Friday, 16 May 2014

33: Friday 16th May 2014

Primary News

ABC Sponsored Walking for Water event
Last Friday all children in primary took part in a sponsored walk around the school field to raise money to help children who, unlike us, do not have access to clean running water. Thanks to your support and generosity the children have raised around $3000 between them. We will send pictures and details soon about how this money will help less fortunate children in our local area.

PK Family Days
Kinder have enjoyed their family days this week and we look forward to welcoming parents of our PK children next week. Please check the calendars below for the appropriate dates.

1st Grade to 2nd Grade Transition meeting for parents
On Saturday 31st May we will be having a special workshop for parents whose children will be moving from Grade 1 to Grade 2 next school year. This transition is seen by some parents and children to be a big step and we would like to take the opportunity to reassure parents that the transition between lower and upper primary is actually very smooth and nothing to be concerned about. Grade 2 teachers will take this opportunity to talk to you about the curriculum, expectations and adventures their children can expect next year.

After four days of auditions, with more than 150 students performing and hard work evaluating every presentation; here is the list of students who will perform in the Final Show. Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Auditions!

To all students who qualified to the final show, well done and be aware of the rehearsals dates.

The list of final students for the talent show can be found here:

Taking other people’s children home at the end of the school day
This year we have had a few instances of parents taking other people’s children home without the parent’s knowledge. As you can imagine this is very worrying for all staff and parents involved. Fortunately, after a very stressful period of time for everyone and often hours spent phoning around and searching the school campus, all has turned out well. However, we would ask that you follow the Primary school rule of informing your child's class teacher in the HCB or by email if your child is going home with someone other than their normal parent or driver. Thank you.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Tuesday 20th May: Pre Kinder Flores family day
Wednesday 21st May: Pre Kinder Carbajal family day
Thursday 22nd May: Pre Kinder Cáceres family day
Friday 23rd May: Pre Kinder Siri family day
Monday 26th May: Prepa Cáceres family day
Tuesday 27th May: Prepa Monks family day
Wednesday 28th May: Prepa Burrows family day
Thursday 29th May: Prepa Pashley family day
Friday 6th June: Moving up day
Friday 13th June: LP reports go home
Friday 20th June: Last day of school. School ends at 11.00am

Upper Primary
Wednesday 28th May: UP Latin Music and Arts Festival, 6:00pm
Monday 2nd June: 3rd grade Family Day
Tuesday 3rd June: 4th Grade Family Day 
Wednesday 4th June: 5th Grade Family Day
Thursday 5th June: 2nd Grade Family day
Thursday 5th June: 5th Grade Transition
Friday 6th June: 5th Grade Transition
Friday 6th June: UP moving up day
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 2nd and 3rd grade in the PAC, 10:00am
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 4th and 5th grade in the PAC, 12:00pm
Friday 13th June: CAL 3 goes home
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 2nd grade Achievement Ceremony, 9:30am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 3rd grade Achievement Ceremony, 10:00am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 4th grade Achievement Ceremony, 12:00am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: 5th grade Graduation & Achievement Ceremony, 7:00am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: 5th Grade Graduation Party
Friday 20th June: Last day of School. School ends at 11.30am

Secondary News

Prefect Selection
There are many ways that our senior students are able to serve the school but one way is by helping with prefect duties and working with younger students. We held our selection process this week and will be announcing the new team at the start of next week

Shoeing Campaign
We are looking for pairs of shoes that you no longer need - perhaps they are now too small or you have discarded them for a reason. We would like these pairs of shoes to donate to people who are in need of shoes - especially children but also their parents. thanks you for your help!

Dia de Identidad
Next week we are celebrating Cultural Diversity in school and we have decided to have a special event the week after on Friday 30th May to celebrate the culture of where we live. This is part of our Think Globally Act Locally theme which helps us to use our local environment to reflect on global issues.

Secondary dates for your diary
Wednesday 21st - Saturday 24th May: Grade 11 Geography trip to Antigua, Guatemala.
Friday 23rd May: Grade 12 Final IB examination
Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th May: International Award Bronze final expedition
Tuesday 27th May: ABC Digital Award, 6pm PAC
Wednesday 28th May: Grade 8 History trip
Friday 30th May: Diversity Cultural event (Día de la Identidad)
Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd June: Joseph Broadway Musical Performance, 7pm PAC
Wednesday 4th June: Grade 10 Final IGCSE examinations; Class 2014 Ring Ceremony 
Thursday 5th June: Meeting with 5th Grade Parent, 6 p.m. PAC
Thursday 12 June: Grade 9 Award Assembly; Class 2014 Graduation Ceremony
Friday 13th June: ABC MUN; Grade 9 Reports issued
Monday 16th June: Grade 9 start Work Experience
Wednesday 18th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 6 Award Assembly 
Thursday 19th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 7 & 8 Award Assemblies
Friday 20th June: Grade 11 Award Assembly; Grade 6,7,8 and 11 Reports issued. Secondary Students leave at 12 noon

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