Friday, 13 February 2015

23: Friday 13th February 2015

From the Director

On Monday we are launching our new traits and values as part of our revised philosophy and objectives. These are available to view on the ABC values tab on the main school website. These have been produced following a long consultation which started with parents in early 2014 by Mr. Hobson. I think they are a clear indication of the sort of school we want and the direction we expect the school to move in. Next week on Thursday 19th February I will be formally launching the new Philosophy and Objectives and there will be a guest speaker - Mr. Napoleon Ardaya who will be focusing on practical ideas to help the community support these values and traits. Napoleon is a friend of the school, an excellent speaker and he will also be working with staff on Friday 20th February during our training day when school is closed to students.

We are also expecting Susan Jackson, an expert in strategic planning next week from Great Britain who will be working with the school leadership team and the Board of Governors on strategic planning. Many thanks to so many of you who completed the survey last week which she will be using to help us reflect on the way forward for our school. 

I would also like to point out that we are supporting an intensive SAT preparation course through the ABC Centro de Idiomas which will help our students improve their SAT scores in a 12 week programme leading up to the SAT exams in June. Please contact the Centro de Idiomas if you want more details or would like your son or daughter to attend the taster sessions being organised. You can see more information in the Secondary news section.

I also want to thank those of you who attended the family vigil this week which was a source of inspiration and hope for the community and a reminder of the importance of our families and a positive family life. Thank you to the guest speakers and the Parents Association for arranging this event.

Please remember school is closed for students on Friday 20th and Monday 23rd February for half term.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our traditional Spring Fair will shortly be upon us. the letters of invitation went out last week. As this event is designed to promote the students learning in a real context please note that all students are expected to attend. the Spring Fair committee is already hard at work and teachers are planning the related activities for the week after half term. 

To support the Spring Fair we will be having a non-uniform day on Wednesday 25th February. The students can wear their own clothes to school in exchange for an item for a tombola stall. There will be a bottle tombola for Upper Primary Students, so students can bring in anything ranging from olive oil, through drinks to shampoo (as long as it is in a bottle) for the privilege. For Lower Primary a jar with a lid, perhaps a jam jar that has been finished with, or a pickle jar, that has been thoroughly washed out and filled with something else. Suggestions to put in the jar have included a small hair brush and some hairbands, a nail care kit and some nail varnish, a small lego kit or some other small toys or some luxury sweets. I have seen some ideas online so you could try an internet search engine if you are not sure what to do. the items can be suitable for children or adults, male or female. The jar can also be decorated to give it an individual feel and to create an attractive display. Please make sure all items are new and any food is wrapped. The children’s own clothes on the day should be smart-casual and suitable for school activities. No high heels, beach shoes, strappy tops, exposed midriffs, excessive jewellery or ripped jeans. Please check your child’s choice of clothes before they leave the house!

We are also trying to collect larger prizes for the raffle. If you are a business owner and can donate gift vouchers or a significant item related to your business as a raffle prize, please contact Ms Claudia Aviles in the primary office or a member of the Spring Fair committee team. We are intending to list donations of larger items and vouchers in the event flyer. thank you for your support with this.

At this time of year we sell off our lost and found items so please make sure your child has got all their possessions and that everything is still clearly named otherwise everything we have will be up for sale at the Spring Fair. 

Our Grade 5 campers return today after 2 days of exciting activities that really extend them and develop their character. All carried out in a safe and secure environment and with our confident and well trained teachers supervising and supporting. A wonderful experience for them!

Tomorrow is the end of our first round of entrance assessments when we observe the youngest children to evaluate their readiness to learn and come into school. Very young children develop at different rates and it can be detrimental to start their formal education before they are ready. It is also no reflection on their future academic ability if they are not ready to learn just yet. if you have not signed up your child for the next school year please do so as soon as possible as the available places can disappear very fast.

