Friday, 29 November 2013

14: Friday 29th November 2013

From the Headmaster

Progress report on the construction work at school
Thank you for the patience shown by our school community during the construction of the Cafeteria building. Here is some information about this and other projects:
  • We expect to receive the Cafeteria building from the builders Lopez-Hurtado Ingenieros-Arquitectos, on Monday. They have done a tremendous job and our community will be able to view the building during the Christmas Fair on Thursday 12th of December.
  • The two refurbished science laboratories are in full use in the Secondary school.
  • The two French classrooms are well settled in to the “Auditorium Tower”.
  • The building of four spaces for classrooms in the LRC will be carried out during the Christmas break.
  • Many of the Drama and Dance classes will now be given in “The Studio”, the new multipurpose space of the Cafeteria building.
  • The PE and Team Sports staff will be moving into their new offices very soon - these are spacious and are central to the sports facilities at the ABC, providing better supervision.
  • The Facilities Subcommittee of the Board has been working on the plans for improvement of the Maintenance area, the emergency car park and the access to this via our own main entrance. The process does take time since the school follows all requirements from the various authorising bodies very carefully.
  • The construction projects have generated quite a bit of re-usable materials which we are storing in the emergency car park area - apologies for the unsightly area but we want to recycle as much as possible.

Influenza vaccination - second and final call!
The ABC has offered the influenza vaccination with the help of the unit in Santa Tecla, the last time being in May 2012. This year we are informed that there are no influenza vaccinations available through the Ministry of Health, so we have obtained an alternative source. The cost of this is $14 including IVA.

If you wish your child to be vaccinated, please register your interest HERE so that you can receive a permission form - this form will be sent with your child for your signature.

Primary News

UP Achievement Assemblies
Next week we will be holding our first achievement assemblies of the school year. In these assemblies will will be celebrating the achievements of our children in UP who have made a significant effort in different areas of the curriculum in order to achieve their best. We are also identifying those children who are learning to persist, even when the work is challenging. To be resilient, bounce back if you get something wrong or find something tricky and keep trying. To learn from their mistakes - mistakes are a great way of learning, don’t give up! Try, try and try again. ( Thank you to 1st Monks for emphasising this point in therir assembly this morning!)

We will be celebrating the academic achievement of those children who have attained a high Cal grade this Cal but also awarding our ROCs. Children that have been identified by staff as being excellent role models for their peers in all areas of school life and the responsible and outstanding citizens of the future. 

By invitation only:
Grades 2 and 3 09.10am Wednesday 4th December
Grades 4 and 5 11.55am Wednesday 4th December

Helping our children to develop independence is one of the most important things that we do in the primary school. All primary aged children should be able to come into school by themselves carrying their own bags, even if they are going camping! Please help us to help your children develop this very important life skill, leave them at the school gates. We will look after them. Thank you.

Christmas Grams
Christmas Grams will be sold to help the Spring Scholarship recipients. They cost $2.00 and starts Monday December 2nd. They will be sold in the Jubilee Library.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 6th December: Prepa Pashley Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 13th December: LP Reports go home
Wednesday 18th December: LP Christmas shows
Friday 20th December: Last day of school - children leave at 11am - no Play Room

Upper Primary
Wednesday 4th December: CAL 1 Achievement Assembly, 2nd and 3rd grade 9.10 in the PAC
Wednesday 4th December: CAL 1 Achievement Assembly, 4th and 5th grade 11.55 in the PAC
Wednesday 18th December: UP Christmas fair
Friday 20th December: Last day of school 

Secondary News

Healthy Meals
The building housing the new Cafeteria will be inaugurated at the Christmas Fair on Thursday 12th December. The Student Council is asking students in school for ideas for healthy meals and we hope to see many more children eating healthy hot meals at school.

Parent Partnership
We have very important pre mock Parent Teacher Meetings next Thursday for Grade 10 and Grade 12. Please make sure you are there to discuss ideas for preparing for the forthcoming mock exams

Next week is HIV/AIDS Awareness week and as part of the week we want to help our students understand two issues. The importance not to discriminate against people because they are HIV positive and secondly for our older students that they understand how to remain HIV negative. 

Grade 8 (Class 2018) and Grade 9 (Class 2017) have Prefect led Empowerment Events on Saturday 7th December. Grade 8 will be from 8-10 and and Grade 9 from 10.30 -12.30. Please ensure your son or daughter arrives early. We suggest 7.45 for Grade 8 and 10.15 for Grade 9.

Peace One Day
Last week the Student Council donated $400 from the money they raised through Peace One Day to Sana mi Corazon who work with unwell children. Members of the Executive can be seen handing over their donation in this photograph

Secondary dates for your diary
Thursday 5th December: Grade 10 and 12 Parent Partnership and Parent Teacher meetings. Cal 1 reports issued.
Friday 6th December: Grade 11 Overnight trip to Portezuelo
Saturday 7th December: Grade 8 and Grade 9 Empowerment morning
Thursday 12th December: ABC Christmas Fair from 5 to 9pm
Friday 13th December: International Award Silver trip
Tuesday 17th December: Grade 6 and 8 parent Partnership meeting. Cal 1 reports issued
Friday 20th December: Last day of term. Grade 7, 9 and 11 Cal 1 reports issued

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