be necessary for children to be absent, we expect parents to make every reasonable effort to make appointments after the school day has finished. We do not expect children to be absent for family events or celebrations as these should also be scheduled appropriately. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support with this.

Please support our, “If you love me, keep me safe campaign”. In this week’s assembly as many as 50 children indicated they had travelled to school not wearing a seatbelt. Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about 50%. The decision should be simple!

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 8th November: 1st Aguirre Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 22th November: Prepa Cáceres Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 29th November: Prepa Monks Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 6th December: Prepa Pashley Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 13th December: LP Reports go home
Wednesday 18th December: LP Christmas shows
Friday 20th December: Last day of school - children leave at 11am

Upper Primary
Wednesday 6th November: School for parents, 5th grade. At 7.10 am in the PAC
Wednesday 6th November: 2nd grade Spanish Assembly, 9.10 am in the PAC
Wednesday 6th November: 5th grade Spanish Assembly, 11.55 am in the PAC
Friday 8th November: UP Salvadorian Bake Sale
Monday 11th November: Maths workshop for parents of 5th Grade
Tuesday 12th November: Maths workshop for parents of 3rd Grade
Thursday 14th November: Maths workshop for parents of 2nd Grade
Friday 15th November: Maths workshop for parents of 4th Grade
Thursday 14th - Friday 15th: 3rd Grade camping
Wednesday 20th November: 2nd Mena Assembly, 9.10am in the PAC
Wednesday 20th November: 5th Linares Assembly, 11.55am in the PAC
Wednesday 20th November: School for UP parents. At 7.10 am in the PAC
Wednesday 27th November: CAL 1 Goes Home
Thursday 28th- Saturday 30th: 5th grade Camping

Secondary News

International Award Trip
The Silver award trip is not taking place this weekend for a variety of reasons. This will now take place later this term.

Book Week
Next week we will be celebrating books in our Book Week. This will include a Book non uniform day on Wednesday for Grade 6-8 to coincide with their Book Week assembly. We are asking students to dress simply in non uniform or as a character from a book but they must also bring something with them which relates to the book they have chosen - either an item or a quote from the book. At the assembly we will be sharing book reviews. We would also like to invite any parents who would like to join us to share a book they have read to contact Mr. keslake. It will of course need to be suitable for the ages. 

Wednesday 6th November: Grade 6-8 Book assembly at 10 am
Thursday 14th November: Grade 9-12 Book assembly at 10.45 am

Secondary Trips
The first of our Class trips go out next week. Grade 6 are going to Cardedeu, Lake Coatepeque on Thursday. They will be leaving at 7 am and returning at 4pm. We would like to request that you please arrange to collect them as soon as they return to school. We will try to keep you posted of any changes to timings on the day of they occur. Grade 7 are going on an overnight trip to Portezuelo, Juayua - leaving 7.00 am on Friday and returning 11.00 am Saturday. Please note full details of these activities are on the relevant Classblogs. The aim of these trips is to promote class unity and we really hope that all students will be able to attend.

University Visits next week
Universidad Anahuac, Mexico is visiting on Monday at 2 pm in the LRC and Michigan State University and Hope College, Michigan will be visiting at 2 pm on Tuesday in the PAC. Parents are welcome to come along with their son or daughter.

Mobile Phones before and during school hours
Please note students are not permitted to have their mobile phones turned on before school or during school hours. If they need to make a call during school hours they are allowed to make a call from the school office.

Handball intertribal events are taking place next week 

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 4th November: Book week
Wednesday 6th November: Knowledge Bowl tournament
Thursday 7th November: Grade 6 Day trip to Cardedeu
Friday 8th November: Grade 7 Overnight trip to Portezuelo
Monday 11th November: British Fortnight
Thursday 14th November: Grade 8 Day trip to Cardedeu
Friday 15th November: Grade 9 Overnight trip to Portezuelo
Saturday 16th November: Grade 6 and Grade 7 Empowerment Morning
Thursday 21st November: Grade 10 Day trip to Cardedeu
Saturday 23rd November: International award Bronze trip
Thursday 5th December: Grade 10 and 12 Parent Partnership and Parent Teacher meetings. Cal 1 reports issued.
Friday 6th December: Grade 11 Overnight trip to Portezuelo
Saturday 7th December: Grade 8 and Grade 9 Empowerment morning
Friday 13th December: International Award Silver trip
Tuesday 17th December: Grade 6 and 8 parent Partnership meeting. Cal 1 reports issued
Friday 20th December: Last day of term. Grade 7, 9 and 11 Cal 1 reports issued

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