Friday, 9 June 2017

36: Friday 9th June 2017

From the Director

I had the pleasure of hosting the Accion de Gracias on Wednesday evening with the graduating Class of 2017. I am in the enviable position where I get to personally greet every graduate and their close families and share their celebration. The Auditorium was packed with well wishers for the event and I know all the families are looking forward to the rest of the celebrations.

At this time of year we always say farewell to a number of people. I need to say a big thank you to two of them. Catherine Corry who has been part of the ABC for many years and has been crucial in leading change in the Lower Primary school is leaving. We are very grateful for all she has done in our community. Chris Hall our Upper Primary Deputy Head is also leaving to return to the UK with his family after four years with us. I would like to thank him for all his work and leadership in the Primary School. Marianne Taylor will be our new Deputy Head of Lower Primary and we are welcoming Thomas McNeil, currently working in Qatar, to become our new Deputy Head of Upper Primary.

Today marks the final day of the IGCSE exams for the Class of 2019 and I would like to congratulate them for all the hard work they have put in and look forward to the results in August. It is nice to have all the international examinations complete and the Class of 2019 will now be focussing on preparation for their IB programme next year. I am looking forward to seeing them all back in school on Monday.

This week we made a $520 donation to Hospital Bloom from the funds raised at our traditional Spooky Cellar during the Guy Fawkes celebration. Thank you to Andrés Figueroa and Diego Behrens who made the donation on behalf of the Student Council.

On Monday we will be celebrating success across the school with our annual lap of honour. In the evening we have the Logros Events for some of our champions during this year. Congratulations to all students involved in the lap of honour who will be wearing their team colours for the lap of honour.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

We were very pleased with the parent turn out for the final UK Trip meeting. Everyone was very supportive and asking sensible questions. We know the students will have a great time. We have made some changes to our itinerary in the light of recent events in London. 

I would like to ask you to ensure your children understand that they cannot sell things in school without my personal permission. Some of our young entrepreneurs have got a little bit carried away. Please also note that ‘fidget spinners’ are not allowed unless they are recommended in writing by a psychologist for a particular student.

On Monday morning we will have a Lap of Honour for students who have participated in special events including sports teams, DVA awards and choir performances. Students can wear a t-shirt related for their event on the day. Every participant needs to be in the Auditorium by 7.15am so please bring your child in a few minutes earlier to allow them to get there.

Today is the last day for extra curricular activities with the teachers this year. If you are not able to pick your children up earlier they can go to Pass Club for a very small and reasonable fee. TeamSports will continue until the last day of term so if your children are involved in any of those they will be carrying on. 

On Thursday Kinder walked to The Maya Country Club. It was a first time experience for some of our students and actually some of them expressed that they had never walked on the sidewalk before. When they arrived there was a big slide waiting for them. Some of the children were eager to try it out.

Others took a while longer to have a go and some others decided they were still not ready for it. At the end of our field trip all of them had a story to take home!

I wanted to share with you the principles of next step marking. In upper primary particularly we use a method where we recognise two things a student has done well and then find one thing we would like them to improve. We use two colours so the students can see at a glance what went well and focus on the points. We are ‘tickled pink’ which means ‘very pleased’ in English with the things we mark pink (or purple sometimes as it shows up better) and ‘green for growth.’ The idea is that students always know what they need to do to get better. These items are often discussed with the students as well to make sure there is no confusion. The students also have ‘success criteria’ so they know what the teacher is particularly looking for in a piece of work. They can then check for themselves or with a friend at the end to see if they included them.

In 3rd Sullivan, they are reading The Water Horse by Dick King-Smith. As well as linking to the IPC topic On Tap, it is giving them lots of opportunities to write the genres they have learned earlier in the year; here is an example of a non-chronological report. There are many on display in the classroom. You can see how the pink/purple ticks have been used to identify positives and green for things to look at again or improve..

