Friday, 28 February 2014

24: Friday 28th February 2014

Primary News

Spring Fair
Our traditional Primary Spring Fair will take place this Saturday, 1st March and, as you might recall, this is a morning full of activities, joy and enthusiasm, which brings many benefits to our students and community.

The main goal of the event is that this is an educational activity, where we give our pupils a taste of the business world, as they will be in charge of: planning, making decisions, preparing the materials needed, estimating how many items they need to sell, predicting their income, counting money and learning how to treat their customers. Children will have fun with an educational activity they will practice along with their family. As this is an extension of our classroom curriculum, we do state that all Primary students must attend this special event. Besides, all the proceeds from this school activity go to our Spring Fair Scholarship Fund, which to date has benefited more than 60 families of our maintenance, landscaping and security employees.

World Maths Day
Next Thursday, 6th of March, we will be celebrating World Maths Day in Primary from Prepa all the way through to 5th Grade. During this day everything that happens inside and outside the classrooms will be related to Maths –from English lessons to Music lessons, even passing through Art and Swimming! For this, we have planned different maths activities that will be linked to all these subjects. This is an excellent opportunity to show children that Maths is everywhere! We have invited parents from different grades to come to help us and participate in our lessons to experience how much fun our children can have with Maths!

Please encourage your child to talk about this day at home and let you know the things they learnt through these experiences.

UP reports
Cal 2 reports for children in UP will be sent home with the children on Friday 7th March. Please take the time to sit with your child to discuss the targets set for them and their teachers comments on their approach to learning. There should be no surprises in these reports; class teachers should already have met parents about whose children they have any concerns. However, if there is anything in your child’s report which you do not understand or would like to discuss further please make an appointment to meet the relevant class or specialist teacher.

The World Cup at the ABC
Over the next few week every child in the primary school will be learning about the World Cup 2014 through our IPC units (Going for Goal, All in one rhythm, Football Fever) On the 10th of March the PE department will be raffling the countries that each class will represent during the three weeks of learning from these units. During these units children will be learning about the host country, Brazil and they will investigate the countries taking part. The children will be considering the organisational problems and financial impact of hosting such an event and will be developing and practising their football skills and their understanding of the game in PE. Our Exit Point will take place on the 4th of April. We are planning to have a full day of football tournaments and other exciting activities, which will again include all primary children. We will also be inviting special guests such as, Pajarito Huezo (one of our Salvadorean famous football players) and Carlos Mendez president of the Salvadorean Football Federation to come to share some of the activities with us.. 

Throughout the World Cup units the children will learn that we must respect, support and work with one another, no matter who we are or where we come from. Together we can achieve our goals.

Please talk to your children about this event and support them in their learning.

Healthy Eating Logo- Student Competition
Can you create a logo to go alongside that of our school? We are looking for an eye catching and memorable logo and phrase that communicates ABC’s dedication toward living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food. The winning entry will become part of our school brand and be physically displayed in the school canteen, included on the school website and used in our school literature. Entries on a single side of letter sized blank paper to be handed into teachers by March 31st. Have fun and be creative!

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Saturday 1st March: Spring Fair - 9:00am - 1:00pm
Friday 7th March: Pre Kinder Cáceres Assembly - 7:20pm - PAC
Friday 14th March: Pre Kinder Siri Assembly - 7:20am - PAC
Monday 17th - Friday 21st March: IB ART Exhibition - PAC
Friday 21st March: Pre Kinder Flores Assembly - 7:20am - PAC
Monday 24th March: Prepa swimming gala - 11:00am - LP pool
Tuesday 25th March: Kinder swimming gala - 11:00am - LP pool
Friday 28th March: Pre Kinder Carbajal Assembly - 7:20am - PAC
Monday 7th April: First grade swimming gala - 10:00 am - Big pool
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday

Upper Primary
Saturday 1st March: Spring Fair - 9:00am - 1:00pm
Wednesday 5th March: 4th Hernández Assembly - 12.00md - PAC
Friday 7th March: Cal 2 reports go home
Wednesday 19th March: 2nd Gilchrist Assembly - 9.00am - PAC
Friday 21st March: Poetry day
Friday 21st March: World Cup Day, 5th grade ME fund raising event
Wednesday 26th March: 3rd Padilla Assembly - 9.00am - PAC
Wednesday 26th March: 5th Brenes Assembly - 12.00md - PAC

Secondary News

We are stressing to our students that each of you can make a difference in our community. They can do this by showing positive leadership in all areas of their lives and helping their friends to do the right thing. One of the areas we all need to show leadership in is in recycling. We are all following the lead of the IGCA and our own conscience to ensure we all recycle to help protect our planet for the future. One of the key ideas in personal leadership is that we feel we can make a difference and we encourage you to promote this idea with your son or daughter.

IB Options
The Class 2016 Option Evening last night was well attended and hopefully informative. Please note Option forms must be returned by Monday 1oth March. If you have any queries please feel free to contact Mrs. Forsyth or the IB Coordinator, Mr. Stuart Gray.

Next week is Astronomy Week so have a look at the skies and see what you can find this weekend. Do you know where Jupiter is?

University Education and University Visits
We are offering aptitude and vocational tests for students in Grade 11 who are interested in widening their option possibilities. If your son or daughter is interested they can sign up on the document shared with them by Mr. Quijano

Loyola University Chicago, Rollins College Florida, Sam Houston University and Johnson & Wales are all visiting school at lunchtimes next week. 

Secondary dates for your diary
Saturday 1st March: Silver Award International Award - has been cancelled 
Wednesday 12th March: HACIA Democracy trip for participating students
Friday 14th March: Bicultural Arts start
Monday 17th March: IB Art exhibition starts in the PAC
Friday 21st March: Reports issued for Grade 9 & 11-students will take them home
Saturday 22nd March: Parents Association Summer Carnival for the whole ABC community
Thursday 27th March: School photos will start for Secondary students/Reports issued for Grade 8-students will take them home/Parent Partnership and Reports issued for Grades 6 & 7 at 6pm PAC

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