Friday, 23 January 2015

20: Friday 23rd January 2015

From the Director

Please note that the school is currently accepting applications for places in Pre-Kinder next year. Children born between 1st July 2011 and 30th June 2012 are eligible for our Pre-Kinder class, please contact Estefanía Chacón for more information.

Congratulations to all involved with the Prom 2016 and Razzmatazz which took place this week. The Circus has become a tradition which our students enjoy and we are always open to suggestions for progress when appropriate.

The ABC is making plans for celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in 2021 and as part of that process we are collecting photographs and eyewitness accounts of interesting and important events. Do you have some photographs or some events you would like to recall and write to us about? Do you remember the first Circus? Do you remember the first time the ABC won a sports tournament or the first time we took IGCSE or IB exams? Do you remember when we first had our new tribes? Do you remember studying at or when we first moved to Santa Tecla? If you do can you write something about it and we would be very grateful if you have a photograph of any of these events and if you do would you mind sending us a copy? We want to collect copies of these memories and photographs before they become lost in time.

We are hoping to welcome Mr. York, our first Headmaster, in school next week and we are hoping he will have time to talk to some of our students during his visit. We will certainly be asking him for his memories and any photographs. I have one question I particularly want to have answered - when did the school adopt its motto “effort leads to success.”

I will see many of you at the Lower Primary Sports Day on Saturday morning.

Please take note that our school calendar for this year and for the coming school year 2015-16 is on our school website on the following link.

rimary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

The events across the school are happening thick and fast at the moment. As always our school is vibrant and full of life. Our Lower Primary Sports Morning is happening tomorrow. We look forward to seeing all our Lower Primary children and their families there. Here is the information that has already been sent to you:-

This year we are trialling a Saturday sports morning. We invite you to watch your child participate and afterwards we would like you to stay and share a family picnic. Usually a picnic is something that is brought from home and consists of cold food items. However, below you will see a list of caterers who will be selling food on Saturday 24th. For your picnic you need to bring blankets or rugs to sit on the ground. Adults can also bring fold-up chairs for more comfort.

Please bear in mind:
  1. Your child has to be at school at 7:30am (Pre-k and Kinder) and 9:30am (Prepa and Grade 1)
  2. Children must come to school wearing their PE uniform (the traditional or the new one - we don’t mind)
  3. Parents should also come wearing sportswear as they will have the chance to participate in an event.
The following caterers will provide food and drinks:

Finca San Ernesto:
  • Carne asada
    Adults: 7oz imported steak accompanied by baked potato with butter and rosemary, sweet corn, chirmol $8.50
    Children: 4oz imported steak accompanied by baked potato with butter and rosemary, sweet corn, chirmol $5.00
  • Ceviche
    8oz Fish Ceviche $4.50
    8oz Shrimp and squid cocktail in red sauce $5.50 

  • Pupusas 2 for $1.50
  • Coffee Cup – sandwiches
  • Crepe Lovers – savory and sweet
  • Artisan ice cream
  • Ice cream (Vanilla Spoon)
  • Fruit Paletas
  • Popcorn
  • Elote loco
  • Nachos with cheese
  • Jusivar (natural juices)
  • Sodas
The school cafeteria will be selling drinks and snacks.

The Upper Primary Sports Morning will take place next Saturday the 31st January and be in a similar format.


As mentioned by Mr Keslake above, the school is accepting applications for Pre-K now. We will be carrying out our initial assessments of new students over the next few weeks so please make sure your application is in. We do not like to disappoint our existing families and find our places have all gone when they apply later in the year. Our prospective parents evening is on the 27th January at 6.00 pm, where parents interested in joining Pre-kinder will learn more about the school, have a chance to see some classrooms and meet some teachers.


Many of you will have seen our new sports kit. We have addressed some parent concerns about the white kit being heavy, the colours fading and getting very dirty. The new kit is much lighter and easier to keep clean. Please note that there is no obligation to buy the new kit at this point in the year. If you would like to buy it for the new school year in August that would be lovely.


