Friday, 6 June 2014

36: Friday 6th June 2014

Primary News

Walking for Water
On Monday 9th May this year all primary aged children took part in a sponsored walk around the school field carrying bottles of water. The aim of this was to increase the children’s understanding of how precious a commodity water is and how lucky we are to be able to turn on a tap and have fresh, running water. We also wanted to encourage the children to empathise with other children around the world who are not so lucky and need to spend many hours every day fetching water from lakes, rivers or wells, often meaning that they do not have time to go to school.

The school community responded to this event with enormous generosity and through sponsorship of the children we raised $3298.10. We will be using the money raised to buy a drinking fountain for the Centro Escolar Nuestra Senora de las Gracias, a school just up the road on San Salvador volcano. We will have a water fountain ( including electrical cabling, drainage etc.) and an appropriate shelter supplied and fitted and will pay for the maintenance and replacement of filters for the next few years.

We are hoping that the water fountain will be installed this week and we are planning to take some members of our primary School Council to the school before the end of the school year.

Many thanks to our primary parents, grandparents, families and friends who sponsored our children so generously and have enabled us to give this special gift to improve the lives and learning of children in our community. 

Reports go home
On Friday 13th June all children in primary will be bringing home their end of year reports. We hope that you will enjoy reading about your children’s efforts and achievements in school and will take the time to discuss their reports with them. There should be no surprises in your report, any problems or issues should have been discussed with you, by the class teacher , as they year has gone on. However, if there is anything in the report about which you are concerned please do make an appointment to come in to school to talk to your child’s teacher in the last week of term.

5th Grade Spelling Competition
The ABC and the French School, have jointly organised a Spanish Spelling Competition for students in Fifth Grade. The Learning Goal for this activity is to strengthen the written language and try to provide learning opportunities that promote comprehensive training and the proper use of our language (Spanish).

The Spanish Spelling Competition will be held on Friday 13th June. All the children in grade 5 participated and the 4 finalists from each school have made it to the final round. The children representing the ABC are: Luciana Molins Escobar (5th Molina), María Jimena Castro Chico (5th Brenes), Luis Samuel Rivera Amaya (5th Truscott) and Daniel Andrés Mejía (5th Linares). Good luck to the ABC representatives.

Children’s questionnaire
The results of this year’s questionnaire given to all children from Prepa to 5th Grade show that in general primary children are a happy group, who enjoy coming to school, enjoy their learning and feel safe and cared for in school. We will analyse the results over the summer holiday and use them formatively in our teacher training, discussions with our school council and teaching next year.

Upper Primary Talent Shows
Talent Shows are ready for next week, please note that there is a dress rehearsal for students who are taking part in the show on Monday or Tuesday according to their grades. 

See rehearsals dates and times here: 

Talent Shows are an internal activity only for Upper Primary students. The performances will be broadcast live on the school website for parents and ABC community.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Thursday 12th June: LP Talent show - just for children - 8:00am - PAC
Friday 13th June: LP reports go home
Friday 20th June: Last day of school. School ends at 11.00am

Upper Primary
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 2nd and 3rd grade in the PAC,10:00am
Wednesday 11th June: UP Talent Shows - 4th and 5th grade in the PAC, 12:00pm
Friday 13th June: CAL 3 goes home
Tuesday 17th June: Father’s day, NO School
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 2nd grade Achievement Assembly, 9:30am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 3rd grade Achievement Assembly, 10:00am in the PAC
Wednesday 18th June: UP CAL3 4th grade Achievement Assembly, 12:00am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: 5th grade Graduation & Achievement Assembly, 9:30am in the PAC
Thursday 19th June: “Class Party 2021
Friday 20th June: Last day of School. School ends at 11.30am

Secondary News

Class 2014 Graduation ceremony on Thursday 12th June
The Class 2014 Graduation ceremony is at 5 pm on Thursday 12th June, Students from Grade 10 and Grade 11 will be attending the ceremony and must report to school at 4.30 pm. Please arrange to pick them up after the ceremony which will be at approximately 6.45 pm.

Please note on Thursday that all students go home at lunch time so we can prepare for the Graduation Ceremony

Awards Assembly
We have our first awards assembly next week. Parents are invited to these events and details are on the school calendar.

Congratulations to the Class 2016 who finished their IGCSE exams this week and are now preparing for their IB courses which start in August. They are on an overnight trip on Monday with IB teachers to Santa Leticia and will be doing IB Higher level taster lessons on their return.

Please note Class 2017 Work experience starts on Monday 16th June. 

There are many activities taking place at the moment so please make sure you are regularly checking the Class Blog

We had great fun celebrating our Dia de Identidad last week and thank you to everyone who helped make it such a fun event.

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 9 June: Grade 10 overnight trip to Santa Leticia
Thursday 12 June: Grade 9 Award Assembly 11.45; Class 2014 Graduation Ceremony at 5 pm which will be attended by Grade 10 and Grade 11. Secondary School closes at lunch time.
Friday 13th June: ABC MUN; Grade 9 Reports issued
Monday 16th June: Grade 9 start Work Experience
Wednesday 18th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 6 Award Assembly 
Thursday 19th June: Grade 11 Group 4 Science Project. Grade 7 & 8 Award Assemblies
Friday 20th June: Grade 11 Award Assembly; Grade 6,7,8 and 11 Reports issued
Secondary Students leave at 12 noon

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