Friday, 21 March 2014

27: Friday 21st March 2014

Primary News

We are very proud of Alessandra Cassanovas who has taken our school traits and values to heart. Alessandra had her hair cut short and donated her hair in order to help patients who are receiving treatment for cancer. She looks as beautiful as ever! Alessandra was awarded Rocky in assembly in recognition of her consideration for others. Here is a note from her Mum:

Last week Alessandra donated, for the second time, her hair for patients under cancer treatment. She was 5 years old when she first decided to donate her hair; she proved to her proud parents patience and compassion and kept her promise for a year. When her hair was long enough to meet the required length to make a wig, she got a gorgeous haircut.

This year, after losing her grandfather to Cancer, this donation has a greater meaning. Now her short hair is a wonderful reminder that a selfless act can have a great impact. Please take a minute and share this act of love with others.

Donations can be made through:

Ayudame a Vivir
Eduardo Matheu (90 Grados)
Fundación Edificando Vidas

Swimming Galas
Our Pre Kinder swimming lessons this week were attended by the children’s parents who enjoyed the opportunity to see how their children learn water confidence and swimming during their lessons in school. Swimming Galas for all other grades in primary take place over the next few weeks, please check the dates below.

Next week we look forward to welcoming parents who have children in 3rd Padilla, 5th Brenes and PK Carbajal to their class assemblies. Again please check dates below. Please remember that when attending assemblies and other functions during the school day parents must use the emergency car park.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Monday 24th March: Prepa swimming gala - 11:00am - LP pool
Tuesday 25th March: Kinder swimming gala - 11:00am - LP pool
Friday 28th March: Pre Kinder Carbajal Assembly - 7:20am - PAC
Monday 7th April: First grade swimming gala - 11:00am - Big pool
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday

Upper Primary
Wednesday 26th March: 3rd Padilla Assembly - 9.00am - PAC
Wednesday 26th March: 5th Brenes Assembly - 12.00md - PAC
Tuesday 8th April: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala - 10:00 - 11:30am 
Wednesday 9th April: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala - 10:00 - 11:30am 
Thursday 10th April: 4th Grade Swimming Gala - 10:00 - 11:30am 
Friday 11th April: 5th Grade Swimming Gala - 10:00 - 11:30am 
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday

Secondary News

IB Art Exhibition
Congratulations to the Class 2014 Art students who have their work displayed in the PAC. The event was opened by Mr. Hobson on Tuesday and is a fine testimony to the talents of these young artists. Well done to all of them

Welcome home to the Mathcounts students who returned from Mexico and to the HACIA Democracy who returned from Panama this week. Both trips were very successful and all staff who went with our students expressed their pride in the way they performed and behaved. It is great to see ROCs in action.

Cal 2 Reports
These are being sent home over the next week. Grade 11 today and then Grade 9 on Wednesday of next week Grade 6 and 7 will be issued at the Parent Partnership Meeting and Grade 8 will be sent home at the end of school on Thursday. We hope all Grade 6 and Grade 7 parents will be able to attend the Parent Partnership on Thursday.

The internet is an amazing resource but please remember to check the usage your son or daughter is making of it! There are some areas of the internet that young people should not be exposed to…….

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 21st March: Reports issued for 11: students will take them home at 1.50 pm
Saturday 22nd March: Parents Association Summer Carnival for the whole ABC community
Wednesday 26th March: Reports issued for 9: students will take them home at 1.50pm
Thursday 27th March: School photos will start for Secondary students/Reports issued for Grade 8-students will take them home at 1.50pm
Thursday 27th March: Parent Partnership, Reports issued for Grades 6 & 7 at 6pm PAC

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