Friday, 15 November 2013

12: Friday 15th November 2013

From the Headmaster

“Obras en la Panamericana”: Communication #4 (Friday 15th November, 2013)
Thank you for keeping up to date with the information about the works on the Panamericana carriageway. You will know that the reality is often different to the dates provided to us, but they serve as a guide to what is happening. The project engineer tells us that there are two reasons for this: firstly, it depends upon what they find with large holes and leaks being the main hold up; secondly, they are working very much on a trial-and-error basis, changing routes and dates to try to improve the traffic flow.

Closure: the moment of the closure of the Panamericana in front of the ABC is very close. The project engineer informs us that this is likely from Wednesday 20th of November or shortly after. This will mean that all access by car to the Liceo Frances and the Administration Entrance of the ABC will be via the Plaza Merliot traffic lights, 17th avenue, Calle El Carmen, and then 19th avenue. The Main Entrance of the ABC can be accessed via Calle El Boqueron and the road parallel to the Panamericana that goes by SISA. Note that these routes are for arriving AND leaving. The engineer informs us that they will NOT be able to leave the “ventana” between Biggest and Burger King open once they start work in front of the ABC.

We shall observe the development of this final closure and we have some contingency plans that we may activate, but please consider your route to the schools carefully and be alert to changes. The ABC Facebook page is used for any urgent traffic announcements:

Important Date Change
Please note that the ABC Christmas Fair will take place on Thursday 12th of December in order to accommodate events at the Liceo Frances (and thus avoid heavy traffic problems).

Would you like to order a table to sell things at the Christmas Bazaar in the Auditorium? Contact Marta Vásquez <> or Lucila Gonzalez <>.

Primary News

School for Parents - Web Influence - Wednesday 20th November - 7am in the PAC
Parents who have children in Grades 1 to 5 are invited to come along to a special School for Parents to learn more about keeping their children safe online. Digital technology is as important in your children’s lives as reading and writing and it is vital that we all understand how to keep children as safe in the digital world as we do in the real world. A team of ABC staff including Chris Hall the Deputy Head of UP, LSU staff, Will Fastiggi our ICT coordinator and Fernando Montes the school’s Systems Manager will talk you through and give practical advice to help you to ensure your children’s online safety. Parent’s are welcome to bring their own digital devices if they would like some help from our ICT technicians to set up web filters to help them to control and supervise their children’s online activity.

Maths relays
Maths is a challenging area for children and requires their understanding of maths concepts, processes and skills. One of the most important things we can do to make maths learning successful is to make it fun and meaningful for the children. The more meaningful the activity is the more likely it is that children will grasp and understand the different mathematical concepts. Next week in Upper Primary we will be having our Maths relays which, through exercise and excitement, help our children to practice and reinforce some of the areas studied in maths during CAL 1. Maths relays are done in Tribes which adds a healthy element of competition! Please ask your children about this activity and encourage them share their learning with you.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 22nd November: Prepa Cáceres Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 29th November: Prepa Monks Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 6th December: Prepa Pashley Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 13th December: LP Reports go home
Wednesday 18th December: LP Christmas shows
Friday 20th December: Last day of school - children leave at 11am

Upper Primary
Thursday 14th - Friday 15th: 3rd Grade camping
Wednesday 20th November: 2nd Mena Assembly, 9.10am in the PAC
Wednesday 20th November: 5th Linares Assembly, 11.55am in the PAC
Wednesday 20th November: School for UP parents. At 7.10 am in the PAC
Wednesday 27th November: CAL 1 Goes Home
Thursday 28th- Saturday 30th: 5th grade Camping

Secondary News

British Fortnight
We continue with British Fortnight next week and we are asking all our students to think about events which happened in British history. There are 21 dates - 10 of them we have announced with short clues so far and the rest will be issued through Vista next week. You might see how you can do on the ones we have so far, feel free to discuss them with your son or daughter.

A significant event in 1066 
A battle in 1805
Sporting success in 1966 
Started in 1914
Caught in 1605
Battle in 1485 
Began in 1953 and still going strong!
Abolished in 1833
Signed in 1215 
Won in the skies in 1941

Grade 10 Day trip to Cardedeu leaves on Thursday at 7am

Thank you to all the parents who have supported the class trips over the last few weeks. On the whole they have been excellent in terms of building group relationships and teamwork.

Grade 6-8 ABC Internal Mathcounts takes place on Tuesday at 2 pm to help choose our teams for the forthcoming Central American competition.

Grade 6 and 7 have Prefect led Empowerment events tomorrow (Saturday), Grade 6 should be at school at 7.45 and Grade 7 at 10.15. Please check the class blogs for more details.

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 15th November: Grade 9 Overnight trip to Portezuelo
Saturday 16th November: Grade 6 and Grade 7 Empowerment Morning
Tuesday 19th November: ABC Internal Mathcounts
Thursday 21st November: Grade 10 Day trip to Cardedeu
Saturday 23rd November: International award Bronze trip
Thursday 5th December: Grade 10 and 12 Parent Partnership and Parent Teacher meetings. Cal 1 reports issued.
Friday 6th December: Grade 11 Overnight trip to Portezuelo
Saturday 7th December: Grade 8 and Grade 9 Empowerment morning
Friday 13th December: International Award Silver trip
Tuesday 17th December: Grade 6 and 8 parent Partnership meeting. Cal 1 reports issued
Friday 20th December: Last day of term. Grade 7, 9 and 11 Cal 1 reports issued

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