Please note the class assemblies that will be happening next week listed below.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Sharon Short
Head of Primary

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Saturday 24th: LP sports morning and Family day 
Tuesday 27th: Prospective parents night - 6:30pm
Thursday 29th: Trip to Tin Marin Museum - Pre Kinder - 8:30am
Friday 30th: Trip to Tin Marin Museum - Prepa - 8:30am
Friday 30th: Kinder Quintanilla Assembly - 7:45am
Change of date: Kinder Francés Assembly is moving from the 13th to the 27th February
Saturday 28th: Spring Fair 

Upper Primary
Saturday 31st: UP sports morning and Family day 
Wednesday 4th: 3rd Pattenden Assembly, at 9:20 in the PAC
Wednesday 4th: 5th Molina Assembly, at 12:15 in the PAC
Saturday 28th: Spring fair 

Secondary News

New Secondary School Staff - January 2015
As mentioned in last week’s ABC Weekly, we are very pleased to be joined by four new members of staff in the Secondary School. Below are brief welcomes/profiles from our new colleagues:

Paul Andrew Hickey - Mathematics Teacher
I am Paul Hickey, originally from Hull in England but have lived the last four years in Valencia, Spain. I am a Maths teacher with a real passion for my subject but also enjoy sporting activities such as football and rugby in my spare time. 

I arrived in El Salvador in January and so far I have really enjoyed my time here, it is a beautiful country and everyone I have met has been very friendly. 

Raul Ernesto Martinez Osorio - ICT Teacher
Happy New Year! I feel great to share my experience and knowledge with students, and also learn from them. Teaching is what I love.

I have been teaching Science and Technology since 2003. I have worked with secondary and high school students at Colegio Highlands, Instituto Ricaldone and Colegio Santa Cecilia. 

In 2010 I worked with Ministry of Education and Microsoft to develop the first educational robotics program in public schools in El Salvador.

Graziella Elizabeth Monge - English as a Second Language Teacher 
My name is Graziella and I am excited to join the ABC team. I'm Italo-Salvadorian and I have lived in Italy and the UK before coming to El Salvador.

I have been teaching languages to adults and children in El Salvador for the past five years, privately, in academies and in schools.

I like taking pictures, reading books of different types in the original language, where possible, and I love travelling, learning new languages and teaching the ones I already know!

Andrew John Short - Mathematics Assistant 
I am joining the Secondary Maths Team as a Learning Support Assistant. I am from the UK and I am qualified in Engineering and I have an MBA. 

Recently I have come from Milan, Italy, where I worked at the International School in Milan. I also have strengths in behavioural sciences and counseling. 

I am looking forward to working with the ABC students and I hope to make a significant contribution to school life.

Class of 2016 - Circus
Congratulations to the Class of 2016 for their creative and energetic Circus performance ‘Razzmatazz’.

The audience was treated to an explosion of music, dance and imagery as the students presented a bizarre and dramatic alternate existence. 

Grade 11 IGCSE Certificate Presentation Evening - Thursday 29th January (followed by the Grade 11 Parent Teacher Meeting)
Starting at 5.30pm on Thursday 29th of January we have the Grade 11 IGCSE Certificate Presentation Evening in the PAC. Parents, students and teachers will be brought together to celebrate the achievements at IGCSE of our Class of 2016. After the event we have the Grade 11 Parent Teacher Meeting in the Auditorium.

Grade 9 Parent Teacher Meeting - Thursday 29th January 
The Grade 9 Parent Teacher Meeting on Thursday 29th of January will start off with a CAT4 presentation to parents in the Lecture Theatre at 5.30pm. All the Grade 9 students recently sat the CAT4 assessments (the UK’s most widely used test of reasoning abilities). Among other things, the presentation will explain how CAT4 will support ABC in understanding our pupils’ developed abilities and likely academic potential. After the presentation parents will be able to speak to the various subject teachers of their child in the Auditorium.

KS3 Disco
On evening of Friday 27th of February there will be a KS3 (Grades 6-8) Disco in the Performance Arts Centre (PAC). Further details, and tickets, will be available shortly. 

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 23rd January: Circus performance
Monday 26th January - Friday 6th February: IGCSE and IB mock examinations
Thursday 29th January: Grade 11 IGCSE Certificate Presentation Evening. Followed by the Grade 11 Parent Teacher Meeting
Thursday 29th January: Grade 9 Parent Teacher Meeting 
Tuesday 3rd February: Grade 6/7 Parent Teacher Meeting
Thursday 5th February: Grade 8 IGCSE Options Evening. Followed by Grade 8 Parent Teacher Meeting

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