Thursday, 23 February 2017

22: Thursday 23rd February 2017

From the Director

I would like to start this Newsletter with a huge thank you to so many of my colleagues who have helped this term during the absence of Ms. Catlin. I am pleased to report that Ms. Catlin is doing very well during her treatment but in all reality we do not expect to see her back in school this term. The help and support of all the staff has been amazing but I particularly want to thank Natalia Cáceres and Adrian Hall in the Secondary Leadership Team who have worked tirelessly this term. I would also like to particularly thank Carmen Chávez, Alex Kilford and Kay Brown who have also taken on extra responsibilities.

In my role I am privileged to see wonderful moments in the life of our school. Last night I went down to the Auditorium where I could hear there was a basketball game going on. It was the U12 boys playing and they were losing 17-15 when I arrived. I noticed one of the Primary School boys sitting alone and he was crying. I went up to talk to him and he told me that he had failed. He had failed because he had missed a basket and his team was losing. I talked to him and asked him if he had tried his best and he told me he had. I told him that meant he was not a failure - he had done his best and thanks to him his team was still doing very well. His coach was also telling him he had done a great job and he was proud of him! I sat with him and we watched the last part of the game as our boys came back to win 23 - 21. He was suddenly transformed as he jumped up and celebrated with his team. It made me realise how fragile our emotions can be and how important it is that we support and encourage our young learners. They can be so harsh on themselves and need to realise that when they try their best there is no more we can expect of them. After the game I left feeling very positive about school and the way we support our children! I also was proud of our ABC parents who were there supporting the team. They encouraged the team in a positive way and they did not celebrate when our opponents missed a basket. Congratulations!

I hope you all have a lovely Half term holiday and look forward to seeing you back in school next Wednesday.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you all had fun on Saturday, enjoyed the student performances and felt good helping to raise funds for the Parents Association to support the school. It is always a popular event and this year was no exception.

On Monday evening it was the Prepa late night event. The students really enjoyed applying some of their knowledge and skills about light, or the absence of it, around the school in the dark. They used their torches, re-lived stories from books that related to light and looked at the stars or planets- venus and mars were visible that night. They were all very happy and having a great time learning when I was there. As always we say a big thank you to our staff for giving up their time to make the event happen and also to our 10th grader who brought along his excellent telescope for the students to look through and gave of his time. He even explained the solar system to them!

Today has been Teleton T-Shirt and Jeans day. We know you are very generous in supporting this event and we wanted the students to have two opportunities to wear their T-shirts, helping to make the purchase even more worthwhile. The main event is after half term on Friday 3rd March.

Don’t forget, Friday, Monday and Tuesday the school is closed for half term.

On the 4th March we have the Upper Primary Sports and Family morning. The students have practised the events this week to make sure everyone, including the teachers, knows which way they are going! This is usually a lovely time for all, with families cheering on the students in the events and also an opportunity for everyone to relax together. All students in UP are expected to attend.

March 18th is the Primary Fair. This is also a lovely event for families with lots of activities for students of all ages to participate in and of course the learning experience of running the stall for a short time. The decorated jars are beginning to arrive for the tombola and the raffle prizes are being collected. If you would like to donate in this way please contact the school secretaries for more information. This event has a very noble fundraising goal. It is part of our ‘Fairs to Educate’ programme. It provides scholarships for students from less well off families to attend local schools and colleges. This allows them to be able to support themselves in later life. The fair has been known to get quite hot so make sure everyone has their sunscreen on. Please remember to sell your raffle tickets too.

On a final note. We have regrettably discovered that some young children are watching pornographic cartoons at home. At first glance a cartoon looks harmless enough but please look again, these cartoons are very graphic and have inappropriate language. Remember you can also check your child’s browser history to see what they have been watching. Please be extra careful about what your child can access and do not let them use the Internet unsupervised.

Finally, please take a look at this summer camp alternative that some of our ABC community members are involved in:

The experience of a lifetime CISV International...
With over 60 years of experience in summer villages around the world, CISV is a great summer camp alternative for your child.
We are an organization dedicated to educating and inspiring action for peace.
We believe that we can help change the world by providing life changing
Experiences and building global friendships that last a lifetime.
We offer an exciting blend of seven educational programs and amazing volunteer
opportunities for the young and the young at heart. Our fun, ‘learning by doing’ programs
begin with our Village, a four-week residential camp for 11-year-olds and moves up to Seminar
camp for 17/18-year-olds.
What is peace Education?
The purpose behind Peace Education is to develop the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge to help individuals become Active Global Citizens.
What is “Experimental Learning”?
Learning by doing
Our four content areas of Education are:
What will your child gain from attending one of our programs?
-Your child will develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to become an Active Global citizen.
-They will have the opportunity to make lasting friendships with other children from around the world in a fun, safe environment.
-Your child will develop an 'anything is possible' attitude, leadership and communication skills and an understanding of the world around them.
Safety is our priority:
With 60 years of experience and a Risk management department, both local and International ,we
take safety very serious. Training and background checks on adults in positions of responsibility for children and general CISV rules are in place to ensure that all children who are entrusted into CISV’s care are safe at all times. All of our travelling delegates travel with a CISV international insurance policy.
For more information on our Risk Management Policies please visit
Your Child is ready to make a difference!
*Apply now!!! Our selection process for the 2017 programs just started .
Please contact Jimena Palacios at 79216290, or register at

Best wishes,
For a lovely long weekend,
Sharon Short
Head of Primary and Primary Safeguarding Officer.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Thursday 23rd: Early closure and Teletón jeans Day
Friday 24th, Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th February - Half term holiday

