Friday, 9 October 2015

8: Friday 9th October 2015

From the Director 

I want to start this week by congratulating the ABC Archery Team for participating in and winning the LIV Juegos Estudiantiles National Schools Archery Competition this week. You can see more details and their photo on the ABC ROCs in Action blog

I hope you have had an enjoyable week with time to enjoy with your children. It is important that in our busy lives we find time to spend with our children. I am hoping the ABC Family is going to turn out in their hundreds on Saturday 24th October at 8.30 am when we are hosting the Save the Children Race for Survival. We would like as many children as possible to buy the Save the Children T shirt, come along and support the event where they will be able to play games and have fun. The aim of the event is to raise awareness about the number of newborn babies that die in our country and what we can do to help. We want our children to understand how they can help make a difference. please encourage your children to participate!

On Wednesday 14 October at 8.30 am I will be hosting a coffee event with the Chair of the Board Lic. Ana Maria de Portillo where we will talk about some current issues and also offer you the opportunity to ask some questions. It is a forum where we get a chance to communicate and listen openly to each other. 

As it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in conjunction with it being the ABC’s ‘100 Healthy Days’, we have invited Dr. Cecilia de Monroy, leading clinical oncologist, to talk to parents and wider community on the topic of breast cancer on Tuesday 20th of October (from 6.00pm in the PAC).

Dr. Cecilia de Monroy will also be addressing our Grade 10-12 girls on this topic in a special assembly on Monday 12th of October.

Please note we have now added the Calendar dates for the following school year. They are on the Parents link on the school website. They are also now on the school calendar.

You will find details of the early closure day on Monday 19th October in each of the relevant sections. Have a nice weekend. 

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to those of you who attended the Kinder and Prepa Curriculum nights. I hope you enjoyed the events as much as I did. The staff presented very active and informative evenings for us all to take part in. Thank you to each grade team for all their hard work and preparation.Thank you too to the Madres Enlace for the delicious refreshments.

As mentioned 2 weeks ago, students left in the car park at 2.15 will be taken to PASS club in the Jubilee Library unless they have an older sibling they are happy to wait with. Apparently one or two of you missed this notice and were rude to our staff when you eventually collected them. It is not acceptable for our students to be waiting around for half an hour and it is also not acceptable for the school to leave them unsupervised. The staff duties finish at 2.15 and then staff have other meetings to attend. Therefore the sensible option is to take them to PASS club. Please collect your children promptly!

On Friday 9th October the school held a non-uniform day for all pupils. This was to raise money for Save the Children. Save the Children are working in El Salvador to try and reduce the level of infant mortality. Our school is working specifically to support premature babies who are susceptible to hearing problems. We are trying to raise $5,800 to buy a particular machine that helps deaf premature babies hear. The students were invited to come in their own clothes for $2. They received a pacifier sweet in return to remind them of the cause they are supporting. Our Grade 5s and their Grade Leader Mr Hayward are heavily involved in organising a series of events to help reach the school goal. Please support them with this by sending your child in with two dollars. (LP $2 per family)It is a very worthwhile goal and will make a significant difference.

The PASS club has been very crowded with students just going there to play on the computers. This club is specifically for students who have not been collected, for students waiting for an extra that starts at 3pm and for students who would like help with their homework. Please do not just let your child stay there because they want to. However, in response for the demand to have a free choice computer session we are organising an additional UP computer extra, details of which will be sent out to UP shortly.

On Wednesday our pens and pencils had the day off as we celebrated "No Pen Day". Rather than writing or drawing, the children showed their learning through speaking, listening and movement. They enjoyed a variety of activities both inside and outside, including debates, role plays, practical activities and games. Our pens and pencils came back to work on Thursday, but speaking, listening and movement will continue to play an important part in our learning.

On the 19th October we have first early closure day for staff to plan the curriculum. Please note the following details.
11.25: Grades 7-12 depart (with Primary siblings - older students will go to the primary classrooms to collect their brothers and sisters)
11.45: Grade 1-5 depart with siblings (Upper primary students will collect their younger siblings from the classroom and take them to the car park for collection)
12.15: Pre Kinder - normal collection arrangements apply
12.45: Kinder - normal collection arrangements apply.
12.45: Prepa - leaving 30 minutes earlier than usual

It will be very helpful if the oldest students in your household know exactly which carpark they will be collected from so please discuss this in detail at home.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 9th: Early Closure for Upper Primary and Secondary
Tuesday 13th: First Grade Curriculum Night 6:00pm PAC
Friday 16th: Prepa Taylor Spanish Assembly 7:30am PAC
Friday 23rd: First Sullivan Assembly 7:30am PAC
Friday 30th: First Rivera Assembly 7:30am PAC

Upper Primary
Friday 9th: Primary extra-curricular classes 1st session finishes
Monday 12th: Primary extra-curricular classes 2nd session begins
Wednesday 14th: 5th Guzman Assembly at 9.20 and 12.15 PAC
Wednesday 21st: 4th Linares Assembly at 9.20 and 12.15 PAC
Monday 26th - Friday 30th: UN Week
Friday 30th: UN food fair
Wednesday 28th: 3rd Pattenden Assembly at 9.20 and 12.15 PAC

Secondary News

Grade 6 Empowerment Day and early closure - Monday 19th October
On Monday 19th of October we have our first empowerment day of the academic year. The first empowerment day is for the Grade 6 students and has the theme ‘Friendship and team building’. 

