Friday, 22 May 2015

35: Friday 22nd May 2015

From the Director 

Our graduating class completed their IB Exams this week and we are now looking forward to the events surrounding their graduation from school which begin with the Ring Ceremony on Wednesday 3rd June and then the HM Reception on Friday 5th June to which Exabrits are invited if they contact Lissett Castro for an invitation. We are especially inviting graduates from 2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990 and so on to come and meet up with each other at this event but you will need to arrange an invitation so we have an idea of numbers attending! In the same week on Tuesday 2nd June at 7 am we are having the second Coffee Morning with the Chair of the Board and myself in the PAC to which parents are invited.

I would like to thank everyone who helped us collect basic foods for victim of the flooding in the coastal area earlier this month. The generosity was amazing and we have had many people thanking the school for its community spirit.

Primary News

Last Friday saw a whole school event organised to signal the start of our science topic on forces. The PE, Science and IPC teams went all out and organised a day of wonderful activities to help students understand forces out on the field, in the swimming pools and in the classrooms. Children had great fun throwing themselves down slip and slides, rolling each other in inflatable tubes and pulling a pickup loaded with their friends, amongst a whole host of other activities. A really enjoyable day of active learning! 

This week 3rd grade hosted the entry point for their new IPC unit about fashion with children coming to school in their most fashionable clothing. 

Tribes have taken part in the inter-tribu cricket competition also this week with lots of great teamwork and healthy competition. Winners will be announced next week.

Thank you to all the upper primary parents who have confirmed their attendance to the report meeting we will be hosting on Monday and Tuesday night. These will be an opportunity to gain further understanding of how we use levels in school and what they mean for your child. Please do come along if you can. 

Next Wednesday members of the upper primary choir will be heading to Cozumel in Mexico to represent our school at an international choir festival. Final preparations are in place and all are excited to be attending this first time event for the ABC. 

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 2nd June 7 am: Coffee with Director and Chair of Board
Friday 5th June: Moving up day
Friday 5th June: Extra-curricular activities ends
Friday 12th June: Reports go home
Wednesday 17th June: Father’s day - school closed
Friday 19th June: Last day of school

Upper Primary
Wednesday 27th May: Primary Choir leave for México international Festival
Tuesday 2nd June 7 am: Coffee with Director and Chair of Board
Thursday 4th and Friday 5th June: 5th Grade moving up day
Friday 5th June: End of extracurricular activities
Monday 15th June: 2nd grade achievement ceremony
Tuesday 16th June: 3rd and 4th grade achievement ceremony
Wednesday 17th June: Father’s Day, no school
Thursday 18th June: 5th grade moving on assembly
Thursday 18th June: 5th grade party
Thursday 18th June Grade 5 Drug information School for parents
Friday 19th June: Last day of school

Secondary News

TELETON campaign
Thank you to all of you who helped support our Teleton campaign in line with the national campaign. As you may may be aware, each year we support Teleton in its mission to achieve the integral rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities to join society. In their work with people they are led by their institutional values, which include honesty, respect, communication, empathy and commitment. At the ABC we share those values and this year we have the pleasure to announce that we managed to raise and donate almost $6,000.00. Well done to everyone that supported this campaign!

Coca Cola Trip - Wednesday 20th May
On May 20th there was a Grade 9 Business Studies Trip to the Coca-Cola Plant in Nixtapa, Nejapa. Nixtapa is the biggest and most modern plant in Central America and the second largest in Latin America.

The idea of the trip was to get first hand experiences of modern production methods - which Business Studies students have just studied in the subject.

The visit began with a little bit of the history of Coca-Cola. Later, students were shown a film promoting Coca-Cola’s values and how they wanted to change and help society. They then toured the factory. Finally, the students went to the cafeteria to enjoy a cold coke. 

Coca-Cola began in 1886 when the Coca-Cola syrup was mixed with carbonated water in a pharmacy in the US city of Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola still has its headquarters in Atlanta, but now operates in almost every country in the world. 

I have observed a number of very tired looking Secondary School students shuffling around the school in recent weeks. According to research almost 80 percent of adolescents don't get the recommended amount of sleep. 

How many hours of sleep should your child be getting and why is it so important?
The ideal amount of sleep for children aged 11 to 18 is between 81/2 and 91/4 hours a night. Sleep is very important for teenagers - while asleep a hormone is released that is important for the growth spurt during puberty. 

A lack of sleep can lead to irritability, behaviour issues, poor grades and feelings of depression. The brain struggles to function when we are tired, we find it harder to concentrate and we become forgetful. Scientific research shows that getting enough regular sleep is as important for a children’s development as healthy eating and regular exercise. Insufficient sleep can also lead to weight gain, because it prevents the production of appetite-controlling hormones.

It can be difficult to encourage older children to keep to a regular bedtime, but it’s important to try. Talk to your child - if they are finding it difficult to get up in the morning, suggest earlier nights. Although establishing a bedtime routine for teenagers can be difficult to enforce it is worth trying.

A good starting point is to get technology out of the bedroom - no TV, computer, game consoles etc. These things entice teens to stay up late; and the lights and sounds trick the brain into thinking it isn't nighttime, which further prevents sleepiness from setting in. If banishing these distractions isn't feasible, agree a time with your child when all technology is turned off for the night. Reducing caffeine can also aid sleep, this includes soda and energy drinks not just tea and coffee.

Sleep is the best meditation” Dalai Lama

Warm regards,

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
Thursday 21st May: start of the Grade 9 (internal) examinations
Friday 22nd May: National Holiday - Monseñor Romero’s Beatification
Wednesday 27th May: Digital Awards (DVA)
Friday 29th May: Grade 8 Solidarity Event
Tuesday 2nd June 7 am: Coffee with Director and Chair of Board
Wednesday 3rd June: Ring Ceremony for Class 2015
Friday 5th June: Headmaster's Reception
Monday 8th June: Grade 9 Work Experience starts 
Thursday 11th June: School closes at 12 noon
Thursday 11th June: 5 pm Class 2015 Graduation Day attended by Grade 9, 10 and 11
Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June: Musical Production - Grease
Saturday 13th to Thursday 18th June: Environmental System field trip to Costa Rica
Tuesday 16th June: Awards Assembly for Grades 6 & 7. Grade 6 Family Day picnic
Wednesday, 17th June: National holiday - Father's Day 
Thursday 18th June: Awards Assembly for Grades 8, 9 & 10
Friday 19th June: Award Assembly for Grade 11. Cal 3 Reports go home with students in Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 & 11. Last day of school

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