As part of our IPC work we begin a unit with an ‘entry point’. This is something to engage the students in the unit, develop their curiosity and stimulate them to further learning and research. It is not just a party or event in its own right it is solely designed to promote learning. it can be a very small, low key affair or a bigger extravaganza. If you have anything at home that relates to the unit please share and discuss it with your child as a personal interest can be even more motivating. When the students have studied the unit for a while they start to work towards an exit point. Ideally this is something to bring all their learning together and apply it in a practical way to cement it into the students memory. It is best if these exit points reflect the students own work and achievements or their co-operative skills with a group. 

Very best wishes for a wonderful week.

Sharon Short.
Head of Primary.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Friday 20th: training day for Teachers - no school 
Monday 23rd: half term - no school
Change of date: Kinder Francés Assembly is moving from the 13th to the 27th February
Friday 27th: Kinder Francés Assembly - 7:45am PAC
Saturday 28th: Spring Fair - all students to attend

Upper Primary
Wednesday 18th: Ash Wednesday, Mass at the auditorium from 2:00 - 3:00pm
February 18th 2nd Brooke assembly. 9.20-10.05
February 18th 4th Navas assembly. 12.00-1.00
Friday 20th: INSET day, NO SCHOOL
Monday 23: Half term break, NO SCHOOL
Saturday 28th: Spring Fair - all students to attend

Secondary News

Appointment of the ABC Senior Prefect Team
Prefects are Grade 11/12 students who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and develop personal skills and qualities, including leadership and responsibility. Being a Prefect also provides students with opportunities which will support their applications to university and to work. Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour and attitude at all times, providing a positive role model for other students across the school.

Prefects at ABC are led by the Senior Prefect Team. The Senior Prefect Team consists of two Head Students and, this year, seven Deputy Head Students. Senior Prefects coordinate the other Prefects and they play an important role in helping with the smooth running of the school. 

I would like to announce that, after very careful consideration, we now have our new Head Students and Deputy Head Students.

The Head Students are:
Sabrina Jubis; and, 
Alberto Fuentes.

We know that they will be well-supported by our new Deputy Head Students: 
Andrea Atanacio. 
Camila Tablas. 
Jimena Iraheta. 
Alejandro Alfaro. 
Julian Igualada. 
Andrés Butter. 
Saúl Padilla.


There were many strong candidates for these roles and it was a very difficult decision to make, but we are confident that these students have the necessary qualities to excel in these roles.

As well as announcing the new Senior Prefect Team, I would also like to acknowledge the superb work of the outgoing Senior Prefect Team. They will be a tough act to follow.

Outgoing students:
Andres Carranza - Head Student
Sabrina Escobar - Head Student

Sebastian Diaz-Bazan - Deputy Head Student 
Calixto Hernandez - Deputy Head Student
Tae Soo Kim - Deputy Head Student
Maya McCormack - Deputy Head Student
Isavel McGough - Deputy Head Student

Internet Safety Week
This week has been Internet Safety Week at ABC and, following on from last week’s piece on internet safety, below are some very helpful sources of information on internet safety for teenagers and parents: 

CAT4 Presentations to Grade 6 & 9 Parents
Last night (Thursday 12th of February) we had the Grade 6 CAT4 presentation to parents and earlier this week (on Tuesday 10th of February) we had the Grade 9 CAT4 parents’ presentation. At these meetings we explained how CAT4 can help in intervention, monitoring progress and setting targets for future attainment. We also distributed individualised CAT4 student reports to the parents present. Grade 6 and 9 parents that were unable to make these meetings can direct their son/daughter to collect their personalised CAT4 student report from the Secondary School Office.

Kind regards,

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
Tuesday 16th to Thursday 19th February: Grade 7 & 8 internal examinations
Thursday 19th February: ABC Values Parent Meeting with Napoleon Ardaya, 7pm to 8pm in the PAC.
Friday 20th February: Training day - school closed.
Monday 23rd February: Half term - school closed.
Wednesday 25th February: Grade 12 Parent Partnership (and Cal 2 Reports issued)
Thursday 26th February: Grade 10 IB Options Presentation and Parent Teacher Meeting (with Cal 2 Reports)
Friday 27th February: Key Stage 3 Disco, 6.00pm to 9.00pm in the PAC.

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