Friday, 13 November 2015

12: Friday 13th November 2015

From the Director

I trust you have had a good week. I am hoping to see many of you at school tomorrow supporting our Race for Survival which is launching a campaign to help improve infant mortality rates in El Salvador. Our students have been inspired by this campaign and we are hoping that many of you will be here on Saturday morning to launch the campaign through the Race for Survival.There has been a huge community effort to prepare for this event and I would like to thank everyone involved including of course the Madres Enlace 

I also want to give you a warm invitation to our Guy Fawkes party and Christmas Fair on Friday 20th November. We will have lots of games and activities for children to enjoy as well as our traditional bonfire and fireworks. We hope you will join us for some fun and community celebrations.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is the RACE FOR SURVIVAL TOMORROW - 8.30am. We expect to see you all there for an exciting and enjoyable time, whether you are running or not and whether you have bought the T-Shirt or not. (We hope you did though.) We can make a difference and literally Save the Children from a lifetime of deafness. So let’s do it!

These two weeks are ‘British Fortnight’ and the students are focussing on all things British. Today we had a small english tea party for each grade with a scone and jam and cream if the students wanted it, and a nice drink of squash.

2nd Tutty did a wonderful assembly about remembrance for Remembrance Day and had really thought about the significance. You can see them all here wearing their Poppy’s.

It was co-incidentally the first meeting for the grade 5 UK trip on Wednesday. 

Next Friday it is our annual Firework event ‘Guy Fawkes’ night. I really enjoyed it last year with performances from staff and students, a lovely food court and the firework finale. I hope you have the event in your diary and are planning to bring the whole family along. During the week the students will be undertaking little activities in their classes related to Britain. Such as learning about the Firework Safety code and the history of Guy Fawkes Night.

Please can I appeal to you again to be aware that students arriving late to class cause considerable disruption to their own and everyone else’s education. Please be on time or a few minutes early for school.

Can I also make sure that everyone is aware that it is school policy that students should not bring toys to school unless specifically requested by the class teacher for an activity. The toys cause major upsets and arguments as the children lose sight of what is theirs and what isn’t. Teachers have no way of knowing what belongs to who and there is equal distress when things get lost or broken. We do not need your toys in school. We have our own! Please also send back toys/items that come home that you know do not belong to your family.

Best wishes for a great day tomorrow. See you there!

Sharon Short
Head Of Primary

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Saturday 14th: Race for Survival
Friday 20th: Prepa Taylor assembly 7:30 am PAC
Friday 20th: Guy Fawkes Night
Friday 27th: Prepa Gray assembly 7:30 am PAC
Friday 4th: Prepa Watt assembly 7:30 am PAC
Wednesday 16th: Christmas Shows 4:00 - 6:30 pm PAC
Friday 18th: Last day of term one - finish 11 am with older siblings - NO PLAY ROOM

Upper Primary
Saturday 14th: Race for Survival
Wednesday 18th: 4th grade Spanish Assembly. PAC at 9.20 and 12.15
Friday 20th: 3rd grade Bake Sale
Friday 20th: Guy Fawkes 
Wednesday 25th: 5th Molina Assembly. PAC at 9.20 and 12.15
Friday 27th: 5th Grade Bake Sale
Friday 27th and Saturday 28th: 2nd grade Camping
Wednesday 2nd: 4th Navas Assembly. PAC at 9.20 and 12.15
Friday 4th: 2nd grade Bake Sale
Friday 11th: 4th grade Bake Sale
Friday 11th: UP reports go home
Wednesday 16th: Santa's Festival
Friday 18th: Last day of term one

Secondary News

First Cross Schools’ Student Council Conference - Thursday 12th of November

On Thursday the ABC staged the first Cross Schools’ Student Council Conference. Students from the ABC (the StuCo Executive Team) were joined by the Escuela Americana, Liceé Francés, Colegio Maya and the International School.

The purpose of the conference (the first of very many) was to establish a network of San Salvador student councils/governments in order that hereafter they can collaborate on cross school campaigns and events. There was a real buzz in the LRC as the students got to know each other and shared ideas.

We hope more schools will join us in future conferences.

British Fortnight

As part of the British Fortnight, the following food will be available next week from the Cafeteria:

Monday 16th
Cottage pie

Tuesday 17th
Bacon butty

Wednesday 18th
Toad in the hole

Thursday 19th
Bangers and mash

Friday 20th
Cornish pasty

As well as a ‘taste of Britain’, the Performing Arts Department has staged a number of concerts (and will continue to do so next week) and students have been enjoying British-themed segments in their lessons.

Please be reminded, that the fortnight culminates next week with a night of entertainment with the Guy Fawkes celebration/Christmas Fair (Friday 20th of November).

Parent Partnerships and Parent Teacher Meetings
In the next month we have a number of important events for parents to attend:
  • Grades 10 & 12 Parent Teacher meetings - November 26th
  • Grade 6, 7 & 8 Parent Partnership - December 3rd
  • Grade 9 & 11 Parent Partnership - December 8th
Next week’s ABC Weekly will explain these in detail, along with describing how the arrangements will differ from previous years.

In preparation for the Grade 6, 7 & 8 Parent Partnership parents who do not have an ID will need to come to the school to collect the physical card with photo. If this is not possible then parents, as a temporary solution, can call the ICT office to get their number. Grade 6 to 8 parents will need to input their unique ID number in order to sign-up for the parent partnership workshops that make-up the evening (as said above, more details in next week’s ABC Weekly).

Art Trip
The Secondary School Art Trip to Holland and France was a real success. Thank you to Mrs De Leon and Mrs Mercedes Escalante for giving up their half-term to offer this amazing experience to our students. 

Below are a few words from the teachers:

We returned from our Art trip last Saturday the 9th of November, at 10:00 pm, having met all the trip objectives and visited the main museums in Amsterdam and Paris. These visits provided our students with a better appreciation of a variety art movements and the work of artists that we have studied in class.

It was a pleasant experience to observe the satisfied expressions on the faces of our students, as they admired the art. We hope that this trip was not just a nice experience for the student, but that it has heightened their curiosity, and has motivated them to continue to explore and widen their interests for the arts.

Mrs De Leon and Mrs Mercedes Escalante

I hope to see you at tomorrow’s Save the Children’s ‘Race for Survival’. 

Kind regards,

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
November - aka Movember
Saturday 14th November - Save the Children ‘Race for Survival’
Friday 20th November - Guy Fawkes Party and Christmas Fair
Saturday 21st November - Grade 11 (Class 2017) Empowerment Day: Theme ‘Unity’
Monday 23rd November - Recycling Week
Thursday 26th November - Parent/Teacher meetings for Grades 10 & 12 
Thursday 3rd December - Grade 6, 7 and 8 Parent Partnership
Tuesday 8th December - Grade 10 (Class 2018) Empowerment Day: Theme ‘Perseverance’
Tuesday 8th December - Grade 9 & 11 Parent Partnership
Monday 15th December - Grade 11 (iGCSE) Certificate Awards Evening (6.00pm to 7.30pm)
Friday 18th December - Last day of term

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