Friday 3rd: Teletón jeans day
Friday 3rd: End of 3rd extra-curricular activities session
Monday 6th: Start of 4th extra-curricular activities session
Tuesday 7th: Kinder Quintanilla trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Wednesday 8th: Kinder Suárez trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Thursday 9th: Kinder Cáceres trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Wednesday 15th: Kinder Rampone trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Friday 17th: Pre-Kinder Carbajal assembly - 7:45 am - PAC
Saturday 18th: Primary Fair
Friday 24th: Pre-Kinder González assembly - 7:45 am - PAC
Friday 31st: Pre-Kinder Siri assembly - 7:45 am  - PAC

Upper Primary
Thursday 23rd: Early closure and Teletón jeans day. Upper Primary goes home at 11:30 a. m.
Friday 24th, Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th February - Half term holiday

Friday 3rd: Teletón day- Jeans Day
Friday 3rd: End of 3rd Extracurricular Term - PRIMARY
Saturday 4th: UP Sports Morning & Family Day
Monday 6th: Start of 4th Extracurricular Term - PRIMARY
Wednesday 8th: 2nd Lawrence Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 PAC and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC
Saturday 18th: Primary Fair
Wednesday 22nd: 3rd Sullivan Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 PAC and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC
Wednesday 29th: 2nd Spanish Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 PAC and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC

Secondary News

Dear parents and carers,
A busy week running up to our half term break this week! Grade 10 and 12 students can access their CAL 2 reports on their iSAMS Student portal and we encourage parents to go over their achievements in relation to their Cal 1 results and share in reflecting with them their approach to these Mock exams: how they used a revision timetable, how they looked after their health, sleeping and free time. This is an excellent opportunity to establish targets for their CAL 3 and final IGCSE and IB grades.

A Better World Project
From Mrs García
Each year our 6th grade students take part in the A Better World Project, an ABCICT global initiative.
During the project, students explore global issues, learn about the UN SDGs and engage in research activities, while fine-tuning their research skills. They learn search strategies, evaluate websites and learn how to take notes.
To learn more, please visit their Blog at

Life Skills
As you know, a very important part of our curriculum is our Life Skills programme. With the growing and changing demands on our teens today, this programme needs to be as up to date as possible on current issues and provide them with the space to discuss and develop their Life Skills. We are doing some research into this right now and as part of this, we are consulting with our teachers and students. We would like to ask you as parents to also be involved in sending us some feedback. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for the programme, please could you contact Ms Carmen Chávez, our Life Skills coordinator, at . Thank you in advance for your valuable input.   

Celebrating Francophone day
From Mme Escobar
"Dans le cadre de la célébration de la "Francophonie 2017", le Département de Français  organisera le 1er festival gastronomique-culturel; Franco-Salva-Canadien pour promouvoir la diversité culturelle francophone. Les élèves et les professeurs présenteront une variété d’activités culturelles qui représenteront les trois pays concernés.
Cette activité aura lieu dans les installations du PAC de l’ABC le Vendredi 24 mars 2017 et c'est seulement pour les élèves. "

En el marco de la celebración de la "Francofonía 2017", el departamento de Francés organizará el 1er festival gastronómico-cultural, Franco-Salva-Canadien a fin de promover la diversidad cultural francófona.
Los alumnos y los profesores presentaran una diversidad de actividades culturales que representarán los 3 países involucrados. Esta actividad tendrá lugar en las instalaciones del PAC de la ABC el viernes 24 de marzo 2017 y es solamente para alumnos.

KS3 Parent Partnership “Internet Safety”
On Tuesday 21st of March we are hosting a parent partnership for parents of Grades 6, 7 and 8. As you know we have recently been celebrating our “Safer Internet” week, something we do every year, as we recognise how important it is to be constantly reminding our teens how to protect themselves online and manage a healthy relationship with their virtual lives through their use of the internet and their social medias. Please make a note in your calendars to join us in the discussion of this important topic. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 21st of March at 6.00 pm in the PAC.

It was wonderful to see so many of our ROCs demonstrating their solidarity by supporting our first Teletón Jeans day. If your child has not purchased their t-shirt, they are still being sold in the school office and our next Jeans Day and Teletón day is on Friday 3rd of March.

We wish you a very relaxing half-term break with your family. See you back in school on Wednesday the 1st of March!

Warm regards,
Natalia Cáceres Escalón

Friday 24th, Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th - Half term holiday, school closed

Thursday 2nd - Grade 10 IB Options & Parent/Teacher Meetings - Auditorium, 4:30pm
Friday 3rd - Teletón day - Jeans day & SCIENCE Fair for Grade 6 & 7
Monday 6th - Grade 8 IGCSE Options & Parent/Teacher meetings - Auditorium, 4:30pm
Thursday 9th to Monday 13th - HACIA Democracy trip to Panama
Friday 10th - ABC STEAMFEST
Saturday 11th - SAT test, 8 am
Monday 13th to Friday 17th - Bicultural Arts Festival Week
Tuesday 14th - Grade 12 IB Art inauguration day
Tuesday 21st - Parent Partnership Meeting on Internet Safety
Wednesday 22nd - Grade 9 and 11 exams start
Friday 24th - 1er festival gastronomique-culturel Francophone
Friday 31st - Grade 8 Art Trip to Bicentenario (San Salvador) and end of Grade 9 and 11 exams

Saturday 1st to Saturday 18th April - Business Department Trip to UK and France
Sunday 2nd - Bicultural Music Festival
Friday 7th - Last day of Term two
Monday 10th to Friday 21st - Easter holidays, school closed
Monday 24th - Back to school to first day to Term three
Wednesday 26th - Last day for Grade 12 students in classes (proper working day)

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