Friday, 9 May 2014

32: Friday 9th May 2014

From the Headmaster

What is inside? (Specially for Water Day)

We usually do not see what is inside the drinking fountains at the ABC. Yet we have a five step filtration system and have our water analysed regularly to ensure that we have excellent drinking water. 

What is inside?
Step 1 - 10” vegetable fibre filter for sediments: efficiently filters larger particles such as some microbes, molds, sand, and other particles.

Step 2 - 10” carbon filter (yellow) for filtering metals, lime, silica and others.

Step 3 - 10” carbon filter (black) for filtering chlorine, bleach, odours.

Step 4 - active carbon filter for a smooth taste, eliminates harmful chemicals.

Step 5 - ultra violet sterilization for destroying microbes.

Besides the drinking fountains around the campus, including two at the edge of the field, we will have a new potable water dispenser at the side of the cafeteria installed in two weeks - bring your own drinking bottle and fill up! Free!

Primary News

Book Week
It is Book week in the primary school next week and the children will be immersed in reading, writing and listening to stories throughout the week. On Thursday we will have a book character parade. Your class teacher should already have let you know about this years theme for the parade. We will have representatives in school from local publishers and have ordered a stock of age appropriate books for the children to purchase. Please read letters home and class blogs for more information.

Family Days
Despite the rain our Grade 1 Family Day picnics have been a great success and much enjoyed by children and parents. Next week our Kinder children will have their family days. we look forward to seeing Kinder parents on the days outlined below.

Specialist workshops
Many thanks to our specialist teachers in art, music, Computing and PE, for preparing and leading some very informative and useful workshops for parents this week. The workshops were well attended and enjoyed by parents from all areas of the primary school who felt that they had been well informed and now have a better understanding of the importance of these subjects within the primary curriculum.

A reminder about Smartphones
Children in the primary section of the school are not permitted to bring Smartphones to school. If Smartphones are found to be in school they will be removed from the children and parents will be asked to come to collect them from Mr. Hall’s office at the earliest opportunity. If your child really must have a phone in school a small, standard Nokia phone, which does not have access to the internet, would be adequate. These must be handed into the UP office first thing in the morning. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Tuesday 13th May: Kinder Rampone family day
Wednesday 14th May: Kinder Súarez family day
Thursday 15th May: Kinder Lima family day
Thursday 15th May: Book Week Parade
Friday 16th May: Kinder Francés family day
Tuesday 20th May: Pre Kinder Flores family day
Wednesday 21st May: Pre Kinder Carbajal family day
Thursday 22nd May: Pre Kinder Cáceres family day
Friday 23rd May: Pre Kinder Siri family day
Monday 26th May: Prepa Cáceres family day
Tuesday 27th May: Prepa Monks family day
Wednesday 28th May: Prepa Burrows family day
Thursday 29th May: Prepa Pashley family day
Friday 6th June: Moving up day
Friday 13th June: LP reports go home
Friday 20th June: Last day of school

Upper Primary
Monday 12th May: UP Talent Show Auditions
Wednesday 14th May: UP Talent Show Auditions
Thursday 15th May: Book Week Parade
Wednesday 28th May: UP Latin Music and Arts Festival, 6:00pm
Monday 2nd June: 3rd grade Family Day
Tuesday 3rd June: 4th Grade Family Day 
Wednesday 4th June: 5th Grade Family Day
Thursday 5th June: 2nd Grade Family day
Thursday 5th June: 5th Grade Transition
Friday 6th June: 5th Grade Transition
Friday 6th June: UP moving up day
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 2nd and 3rd grade in the PAC, 10:00am
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 4th and 5th grade in the PAC, 12:00md
Friday 13th June: CAL 3 goes home
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 2nd grade Achievement Ceremony, 7.00am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 3rd grade Achievement Ceremony, 10.00am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 4th grade Achievement Ceremony, 12.00am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: 5th grade Graduation & Achievement Ceremony, 7am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: 5th Grade Graduation Party
Friday 20th June: Last day of School

Secondary News

IB & IGCSE Exams in progress
These exams have started and please help ensure your son or daughter arrives at least 15 minutes before an examination is due.

Prefects Election
Next week we will be selecting the Prefect team for the coming school year. We would like to say a big thank you to all the temporary prefects who have worked so hard this term

We are all supporting the TELETON campaign….. please encourage your son or daughter to participate by buying a Tshirt or goodies. We want to contribute to the success of this national campaign as we normally do 

RAF photos - two weeks ago the set of photos were given to your son or daughter. If you still wish to make an order, please send them to the Office with the money on Monday.

International Award trip
This will be rescheduled following the wet weekend when we decided that it would not be sensible to camp on wet ground and with more rain forecast. We are sorry if the cancellation caused any inconvenience but please remember that the safety of our students is always paramount

Last week of term
The last week of term is an important week for us and we expect all our students to be present until the end of term on Friday 20th June at 12 noon. Within this last week of term the Grade 11 Class 2015 participate in their IB Group Four Science project which is a compulsory element of the IB Diploma programme. 

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 16th May: Spring Musical Recital; Grade 9 Business trip
Wednesday 14th May: Grade 11 B&M trip (Production)
Wednesday 21st - Saturday 24th May: Grade 11 Geography trip to Antigua, Guatemala.
Thursday 22nd May: ABC Digital Award, 6pm PAC
Friday 23rd May: Grade 12 Final IB examination
Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th May: International Award Bronze final expedition
Wednesday 28th May: Grade 8 History trip
Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd June: Joseph Broadway Musical Performance
Wednesday 4th June: Grade 10 Final IGCSE examinations; Class 2014 Ring Ceremony 
Thursday 5th June: Meeting with 5th Grade Parent, 6 p.m. PAC
Thursday 12 June: Grade 9 Award Assembly; Class 2014 Graduation Ceremony
Friday 13th June: ABC MUN; Grade 9 Reports issued
Monday 16th June: Grade 9 start Work Experience
Wednesday 18th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 6 Award Assembly 
Thursday 19th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 7 & 8 Award Assemblies
Friday 20th June: Grade 11 Award Assembly; Grade 6,7,8 and 11 Reports issued, Secondary Students leave at 12 noon

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