The subsequent empowerment days, with the exception of Grade 11, coincide with the school early closure/staff planning days to minimise disruption to curriculum time. These empowerment days have the following themes:
  • November 21st - Grade 11 ‘Unity’
  • December 8th - Grade 10 ‘Perseverance’
  • February 9th - Grade 9 ‘Stereotypes and labels’
  • April 28th - Grade 7 ‘Ássertiveness and independence’
  • May 20th - Grade 8 ‘Ethical and moral choices’
On Monday 19th October the Secondary School’s classes will end after Period 4 (at 11.25am) and students will leave for the day. The Grade 6 students will remain in school for the empowerment day, along with the Prefects that are working with the Grade 6 tutor groups, and the students will enjoy a free lunch from the ABC cafeteria. 

The empowerment activities for the Grade 6s will start at 12.00pm, after the students have had their lunch from the cafeteria, and will then continue until 5.00pm. Grade 6 parents, please make the necessary arrangements for your child to be collected at 5.00pm on this day. 

On the empowerment days students should come to school wearing their PE uniform, with proper sports shoes. They should also bring with them a towel and a change of clothes. 

Tribal Chief Elections
Thank you to the students that stood in the recent Tribal Chief Elections. The results were close, but the new Tribal Chiefs are:
  • Maya - Raquel Isart and Daniel Garcia
  • Pipiles - Camila Guzmán and José Antonio Palomo
  • Inca - Carlos Guerrero and Maria Fernanda Arteaga
  • Aztecs - Andrés López and Ana Lucía Zablah
Congratulations Raquel, Daniel, Camila, José, Carlos, Maria, Andrés and Lucia.

The Tribal Chief role is to enthusiastically represent their tribes and help organise school events. Tribal Chiefs are expected to set an example to the younger students and to embody the ABC values. 

PAES - Class of 2016
On Wednesday (14th of October) and Thursday (15th of October) next week the Grade 12s will be off timetable to sit the PAES examinations. 

Thank you to all the ABC staff that have have been tirelessly preparing our students for these examinations.

Grade 7 & 8 Know Your School - Thursday 15th October
We look forward to seeing the Grade 7 & 8 parents at next week’s Know Your School event. The evening will start at 5.30pm with a presentation to parents in the PAC. Part of the presentation will be on the theme ‘staying safe’. After the presentation there will be the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their subject teachers in the Auditorium. 

Shoeing Campaign
Please be reminded that from October 12th to October 16th the ABC Shoeing Team will be collecting used shoes for people in need in El Salvador. Students, parents and teachers can donate shoes of any size. All next week there will be boxes in the car parks where shoes can be deposited. 

Students and teachers are invited to, in the words of the Shoeing Campaign organisers, wear ‘crazy’ socks on Monday 12th of October to launch the campaign and to show support this cause.

Colour Run - money raised
The recent Colour Run made an impressive profit of $1,466.82, which will shortly be making its way to deserving local charities. 

Thank you again to all the students, staff, parents and sponsors that made this such an enjoyable and memorable event.

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Kind regards,

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 12th - Friday 16th October: Shoeing Campaign week
Monday 12th October: ‘crazy’ socks day
Wednesday 14th October - Thursday 15th October: PAES exams for Class 2016 
Thursday 15th October: Grade 7 & 8 Know Your School meetings - 5:30pm PAC
Monday 19th October: Early Closure Day for secondary
Monday 19th - Friday 23rd October - Astronomy Week
Monday 19th October: Grade 6 (Class 2022) Empowerment Day - theme ‘Friendship and team building’. 
Thursday 22nd October - Careers Day for Class 2017 and University Fair for Grade 9-12
Friday 23rd October - ABC Founder’s Day
Saturday 24th October - Save the Children Run Event
Mondary 26th October - UN Week
Monday 2nd - Friday 6th November: HALF TERM HOLIDAY
Monday 9th November - British Fortnight begins
Saturday 14th November - Mathscounts Internal ABC competition
Friday 20th November - Guy Fawkes party and Christmas Fair
Saturday 21st November - Grade 11 (Class 2017) Empowerment Day - Theme ‘Unity’
Monday 23rd November - Recycling Week
Tuesday 8th December: Grade 10 (Class 2018) Empowerment Day - Theme ‘Perseverance’

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