Friday, 7 November 2014

12: Friday 7th November 2014

From the Director

Next week we start British Fortnight which culminates in two weeks time with our annual Guy Fawkes celebration. We hope to see many of you at this event when we will also have our Christmas fayre, entertainment from a variety of ABC Community musicians and food to share. The evening will end with a firework display and it should be fun for all ages! Please note this will be an alcohol free event as our children will be present.

We are working hard to promote healthy eating and drinking in school and as part of this campaign we are reconsidering the drinks and food we sell. We plan to do this in stages but one of our goals is to remove sugary drinks and help our children develop healthier tastes. In our first stage we are removing certain sugar based canned and boxed drinks and juices as well as the sugary ice drinks and replacing them with lower sugar alternatives. It is also our intention to encourage more students to take advantage of the healthier option foods we sell at school rather than rely on fast foods or unhealthy snacks. Our Cafe Con Gusto Menu can be seen through the link on the Parents Page of our website and it is offering some special British foods next week! As you will see there are some great meals available at a reasonable cost. It is not our intention to campaign against sugary and fast foods but we are concerned that parents should be making decisions about their children eating and drinking these products and you can make those choices at weekends or evenings, knowing that your children have not already consumed them at school. We see this as part of our ABC mission to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We will be fumigating school again this weekend as we continue to try to ensure our campus is not a place where mosquitoes breed and spread dengue or Chikungunya. We would like to pass on the request from MINED to all schools to ask parents to keep at home any children who have cold or flu like symptoms in case they have either of these diseases as we do not want to put other children at risk. It is important we do all we can to stem their spread. Thankfully in school we have had very few cases but we are still being very careful.

I would like to add my thanks to all who participated in making the recent IB trip to Berlin and Krakow so successful and thank you to the parents for supporting it. We were very proud of the way our students behaved and the image they gave of our school and our country!

On a final note you may have noted that we are starting to restrict access to some of our blogs to ensure they remain viewable only within our community. We have taken this decision reluctantly but we think this is important in terms of allowing us to celebrate our activities more openly while maintaining the safety of our students on line.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back. I hope you had a good week with your children. We are about to start British Fortnight (two weeks) which celebrates the heritage of the founders of the school and recognises some British traditions. The fortnight will culminate in a Guy Fawkes evening on the 21st of November starting at 5.30. This should be great fun and enjoyable for everybody so please make sure it is in your diary.

At the moment the value that we are focusing on in Primary is ‘independence’. We know that what you do at home really makes a difference and we think it would be great if you could focus on independence at home as well. Please encourage your children to prepare some food or drink for themselves, wash and dress themselves and of course tidy-up after themselves. We need parents to be great role models too, showing that you can be independent and self-reliant in a whole range of situations and demonstrating that you value this quality. See what you can do to promote independence this week. 

The few occasions that I have been out to the car-park this week I have been pleased to see far fewer children loose in cars. Thank you for your support with this issue.

Please remember that we are trying to be more ecologically friendly by sending emails rather than paper copies of letters and make sure you read the school emails that you receive. Information regarding Upper Primary reports will be e-mailed soon.

Please note the class assemblies listed below and keep an eye out for the publicised events that will take place this term.

Best wishes for a wonderful week.

Sharon Short 

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Friday 7th - 1st Cáceres assembly 7:30am PAC
Friday 14th - LP Spanish assembly 
Monday 17th - LP Extracurricular classes begin
Friday 21st - Prepa Ware assembly
Friday 21st - Guy Fawkes Night
Friday 28th - Prepa Gray assembly
Friday 5th - Prepa Taylor assembly
Friday 12th - LP reports go home
Wednesday 17th - LP Christmas show
Friday 19th - last day of school

Upper Primary
Wednesday 12th November 2nd Elisa Hernández assembly 9.20
Wednesday 12th November 4th Avilés assembly 12.15
Wednesday 19th November: 2nd Lourdes Hernández Assembly 9.20
Wednesday 19th November: 5th Hayward Assembly 12.15
Friday 21st November - Guy Fawkes Night
Thursday 27th and Friday 28th November: 3rd grade camping

Secondary News

Pride Day
Friday 7th of November was ABC Pride Day. The day was designed to give staff and students the opportunity to celebrate being part of the ABC family. Staff and students wore non-uniform and many wore the official ABC Pride Day T-shirts which were designed and produced by the student body. 

The day ended with a staff-student football match.

British Fortnight
Monday 10th of November sees the start of the British Fortnight. Below is a summary of what will be happening:
  • “A taste of Britain” - different British food will be available each day. The menu for the first week is:
    • Monday - Sausage rolls.
    • Tuesday - Fish, chips & mushy peas.
    • Wednesday - Toad in the hole.
    • Thursday - Scotch eggs.
    • Friday - Pork pie.
  • Musical performances with a British theme at various times during the fortnight.
  • On Friday 14th of November there will be a themed dress in a “British way’’ (in red, white and blue; famous Brits; British fashion) non-uniform day (and hopefully a fashion parade at lunch). In the evening there is a pub quiz for the ABC staff.
  • Mini-performances of classic British plays.
  • On Friday 21st of November there will be the British music concert at lunchtime, with students and staff performing music of a British origin or theme. In the evening the fortnight culminates with the Guy Fawkes/Christmas Fair.
The fortnight looks set to be lots of fun and thank you in advance to the students and staff that are going to contribute.

I shall give you an update on the British Fortnight in the next ABC Weekly.

Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer research. For 30 days, men grow and women support the Mo (moustache). Staff and Grade 11 & 12 boys at the ABC have been invited to support Movember by growing a moustache and raising money for, and awareness of, this important cause. Please support any person you see sprouting a moustache and help raise funds to save and improve the lives of men affected by prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. 

To date, the global Movember community has raised over $550 million through 4 million registrants in 21 countries. 

For more information, the official Movember website is

IB History Trip to Berlin and Krakow
During the half term 26 IB History students visited Berlin and Krakow to complement their studies of the Nazi Regime, the Holocaust, the Cold War and the German & Polish experiences during the Second World War.

Many thanks to Mr Rombout, Mr Merry and Mrs Chavez for making this wonderful experience possible. A special thank you also to the tour guide Trevor Booker.

For more information and pictures please visit the ABC trips blog and the following dropboxes:

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 10th November: Start of the British Fortnight 
Friday 14th November: Grade 7 Empowerment Fieldtrip - Quinta El Carmen, Ataco (7:30am to 4.00pm) 
Saturday 15th November: Class 2016 - Prevention Programme (8.00am to 12.00pm in the PAC)
Saturday 15th November: Comité Católico, Grades 6 to 11 (8.30am to 4.30pm)
Friday 21st November: Grade 9 Empowerment Fieldtrip - Quinta El Carmen, Ataco (7:30am to 4.00pm) 
Friday 21st November: Guy Fawkes and Christmas Fair 
Saturday 22nd November: International Award ‘Bronze’ practice expedition - Perquin.

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