Friday, 5 June 2015

37: Friday 5th June 2015

From the Director 

I would like to start by congratulating so many of our sports teams who have been playing this year but especially over these last few weeks. We had a wonderful morning at the German School last weekend celebrating European Union and our ABC teams performed brilliantly as well as showing all the positive sporting attitudes we always expect. Thank you to all the parents who also attended and created such a supporting atmosphere. Yesterday the boys Under 18 team lost a very close Bilingual League final to Josue. Congratulations to Josue of course but also well done to our boys for a magnificent campaign which showed how important teamwork is. We are proud of their effort and their achievement. This month we are thinking about the ABC trait of resilience and I know it plays a crucial part in sport where determination, looking for different ways to succeed and not giving up are vital. It has particularly delighted me to see the resilience and subsequent progress of our Secondary girls volleyball team this year! They can really play! Congratulations to all our sports teams for showing this spirit and showing us the way forward in all areas of our lives. 

Thank you to so many parents who attended the Class 2015 Ring Ceremony this week and we are all looking forward to their graduation next Thursday. We also have performances of Grease coming up and I hope to see many of you there!! Please buy your tickets early

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been good to be back after my trip to the UK and the exciting Mexico Choir Festival. The festival went extremely well with the choir giving a wonderful performances that received enthusiastic applause from everybody watching. the final item of the final concert was all 9 choirs present singing together 3 pieces they had only rehearsed together twice. this performance was stunning as well, receiving a standing ovation and calls for an encore. A very worthwhile experience for all the students who went.

This morning the children went and met their new teachers and classes for an hour or so and had the chance to find their classroom for next year and ask any questions. this was particularly important this year as the classes have been re-mixed. The teachers are delighted with their new classes and the students seemed very happy too. 

The Grade 5 transition meeting took place on Thursday evening. Thank you to those Grade 5 parents who were able to make it. It gave us all a chance to reflect back on the journey our students have made so far and reassure everyone about the new journey they are about to embark on. The Grade 5s also spent two days in secondary finding their feet.

Next Friday 12th June the first performance of Grease takes place at 3.00 pm. This is an ideal time for primary students to come and watch the performance and be inspired. Please get your tickets from Claudia in the primary office. Souvenirs of the show are also on sale with Claudia.

The closing dates for the grade 4 and 5 trips has now passed and the numbers are being checked to see which trips will go ahead. Thank you to everyone who has paid a $100 deposit to confirm their interest.

Best wishes,

Sharon Short

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 5th June: Moving up morning
Friday 5th June: Extra-curricular activities finish for the year
Monday 8th June: Prepa Gray Spanish assembly - 7:30am - PAC
Friday 12th June: Reports go home
Monday 15th June: Trip to Maya Country Club = Kinder Rampone & Kinder Francés
Monday 15th June: Trip to Galaxy Bowling= Prepa Taylor & Prepa Ware
Tuesday 16th June: Trip to Maya Country Club = Kinder Quintanilla & Kinder Suárez
Tuesday 16th June: Trip to Galaxy Bowling= Prepa Watt & Prepa Gray
Wednesday 17th June: Father’s day - school closed
Thursday 18th June: Team Sports finish for the year
Friday 19th June: Last day of school

Upper Primary
Friday 5th June: End of extracurricular activities
Monday 15th June: 2nd grade achievement ceremony
Tuesday 16th June: 3rd and 4th grade achievement ceremony
Wednesday 17th June: Father’s Day, no school
Thursday 18th June: 5th grade moving on assembly
Thursday 18th June: 5th grade party
Friday 19th June: Last day of school

Secondary News

This week we have had the Grade 5 Transition Days. Grade 5 students (soon to be Grade 6 students!) have enjoyed empowerment activities and attended a range of classes. Thank you to all those involved, particularly Ms Chavez and Ms Ale. 

Wednesday night was the Grade 12 Ring Ceremony. Parents, students and teachers were brought together to celebrate this milestone in our students’ lives. 

To the relief of our Grade 10 and Grade 12 students the external exams (IGCSE and IB) are now all over. Time for a well-earned rest. We look forward to welcoming back Grade 10 next week for their IB preparation programme. 

On Thursday and Friday the Grade 11 Art students displayed some amazing pieces of work in the Grade 11 Art Exhibition. We invite you to come in and take a look!

Next week is Grade 9 Work Experience. Thank you to Mr Quijano for all his hard work liaising with local businesses and placing students. Thank you also to the many businesses that have supported our work experience programme by giving our students the opportunity to visit them.

Rehearsals for Grease are going well and everyone is looking forward to the performances next week. Staff and students that have been working tirelessly to prepare for this. 

Students are being encouraged to support the show by purchasing a Grease souvenir (from only $1) from the Secondary School Office. 

Students, or staff, wearing a Grease pin are eligible for daily prizes.

55 minute lessons and a two week timetable
Next academic year we are moving to a 6 period day, with 55 minutes lessons. The timings of the school day will be as follows:
  • Registration 7.00am - 7.20am
  • Period 1 7.20am - 8.15am
  • Period 2 8.15am - 9.10am
  • Period 3 9.10am - 10.05am
  • Break 10.05am - 10.30am
  • Period 4 10.30am - 11.25am
  • Period 5 11.25am - 12.20pm
  • Lunch 12.20pm - 1.05pm
  • Period 6 1.05pm - 2.00pm
We feel that longer lessons (45 minutes to 55 minutes) have a number of benefits: 
  • the most productive part of the learning time -the middle of the lesson- is extended;
  • with fewer lessons each day the amount of time spent changing from one lesson to another is reduced giving us more contact time with students;
  • students have greater time to consolidate what they have learnt;
  • students can participate in a wider range of activities such as project work and practical activities;
  • teachers can deploy a wider variety of teaching styles in a longer period, which can ensure that all students are taught more effectively; and,
  • better learning experiences lead to better performances and achievement.
In order to accommodate the new 55 minutes lessons we have made some small adjustments to the amount of time spent on each subject within our curriculum. Furthermore, to give us enough flexibility to timetable the longer lessons, from August we will also operate a two-week timetable, made up of Week A and Week B. We will help students to be clear about which week is which. Many of us have had positive experiences of two-week timetables and any confusion is usually short-lived and easily overcome.

Warm regards,

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 5th June: Headmaster's Reception
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th June: Bronze Final Expedition to the region of Apaneca, on the Ruta de las Flores
Monday 8th June: Grade 9 Work Experience starts 
Thursday 11th June: Secondary School closes at 12 noon
Thursday 11th June: 5 pm Class 2015 Graduation Day attended by Grade 8, 10 and 11
Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June: Musical Production - Grease
Saturday 13th to Thursday 18th June: Environmental System field trip to Costa Rica
Tuesday 16th June: Awards Assembly for Grades 6 & 7. Grade 6 Family Day picnic
Wednesday 17th June: National holiday - Father's Day 
Thursday 18th June: Awards Assembly for Grades 8, 9 & 10
Friday 19th June: Award Assembly for Grade 11. Cal 3 Reports go home with students in Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 & 11. Last day of school.

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