Friday, 23 May 2014

34: Friday 23rd May 2014

Primary News

Prepa Family Days
Next week it is the turn of our Prepa parents to join their children in school for their special family days. Unfortunately we are unable to allow siblings in school to attend these family days as they go on for several weeks and this would create a major disruption to the children’s learning. However, we do hope that parents enjoy the opportunity to have some special time with each child. 

Digital video awards
The Digital Video Awards take place in the PAc next Tuesday evening (27th May) and primary as well as secondary children have taken this opportunity to show off their technical skills. We do hope that you will come along to support the children.

Latin Music and Arts Festival
Our annual Latin Music and Arts Festival also takes place next week, on Wednesday 28th May, and our choir and musicians have been working hard to prepare for this occasion. There will also be the opportunity to view some of the work that our primary pupils have been working on in Art and ICT lessons. Again, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible coming to support our children and specialist teachers. A letter will be coming home shortly and tickets are available from the primary office.

Transition meeting for Grade 1 parents
At 9.30am on Saturday 31st May we will be having a meeting specifically for parents whose children will be moving from Grade to Grade 2 next school year. Teachers from Grade 2 will talk to parents about what they should expect when their children start in Grade 2 and reassure them that their children will continue happily through the next academic year. It will also be an opportunity for parents to ask any questions they may have. 

Primary classes
Unless there are exceptional circumstances the primary school has a policy of not mixing classes on an annual basis as used to happen. It is felt that keeping the children in the same class with the same friends and tribe is better both for their education and for their social development. On Moving Up day, Friday 6th June, the children will move up to their new class as a cohort and will have the opportunity to spend a few hours with their new teacher ( wherever possible).

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Thursday 22nd May: Prepa Night Activity
Friday 23rd May: Prepa Jeans day
Monday 26th May: Prepa Cáceres family day
Tuesday 27th May: Prepa Monks family day
Wednesday 28th May: Prepa Burrows family day
Thursday 29th May: Prepa Pashley family day
Saturday 31st May: Transition meeting for 1st Grade parents PAC 9.30am
Friday 6th June: Moving up day
Friday 13th June: LP reports go home
Friday 20th June: Last day of school. School ends at 11.00am

Upper Primary
Wednesday 28th May: UP Latin Music and Arts Festival, 6:00pm
Monday 2nd June: 3rd grade Family Day
Tuesday 3rd June: 4th Grade Family Day 
Wednesday 4th June: 5th Grade Family Day
Thursday 5th June: 2nd Grade Family day
Thursday 5th June: 5th Grade Transition
Friday 6th June: 5th Grade Transition
Friday 6th June: UP moving up day
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 2nd and 3rd grade in the PAC,10:00am
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 4th and 5th grade in the PAC, 12:00pm
Friday 13th June: CAL 3 goes home
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 2nd grade Achievement Assembly, 9:30am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 3rd grade Achievement Assembly, 10:00am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 4th grade Achievement Assembly, 12:00am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: 5th grade Graduation & Achievement Assembly, 9:30am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: “Class Party 2021
Friday 20th June: Last day of School. School ends at 11.30am

Secondary News

Last IB exam for Class 2014! 
Congratulations to the Class 2104 who finished their final IB Examination today. We are looking forward to the events leading up to their School Graduation on Thursday 12th June. Please note the Class 2016 (Grade 10) IGCSE examinations carry on until Wednesday 4th June.

Cultural Diversity and French cuisine Festival today
The IGCA team hosted an excellent assembly on monday to launch Cultural Diversity week. Wellsone to Jocelyn Hernandez, Camila Fernandez and Evelyn Sosa who introduced the programme. A big thank you to everyone and especially the Class 2018 who helped us celebrate Cultural Diversity week with the French cusine today. We will also be celebrating our cultural heritage with a ….

Un dia de la Identidad
Which will take place on friday 30th May. We will have traditional food, entertainment and fun in an extended lunch time. Please encourage your son or daughter to participate by joing their friends for lunch that day. There will be a delicious selection of local treats

Don’t Miss the ABC Digital Video Awards next Tuesday
Free tickets are available and we hope to see many of you there to see the talents of our film makers and to celebrate all the work they have been doing over the last 12 months

International Award:
Bronze expedition this weekend and Silver Expedition next weekend. The trips have been organised by Mr. Horrocks and his team and will help students develop their self reliance as well as their leadership skills

IB Class 2015 Geography trip returns tomorrow (Saturday) after their field trip to case study the city of Antigua. We look forward to seeing them all back in school on Monday. Thank you to Ms. James for all the work of organising the trip

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is coming soon!
The students and teachers are working really hard and we hope many of you will be able to come along and support them

The new team will be announced at the start of next week when the Class is reunited after the Geography trip. The school wants to thank all the students who have acted as temporary prefects this term. We really appreciate their efforts and help each morning in the car parks and helping supervise in the playgrounds with teachers during break times.

Secondary dates for your diary
Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th May: International Award Bronze final expedition
Tuesday 27th May: ABC Digital Award, 6pm PAC
Wednesday 28th May: Grade 8 History trip
Friday 30th May: Diversity Cultural event (Día de la Identidad)
Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd June: Joseph Broadway Musical Performance, 7pm PAC
Wednesday 4th June: Grade 10 Final IGCSE examinations; Class 2014 Ring Ceremony 
Thursday 5th June: Meeting with 5th Grade Parent, 6 p.m. PAC
Thursday 12 June: Grade 9 Award Assembly; Class 2014 Graduation Ceremony at 5 pm which will be attended by Grade 10 and Grade 11. Secondary School closes at lunch time.
Friday 13th June: ABC MUN; Grade 9 Reports issued
Monday 16th June: Grade 9 start Work Experience
Wednesday 18th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 6 Award Assembly 
Thursday 19th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 7 & 8 Award Assemblies
Friday 20th June: Grade 11 Award Assembly; Grade 6,7,8 and 11 Reports issued
Secondary Students leave at 12 noon

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