Friday, 28 March 2014

28: Friday 28th March 2014

Primary News

5th Grade trip
On Thursday (3rd April) next week, 5th Grade students will be going on a field trip to San Andres and Joya de Ceren. This trip is related to the IPC Unit - Building a Village (about Settlements). The children have been learning about the reasons for the locations for ancient settlements, and they will be able to see first hand evidence of this next week. We will be taking a historian with us, will use the local guides, visit the museums and complete other tasks related to settlements at both locations.

IPC - World Cup Exit Point
It’s time to celebrate the children’s learning during our special World Cup day on April 4th, from 7:00am to 11:30am on our school PE Field. We will livestream the event so parents have the opportunity to watch their children during the event.

All children from primary will contribute to the opening ceremony parade. We will have a real Brazilian feel to it with samba music, dancing and chanting.

The main objective of the day is to decide the winners of the ABC ‘ World Cup’ football tournament. Children will have painted a t-shirt with the flag of the country they are representing and have created class flags. All primary children will take part in the tournament during the morning.

The day also provides plenty of opportunities for children to display and talk about their learning through this unit in subjects other than PE. The children’s learning in geography, history, art, music, international and social will be displayed in the Jubilee Library.

No tournament would be complete without an award ceremony. The class representing the winning country will be awarded with the World Cup trophy; we will allow them a lap of victory around the field. We will acknowledge children who have exhibited values important to our school such as of teamwork, cooperation and good sportsmanship during the tournament and congratulate all involved for working together to put on such a great World Cup tournament and celebration of our learning.

1st Grade Sleepover ( Friday 4th April)
First grade children, along with the rest of the primary school, have been learning about the World Cup in IPC and as part of the Exit Point we have planned this year’s Sleepover. We have arranged many surprises for this special night and it will allow us to continue fostering the children’s independence. The children are very enthusiastic and excited about spending the night in school and sharing this experience with their classmates. We expect all the children will participate in this fun and memorable event!

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Monday 31st March: 1st grade trip to stadium Las Delicias 
Friday 4th April: 1st grade Sleepover
Monday 7th April: 1st grade swimming gala - 11:00am - Big pool
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday

Upper Primary
Wednesday 26th March: 3rd Padilla Assembly, 9.00am, PAC
Wednesday 26th March: 5th Brenes Assembly, 11.55pm, PAC
Tuesday 8th April: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30pm
Wednesday 9th April: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30pm
Wednesday 9th April: 2nd Quijano Assembly, 9.00am, PAC
Thursday 10th April: 4th Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30pm
Friday 11th April: 5th Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30pm
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday
Wednesday 30th April: 4th Avilés Assembly, 11.55pm, PAC

Secondary News

Bicultural Arts week
We have already celebrated the Art festival in school although the exhibition takes place on Saturday 5th April, but the Drama, Dance and Music festivals continue next week. We would appreciate your attendance at the Drama and Dance productions at the Teatro Presidente on Wednesday evening at 7 pm and for the Music and Art Exhibitions on Friday at the same venue

School Photos
All individual and group photos will continue this week

Football Success - Girls and Boys
Congratulations to the U18 Boys and Girls football team who play in the finals of the Bilingual Cup on Friday afternoon at the school. The boys are unbeaten so far this season and will play Liceo Frances and the girls who have also had a superb season play again. We wish them all the best of luck

ESEN Debate Team
Following the success of our team against the Escuela Americana and Maquilishuat last week we have qualified for the final rounds this weekend and we wish our team an enjoyable day again tomorrow. The event takes place at the ESEN campus 

Secondary dates for your diary
Wednesday 2nd April: Drama and Dance Production at Teatro Presidente at 6pm
Friday 4th April: Bilingual League U18 Football Finals at school
Saturday 5th April: Art exhibition, Foyer at Teatro Presidente
Saturday 5th April: International Award Silver Expedition
Monday 7th April - Wednesday 9th April: Grade 8 History project
Friday 11th April: Last day of term two
Monday 28th April: First day of term three
Wednesday 30th April: Last day of classes for Class 2014
Thursday 1st May: Public Holiday
Monday 5th May; IB Exams start

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