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17: Friday 20th December 2013

Primary News

We have reached the end of a long and very busy term. The children have worked hard and played hard. They have acquired a great deal of knowledge, which we hope they have shared with you, and developed skills and understanding that allow them to become curious, independent and responsible learners. We are proud of the progress that they have made.

We hope that you all have a good Christmas with family and friends and look forward to welcoming all the children back in school at 7a.m on Monday 13th January.

Santa’s Festival & Lower Primary Shows
A big thank you to all who attended this wonderful festive evening that was clearly enjoyed by children, parents and staff. Whilst having fun you also raised $3600 toward ABC’s Scholarship Fund, this helps us to provide scholarships for the families of our maintenance staff. Thank you.

Just a few reminders :

If you are planning on buying your children trainers for PE over the holidays please remember that the rule in primary is that they should be predominantly white and supportive of the foot and ankle. It is important to us that trainers are viewed as a part of the equipment necessary for exercising well and safely rather than as a fashion accessory.

The holidays are a perfect time for parents of boys to make sure that the hair is of the correct length for school and we hope that all of our boys will return to school in January looking smart. Please remember that the school rules say that boys hair should be off their collars, short over their ears and off their faces.

I would prefer that the children did not wear jewellery to school at all, however, the school rules do say that children are permitted to wear one bracelet ( worn close to the skin so as not to be dangerous, small stud earrings ( girls) and a necklace. Please be responsible for ensuring that these expectations are met by your child and be conscious of the safety aspects of wearing jewellery for PE and playtimes.

As of January children in primary will not be permitted to bring Smartphones to school. We see no reason for primary aged children to need these during the school day. If you feel that your child really must have a phone please send them with a basic model which will be adequate for phoning or texting home if necessary. These will still have to be handed in at the UP office in the mornings. Don’t forget that we have a number of landline phones in school for children to use in an emergency. Children may not bring iPads, iPods or other electronic devices to school.

Prospective Parents Evening
On Thursday 16th January we look forward to welcoming to school parents who wish their children to become a member of the ABC graduating class of 2029! Interested parents attending this meeting will find out more about the programmes used in our Pre Kinder and Kinder classes and will hear, from teachers, about the day to day lives of children in the Foundation Stage of our school; their learning and their development. Evaluation days for Pre Kinder entrants will be Saturday 1st and Saturday 8th February.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 20th December: Last day of school - children leave at 11am - no Play Room

Upper Primary
Friday 20th December: Last day of school - children leave at 11.30am - no Pass Club

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