Friday, 31 January 2014

20: Friday 31st January 2014

Primary News

2nd Grade Camping Night
Next week 2nd Graders will be having their camping night. Lots of different activities are being organized for this special event! We have related this exciting experience with our IPC topic, Chocolate.

Amongst other activities 2nd Grade children will have the opportunity to prepare Brazilian Chocolate sweets- Brigadeiros. Mrs Reis, a mother from our 2nd grade class, will come and work with children and teachers on this learning experience.

School for Parents 7.10am Thursday 6th February
*What is Character? Can we change it? 
*The qualities of character develop through family, school and community influences, and the child's individual temperament, experiences, and choices. 
*What can parents do to encourage their child's development of the qualities of good character? 
*Parents who exhibit the qualities of good character powerfully transmit their values by modeling the choices and actions that are essential to being a person of good character. 
*How do our children know this? They see it in our everyday actions and choices. 
*How to make an action plan?

PK Evaluation mornings
Evaluations for children entering our Pre Kinder classes in August of this year will be on Saturday 1st and Saturday 8th February. Please contact Estefania Chacon if you have any questions.

1st Grade trip
As part of the 1st Grade IPC unit "It's Shocking!" the children will go on a field trip to visit the Central Geotermica. 
Wednesday 5th February First Vásquez and First Quintanilla
Thursday 6th February First Aguirre and First Fastiggi

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Tuesday 4th February: Kinder Frances & Kinder Rampone, trip to Ice Age (Animatronics) Multiplaza, 8:30am - 12:00pm
Wednesday 5th February: Kinder Suarez & Kinder Lima, trip to Ice Age (Animatronics) Multiplaza, 8:30am - 12:00pm
Wednesday 5th February: 1st Vasquez & 1st Quintanilla, trip to Central Geotermica, Ahuachapan, 7:30am - 2:00pm
Thursday 6th February: 1st Fastiggi & 1st Aguirre, trip to Central Geotermica, Ahuachapan, 7:30am - 2:00pm
Thursday 6th February: Pre Kinder, trip to Ice Age (Animatronics) Multiplaza, 8:00am - 12:00pm
Friday 7th February: Kinder Rampone Assembly - 7:20am, PAC
Monday 10th - Friday 14th February: Internet safety week
Thursday 13th February: Reading & Maths Workshops for 1st grade - 7:00 - 8:00am, PAC
Friday 14th February: Kinder Frances Assembly - 7:20am, PAC
Thursday 20th February: Inset training day for Teachers, no school for students
Friday 21st and Monday 24th February: Half term, no school for students
Friday 28th February: Music Assembly - 7:20am, PAC

Upper Primary
Monday 3rd to Friday 14th: UP Valentine Grams week
Wednesday 5th February: 3rd Navas Assembly - 9:10am PAC
Wednesday 5th February: 5th Truscott Assembly - 11:55am PAC
Thursday 6th February: School for UP parents, in the PAC at 7.00am
Friday 7th - Saturday 8th February: 2nd grade Camping Night in the ABC Campus
Wednesday 19th February: 3rd Spanish Assembly, at 9.10 in the PAC
Wednesday 19th February: 4th Spanish Assembly, at 11.55 in the PAC
Thursday 20th February: INSET Day, no School
Friday 21st - Monday 24th February: HALF TERM, No School

Secondary News

We are busy with Parent Teacher meetings at the moment. We do hope all parents will be able to attend and will take the time to discuss any issues, concerns, progress and plans with teachers. Each evening also starts with a talk about issues relating to the Grade and we really would like you to join us for these. On Tuesday we have Grade 6 and Grade 7 and on Thursday Grade 8 when we will also be discussing IGCSE Options choices.

Electronic Cigarettes
Recently we have become aware that some students have had access to electronic cigarettes which they have bought from shops in the city. Please be aware these are potentially as addictive as real cigarettes and are most certainly banned from school. It can be difficult to identify them because they look like pens.

Grade 9 and 11 Exams are now one week away. 
Students know that revision and preparation are necessary

Grade 7 and 8 Exams start at the end of February. Students should be getting ready!

Temporary Prefects
The Class 2014 are involved in their Mock Exams and the Class 2015 are acting prefects and will be doing so for the next few weeks until we choose a new prefect team. Please do your best to ensure you cooperate with them in the mornings and help them do their job to the best of their abilities. In particular we do ask that drivers drive slowly through the car park areas in the morning when dropping students off and in the afternoon when collecting them.

University Visits
Mercyhurst University is visiting school on Monday and Fairleigh Dickinson on Thursday at lunchtimes to talk about their programmes with interested students. Please encourage your son or daughter to come along.

Bicultural Leadership Conference is Friday and Saturday next week. Students who have signed up will be attending on both days and will go straight to the activity at ESEN on Friday morning.

Secondary dates for your diary
Tuesday 4th February: Grade 6 and 7 Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Thursday 6th February: Grade 8 IGCSE Information and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Friday 7th February: Leadership Conference
Saturday 8th February: Leadership Conference
Monday 10th February: Grade 9 and 11 Exams start. Internet Safety Week
Thursday 20th February: INSET for teachers, no school for students
Friday 21st February: Half Term holiday
Monday 24th February: Half Term holiday
Wednesday 26th February: Grade 12 Parent Partnership Meeting, reports issued 5.30pm PAC
Thursday 27th February: Grade 10 IB Information and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC

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