Friday, 7 April 2017

28: Friday 7th April 2017

From the Director

I am writing this message from Sao Paulo where I am attending the Latin American Heads Conference. It is interesting to see other British style schools and discuss issues which are relevant to schools across Latin America. I realize we do so many things well but it does help us reflect on things we can do even better.

Before I left I was able to witness the performance of our Under 18 boys football team in the final of the bilingual league. They have had a great tournament and played very well as a team but on this occasion after drawing 1-1 they were defeated in a penalty shoot out. They were disappointed but we were very proud of their effort and their season. I am delighted to say that the following evening our Under 16 boys won their bilingual league final with a victory over the Escuela Americana. Our Under 14 boys team has also reached the final of their event. Well done to everyone involved with these teams and their successes.

To continue on the sporting successes news has just reached me that the ABC has just won the schools swimming championship for the first time in three years. Congratulations to all our swimmers, coaches and parents. I am sorry I was not there to witness it!

Yesterday, your children brought home a folder with an Identification Form sent by our Accounts Department. This needs to be filled out and brought to our Administration offices no later than April 28th.

I would like to wish you all a happy and safe Semana Santa and look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday April 24 April.

Primary News
Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope the Lower Primary students and parents all enjoyed the Sports morning and family day last Saturday. We were blessed with an overcast sky, (We don’t say that very often in England!) so it was not too hot for everyone and of course none of the students missed an opportunity to get wet in the water games. I was pleased to see the physical skills the students were demonstrating and their abilities to follow instructions and take turns. Well done to all the students. Well done too to the parents who had the chance to take part in some of the events. Everyone was very careful of the children and enjoyed the chance to have another go at the things they may have done in the past. Thank you as well to the Madres Enlace who organised the food options and the bouncy castle to entertain the children who were not competing. Our biggest thanks though go to the PE staff who organised the event and gave up their Saturday to run it and to the teaching staff and Team Sport staff who also gave up their time to support the students with the activities. I was very impressed with the care they demonstrated to individual  students and the time staff took to make sure every child felt encouraged and knew how to participate. The PE team have some photos at the . I am sure you all had an enjoyable and relaxing day.

Following the sporting weekend we continued with the Swimming Galas. We like to congratulate our best athletes but we also like the event to be enjoyable for all the children and we know the team games where everyone can take part are extremely popular.  Well done to everyone who took part and especially to those students who have worked hard and won a medal as a result. Thank you again to our PE staff who have had a very busy time lately! You can also see photos from the galas on the blogspot mentioned above.

The Prepa students enjoyed a trip to Joya de Ceren this week where they learned even more about buildings, this time from the past. They had tried some of the methods used by the Mayas in class on a small scale and were able to appreciate the skill of the people about 1400 years ago. Grade 1 had a trip out to Atlantis water park and arrived back thoroughly worn out but very happy from their adventures. Kinder went on an Easter egg hunt at Tenerife and they too came back as very happy bunnies. As it happens they left school as happy bunnies at the beginning of the day because they had all made rabbit ears to wear for the event!

As part of our CIS review we asked our school councillors some questions about our school values and other aspects of school life. Here are their comments. I am sure you will be as proud as we are of such articulate, mature and sensible Grade 5s. They sound like ROCs already.

Victor - We are always creative, We do something creative everyday.

Luciana - I think our school shows our values because we learn the values everyday, We work in groups and partners as leaders and team players. We show respect to our classmates and the janitors by picking up rubbish

Enrique - Every day we learn about values and every week and month we are encouraged to think about and understand how the values we learn will be how we need to act as responsible citizens when we go out to work and become adults.

Luciana - The people who graduate from our school leave with a set a values that enable them to be independent and make their own decisions.

Victor - Sometimes we show independence by working alone or completing our role within a group.

Enrique - The values we learn in school help us to become a very important part of society in the future and take important decisions.

Luciana - We work with our parents in our learning and we talk with them about issues from all around the world. They help us understand more things and encourage us to find things out for ourselves and ask our teachers for help.

Enrique - I admire that my teachers don’t miss anything and expect us to behave very well which helps become a ROC student.

Victor - We show international mindedness every time we have IPC

Julie - I like that our school helps with bullying and you sit with us and help us figure it out.

Luciana - I also like that we do lots of activities to raise money for others, We are not selfish and we share our money because we have more than others and we are able to share with others that need it.

Enrique - I like that teachers give loads of support toward your learning. They try to make you understand and they don’t stop until you do. Teachers and staff show resilience by doing that.

Julie - We learn in a happy and funny way, they don’t make it boring for us. School should be fun.

Victor - I like when we do IPC and science because we do really cool experiments that we get to do and gives us skills for life.

Enrique - I love that the school is really well organised and clean and tidy. The men in blue are very hard working and they deserve our respect.

Luciana - I love IPC as not all schools do it and we do great topics like Moving People and learn about migration. It’s very important to be aware of the things that are happening in life.

Julie - Our school teaches us to care about the world. We recycle, not to smoke, to put rubbish in the bins.

Enrique - I love that the school always uses its motto and we learn that effort leads to success and that motto make students more enthusiastic towards learning.

Victor - I love that we have values that some other schools maybe don’t, like open-minded. That helps me believe that anything is possible.

