Friday, 14 October 2016

7: Friday 14th October 2016

From the Director 

We have introduced our ABC global value this week with displays of the United Nations SDGs around school. These are 17 goals the UN is helping countries around the world to prioritise as we head towards 2030. They are a follow up to the Millennium Development Goals which El Salvador and all countries in the world have been seeking to achieve. We are proud of the work we have done at the ABC to help make progress in these key areas over the last fifteen years. We are keen to continue to work with our students to help them continue to seek ways to help the development of the country. We are continuing to work with Save the Children as well to focus our support in areas where we can make a real difference. We will be celebrating our Colour Run later this month as part of our commitment to supporting Save the Children.

As the school year progresses I want to remind you that there are certain expectations we have of you as parents in the same way that you expect certain things of us. We do expect you to play your part in supporting our work in school, to be positive with your children about school and to help ensure they are ready for school each morning. Your support as parents is vital for your child’s positive attitude towards school and learning. Equally you need to be talking to us about any concerns or issues. We have had a number of parent teacher events across the school recently so you should feel you know us and you do need to talk to us about any concerns as well as inform us of any successes. 

As I walk around school I am always pleased to see the degree to which ABC staff and students work together. Learning is based on a partnership between learners and that requires engagement and involvement on all parts. We are fortunate to have a learning community at our school which is positive and engaged but it is a lesson to all of us that we need to work to ensure our young learners are always actively and willingly involved in their own learning. On that note I have to say how much I enjoyed the Grade 5 assembly last week when we went back in time to Ancient Greece. It was great to see parents joining in with the Greek dancing at the end which I was also invited to participate in. It was great fun! I would like to finish by wishing you all a pleasant weekend with your children.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers.

Our Primary Computing Team is proud to announce the participation of our 4th and 5th Grade Teams in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. The competition will start October 17th and will end December 15th. The students are very enthusiastic and looking forward to start solving the different missions. Each week, one mission will be revealed and the teams will be solving the coding challenges and building extensions to their Dash and Dot Robots using the Wonder App. We all wish them every success.

Our students study through the IPC but they still have experiences relating to different subjects. Through the IPC these subjects are independent yet interdependent. We have noticed that some of our older students are a bit confused with History and Geography. If a natural opportunity arises when you are with them, maybe watching a film or even visiting somewhere, please reinforce these two words and their meaning. It will help make their knowledge secure if they come across it both at home and in school.

We had two IPC exit points today in 2nd and 5th Grade. They will be having entry points for the new units next week.

Our Upper Primary parent conferences have been taking place all this week and will continue next week. If you have not had an appointment please contact the class teacher to make one. Our students feel supported when their parents take an interest in how they are doing.

Over the next few weeks Lower Primary are inviting parents in to see the international work the children have been doing in class and to share an activity with them. This is building up to United Nations week.

On the 28th October there will be the annual ‘Colour Run’ as a fundraiser for Save the Children. If you haven’t heard of this before, it is a very exciting event that our students participate in very enthusiastically but it is incredibly messy. We are having a non-uniform day that day when students can wear jeans and the Colour Run t-shirt but I strongly recommend that for the race itself the students bring old clothes to change into and have a pair of goggles to protect their eyes. As part of the race (or walk) the students have powder paint (completely washable) to distribute as they go. The older students manage to get themselves covered in it and love every minute. The letters regarding buying the kit have already gone out so if your child would like to take part please read the letter carefully and send the money into school. As always in a named and sealed envelope. For any of our younger students who would like to be involved but do not want to stay for the actual race itself we are planning an alternative activity at approximately 11.00 am in the Lower Primary area. It will still be messy and fun. For those students who do not want to participate in the run but would like to wear jeans and a T-shirt, they can, if they bring in a dollar. 

