Friday, 5 September 2014

4: Friday 5th September 2014

From the Director

Our Community and our values
We have heard a lot about values recently and as a community we are 100% committed to ensuring our students grow up respecting themselves, their community, their country and their world. This month we are celebrating our national values as we join the rest of the country in looking forward to the Independence Day later this month. 

We are being visited by Neil Hawkes next week. He is an international education consultant who focuses on helping schools place their values at the heart of their work. We expect him to help us promote our shared values through all we do at school. Neil Hawkes will also be talking to ABC parents at school on Tuesday 16th September at 6pm. We hope many parents will attend and in order to monitor numbers we are asking you to register. The ABC News blog contains more information on Neil Hawkes and his visit.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that our community is an integral part of our school and the importance of us all working together in the best interests of all our students and the school. All of us have essential parts to play.

Car stickers
Please note that as part of our security measures, new car pass stickers will replace ALL old ones. This will ensure that only current members of our community have access to our premises. Any previous stickers will be replaced for free and additional ones are available at the cashier for $1 each. Please do your bit to help ensure the right people have access to our premises. We are asking that everyone should have the new sticker by Friday 12th September and from that date access will be denied to cars who do not have the new pass even if they have an old one. Thank you for your help.

Primary News

The ‘back to school nights’ continue in Primary next week for our Upper Primary students. The Lower Primary ones were well attended with 98% of parents making the effort to ensure they know what is required for their child this year. Congratulations to the Lower Primary parents for leading the way. Will the Upper Primary parents do even better?

The Independence Day celebrations carry on with an assembly and party on the 12th of the month. There are Salvadorian flags around the school and I have heard the children practising singing the national anthem. Some of our students are rehearsing to dance for us at the party too.

The Primary school staff will all be participating in the training on Values Based Education on the 16th of September which will have an impact on the children’s future learning. Remember that school is closed that day.

We like to show you what has happened in school so please keep an eye on the ABC news blogg where we will be reporting back on Primary events in school all through the year ahead.

Very best wishes,

Sharon Short.

Smart Phone reminder
The only phones allowed in Primary school are the most basic handsets, available from all network providers, that can only be used by children to text and call parents after 1:30pm. These phones need to be handed in at the UP office each day and collected at the end of each day. Any smart phones bought in by students will be kept in the UP Office and only released to parents. This policy reflects our concerns, that we have previously shared on our blogs and in a School for Parents, about the unfiltered content available to children on these devices. We appreciate your support in keeping your children safe. It should also be noted that no other electronic items capable of internet access should be brought into school by children, for example, Ipads and Ipods.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Monday 15th September: Independence day
Tuesday 16th September: Staff inset training day
Friday 19th September: McLay Fun run. All children should come in their PE kit.
Friday 26th September: 1st Fastiggi class assembly
Wednesday 1st October: Children’s day

Upper Primary
Tuesday 9th September: Back to school night for 2nd and 3rd grades, 6.00-7.00 pm PAC
Wednesday 10th September: Back to school night for 4th and 5th grades, 6.00-7.00 pm PAC
Monday 15th September: Independence day
Tuesday 16th September: Staff inset training day
Friday 19th September: McLay fun run. All children should come in their PE kit.
Wednesday 1st October: Children’s day
Wednesday 1st October: 5th Linares class assemblies

Secondary News

The starting point of all achievement is desire” (Napoleon Hill). Schools should be about celebrating achievement, whether it be academic, social or sporting. So much has been achieved since the start to the academic year, but I want to focus on a couple of these achievements - one from the teaching staff and one from our students.

On August 31st, two expatriate teachers at the Academia Britanica Custcatleca - Mr Chris Martin (Head of English) and Ms Jo Bartimote (Head of Mathematics) - ran the Guatemala 21k half marathon on behalf of the UK-based charity Epilepsy Research. 

Mr Martin completed 21k in a time of 1 hour 51 minutes and Ms Bartimote in 2 hours 13 minutes. 

So far, through contributions in school and in the UK, over $500 has been raised for Epilepsy Research UK. 

Congratulations to both of them on their impressive times and for their support of this worthy cause. 

One of our Grade 12 students Finella Nicole Rottmann Dell'arciprete, a member of the dojo Schumann’s El Salvador and a member of the El Salvador International Competition Team, represented the country in the International Tournament of Martial Arts at the Mexican Open 2014. This event took place in Acapulco in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, from August 27th to August 31st.

This tournament is the most important martial arts event in the region; there were more than 500 participants of all ages. Finella competed against NBL World champions from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Canada, Equador and the United States. 

Her results were: second place in combat; second in weapon forms hard; second in creative choreographed music; third in creative musical open; and, fourth in choreographed weapons.

I look forward to reporting on more achievements from our students and staff during this academic year. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 12th September: Independence Day Party. Students and staff will be celebrating El Salvador’s independence. I will report on the celebrations in next week’s ABC Weekly.
Tuesday 16th September: Escuela Americana Linden University Fair, 6.00pm to 8.30pm at the Hotel Princess and at the American School.
Tuesday 30th September: KYS meeting for Grade 6, 5.30 PAC
Thursday 2nd October: KYS meeting for Grades 11 and 12, 5.30 PAC
Monday 6th October: KYS meeting for Grades 7 and 8, 5.30 PAC
Wednesday 8th October: KYS meeting for Grades 9 and 10, 5.30 PAC

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