Today signals the start of a well earned rest for students and staff. I sure you will wish to join me in thanking our dedicated teachers for another term of hard work encouraging our students.  

Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you all bright and early on the 24th April.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary and Primary Safeguarding Officer.

Lower Primary
Monday 24th: First day of Term 3
Monday 24th: Prepa Butler Swimming lesson - LP pool - 8:10 - 8:55am
Tuesday 25th: Prepa Taylor Swimming lesson - LP pool - 8:10 - 8:55am
Wednesday 26th: Prepa Ware Swimming lesson - LP pool - 8:10 - 8:55am
Thursday 27th: Prepa Macdonald Swimming lesson - LP pool - 8:10 - 8:55am

Upper Primary
Tuesday 4th:
2nd Swimming Gala 9:00 a. m a 10:30 a. m
3rd Swimming Gala 11:00 a. m a 12:30 p.m
Children may go home after the event.

Friday 7th:
4th Swimming Gala 9:00 a. m a 10:30 a. M
5th Swimming Gala 11:00 a. m a 12:30 p.m
Children may go home after the event.

Friday 7th: Last day of Term 2 -
Monday 24th: First day of Term 3

Secondary News

Dear parents and carers,
What a term! I would like to begin by saying a huge thank you to all the community of staff who have tirelessly worked hard to make everyday a great experience for our students. I hope they take time to rest and relax and enjoy some recreational time with their family and friends and I look forward to the next term which I know will be just as rewarding as this one has been.

I had the pleasure to attend our U18 and U16 football matches this week and have been left with a feeling of great pride of our athletes. Truly they embody our vision of being ROCs! The mature and responsible attitude and sportsmanship displayed were inspiring. They certainly put the name of the ABC in high. Huge congratulations to them all for a fantastic season and of course in particular to the U16 boys who for two consecutive years have won the Bilingual League Championship! Go bulldogs!

Our Team sports programme has certainly closed this term on a high note! Not just in Football but also today we learnt from Mr Lima that our team is number 1! You can read his message below:

From Mr Oscar Lima- Primary School Head of PE
Tengo el agrado de comunicar a todos ustedes que el equipo de natación del colegio se corono campeón estudiantil de natación nuevamente después de dos años de haber perdido con el fuerte equipo de FESA.
El equipo de la ABC está formado por alumnos desde Prepa hasta 12avo. en total fueron 90 los que nos acompañaron en las tres duras jornadas en las cuales nuestros alumnos dieron su mejor esfuerzo, Muchas gracias a todos ustedes que tienen alumnos en sus clases que nadan.

We close this week with more student achievement and creativity in the Arts. The Paw Print has published their second edition and the Spanish Department has launched their annual poetry competition “Poetas de la Paz” and already we are receiving such wonderful poems! Below you can find out more about each one.

The Paw Print
Short stories! Amazing poetry and supermarket reviews! and our monthly playlist along with the incredible "Fab or Trash" segment. This second edition of the Paw Print is fun and enjoyable.
Thank you to all the students who participated! Keep it up!
We hope this edition keeps you entertained and motivated:

From Mrs Rossi- Head of Spanish   Como todos los años, el departamento de español organiza el concurso de poesía para todos los alumnos de la ABC, sección secundaria.El concurso se inició el 2 de abril y cerrará el 12 de mayo. En esta oportunidad, el motivo del concurso tiene un referente local ya que en El Salvador se celebra el aniversario de los Acuerdos de Paz y, por este motivo, se titula Los poetas de la paz. Este viernes, los alumnos de octavo grado, junto con sus profesores de español, realizaron una actividad recreativa en donde reflexionaron sobre la paz mundial a partir de un vídeo y una canción sobre un hecho histórico de la primera guerra mundial. También confeccionaron carteles con poesías grupales e ilustraron unos separadores de libros con motivos del artista salvadoreño Fernando Llort. Una vez más, pusimos en práctica nuestro lema de pensar en forma global y actuar localmente. Esperamos que en casa puedan conversar en familia sobre este valor y los alienten para participar en el concurso. En la página de español de la ABC podrán encontrar más información.

Last but certainly  not least, we look forward to the upcoming school musical The Sound of Music. Our actors and staff continue to be very busy rehearsing and putting together what I know will be a fantastic show! Tickets are being sold in the school office. Do not miss it!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter break with your loved ones and I look forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday 24th of April!
Kind regards,
Natalia Cáceres Escalón

Secondary dates for your diary

Saturday 1st to Saturday 18th April - Business Department Trip to UK and France
Saturday 1st- International Award expedition to Santa Ana Volcano
Friday 7th - Last day of Term two
Monday 10th to Friday 21st - Easter holidays, school closed

Monday 24th  - First day of Term three
Wednesday 26th - First IGCSE exam and last day for Grade 12 in classes (proper working day)
Thursday 27th, Friday 28th  and Saturday 29th - School musical production the ‘Sound of Music’
Friday 28th - First IB exam and last day of lessons for G10

Monday 1st  - National Holiday for Labour Day - school closed
Monday 8th - G11 Parent Partnership - University Application Process - 6pm PAC
Wednesday 10th - National Holiday for Mother's' Day - school closed

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