Have a great weekend and week ahead.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 18th: 1st grade Curriculum Night - 6:00pm - PAC
Friday 21st: 1st Henríquez assembly - 7:30am - PAC
Monday 24th October - 1st Gray trip to Pizza Hut Las Cascadas - 9:00am
Tuesday 25th October - 1st Pineda trip to Pizza Hut Las Cascadas - 9:00am
Tuesday 25th: Kinder Curriculum night - 6:00pm - PAC
Wednesday 26th October - 1st Henríquez trip to Pizza Hut Las Cascadas - 9:00am
Thursday 27th October - 1st Padilla trip to Pizza Hut Las Cascadas - 9:00am
Friday 28th: Prepa Ware assembly - 7:30am - PAC
Friday 28th : Colour Run and Jeans day.
Monday 31st - Friday 4th: Half term Holiday

Upper Primary
Wednesday 19th: 4th García Prieto Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC
Wednesday 26th: 3rd Brenes Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC
Friday 28th : Colour Run and Jeans day.
Monday 31st-Friday 4th: Half term Holiday

Secondary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

PAES Exams
On Wednesday and Thursday of this week our G12 students have completed an important milestone in their secondary education by completing their PAES exams. They have been working hard towards these exams and we are confident of their success. 

Unfortunately for them they cannot sit back and relax yet! They are now turning their full attention to the completion of their IB assessments and preparation for their IB exams next year. A busy academic year but a very important one and we ask that parents encourage their child to maintain a well-organised study programme while at the same time helping them to maintain a healthy and well-balanced routine.

The Secondary campus is always full of activity and events which are making it a very interesting experience for me as I get to know the ABC community better. Last Friday and today the Music Department has staged two informal performances at lunchtime. These two ‘Unplugged’ concerts have showcased some fantastic musical talent and I have very much enjoyed listening to these young musicians. I hope that we will be able to persuade some of them to perform for the wider ABC community in the near future. The talented performers have been:

Fabiola Bukele 
Karina Castaneda
Sara Vindel
Kim Hae In
Silvana Escobar
Daysi Orellana 
Paul Valladares
Roberto Arrieta
Diego Garcia
Diego Arevalo

Our CAS programme provides opportunities for students to lead many awareness-raising opportunities in the school which also raise money for good causes. Cancer Awareness month is a good example with the Locks of Love event as well as the sale of pink items to raise funds.

LOCKS of LOVE Activity organised by ACTUA, Tuesday, October 11th
Well done to all the women and girls who donated their hair for this worthwhile cause and to the members of ACTUA for organising it. These before and after photos show what a valuable resource has been donated. This hair will be used to make wigs for young cancer patients undertaking treatment.

Grateful thanks to all these donors:

Adriana Arevalo
Paola Portillo
Erika Landaverde
Natalia Mayorga
Alissa Velasquez
Carolina Perez
Adriela Grijalba
Rosario Fernandez
Savannah Leavitt
Carolina Perez
Ana Cecilia Hernandez
Rebecca Herrera
Valentina Torres
Paola Samayoa
Lia Guadalupe Lopez
Fatima Fernandez

This event is regularly organised by the Prefect Team and this year will be held as part of our United Nations Week celebrations. We will be 'thinking globally and acting locally' by donating all proceedings to the NGO Save The Children to raise awareness of premature births and infant mortality around the globe.

This year, we will have a jeans day to promote this Sustainable Development Goal, culminating in the Colour Run. It will be filled with fun activities, great food and music.

The race will take place on Friday 28th of October and the cost of the running kit will be $10 (T-shirt, bandana, coupons).

We hope that as many students and staff as possible will take place in this event to support the SDG and have fun at the same time.

Congratulations to Carmen Lorena Córdova Guandique, 12B, the winner of the competition to design the T-shirt for this year’s Colour Run.

Careers Day 
On Thursday 20th October we will be holding our annual Careers Day for Grade 11 students. They will be able to hear speakers representing a variety of professions and careers, a valuable opportunity to consider a wide variety of career paths that may be open to them. There will also be representatives from El Salvadoran and US universities as well as representatives from banks to answer questions that parents may have concerning the funding of university courses. PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THIS EVENT FROM 10AM TILL 3PM.

Secondary dates for your diary
Saturday 15th:   IB Geography Field Work Trip
Monday 17th: University Fair (Northwestern University, NYU (New York City), Vanderbilt University, John Hopkins, and Michigan State University)
Wednesday 19th: Visit from Loyola University
Thursday 20th: Grade 11 Careers Day
Saturday 22nd: Student Council Training Day, Class of 2018 Empowerment Day & Geography IB Fieldwork Trip
Friday 28th: Colour Run
Saturday 12th: Geography IB Fieldwork Trip

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