The ‘Effort Leads to Success’ Assemblies will be starting next week. Please make sure you have booked the slot in your diary and arrive in good time to allow for traffic issues.

As Mr Keslake mentions above Ms Corry and Mr Hall are leaving the school this year. 

Ms Corry has been a dedicated teacher and senior leader and we will all miss her. The world class Lower Primary that we have today is largely down to her vision and commitment to providing the very best for our children. We wish her all the best with her move. 

Mr Hall has also worked very hard in his four years in school and has led Upper Primary in new and better directions. He too has a clear vision of best educational practice and has supported the staff with recent modifications to their teaching and classroom arrangements. We wish him every success back in the UK.

On a personal note both have been a great support to me in my role as Head of Primary and allowed me function easily because they have worked so conscientiously in their sections. We hope they will both stay in touch.

Enjoy the weekend.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary and Safeguarding Officer

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Friday 9th - Extracurricular classes - 5th session finishes
Monday 12th - Prepa Macdonald trip to Lego Education El Salvador - 8:15am
Tuesday 13th - Prepa Butler trip to Lego Education El Salvador - 8:15am
Tuesday 13th - Pre-Kinder Siri & Pre-Kinder Carbajal trip to Pizza Hut Las Cascadas-8:30am
Wednesday 14th - Prepa Taylor trip to Lego Education El Salvador - 8:15am
Wednesday 14th - Pre-Kinder Francés & Pre-Kinder González to Pizza Hut Las Cascadas - 8:30am
Thursday 15th - Prepa Ware trip to Lego Education El Salvador - 8:15am
Tuesday 20th - 1st Gray & 1st Pineda trip to Maya Country Club - 8:30am
Wednesday 21st - 1st Henríquez & 1st Padilla - trip to Maya Country Club - 8:30am
Friday 16th - LP reports go home
Friday 23rd - Last day of school - students leave early

Upper Primary
Friday 9th: Last day of extracurricular term 5
Monday 12th: 2nd Grade Effort Leads to Success Assembly 8:30-10:00 am PAC
Tuesday 13th: 3rd Grade Effort Leads to Success Assembly Assembly 7:30 - 9 am PAC
Wednesday 14th: 4th Grade Effort Leads to Success Assembly Assembly 7:30 - 9 am PAC
Friday 16th - UP reports go home
Wednesday 21st: 5th Grade Moving on Assembly 7:30 - 9:30 am PAC

Secondary News

Dear parents and carers,

Two weeks to go to the end of year and still so many events taking place! We are looking forward to our annual Lap of Honour which is taking place on Monday morning where we have the opportunity to celebrate our students involvement and participation in so many activities throughout the year! If your child is participating, they should wear the uniform or attire corresponding to the activity. 

Next week, Grade 9 will go on their work experience programme and we wish them all the best and hope they make the most of this opportunity to learn about the world of work. Grade 10 finish their IGCSE exam period today and on Monday we look forward to welcoming them back into school for their two week IB Induction programme. We have a new and exciting programme, which includes a presentation from our very own Internationally-renowned Salvadorean artist Lula Mena, who will be talking with them about development in El Salvador. We know they will take full advantage of it. Last but not least, we wish our Music students and staff Bon voyage as they set off to Cuba on their educational trip. We know it will be an amazing experience!

Spooky Cellar funds raised by our StuCo
A donation of $ 520.00 was delivered to Hospital Bloom this week, by Andrés Figueroa (StuCo President) and Diego Behrens (StuCo Vice President) on behalf of the school community. These funds were raised at our Guy Fawkes celebrations by the StuCo’s annual Spooky Cellar. Thank you to the community for your continued support!

Grade 6 Cocktail sale-Charity
From Mr Gale- Maths department
Over the last few weeks grade 6 have been working on their ratio and proportion project. The aim was to create their own cocktail in groups that they would then sell on Tuesday lunchtime, with all the money going to the grade 6 charity The Urban Dog Sanctuary. The whole of grade 6 worked extremely hard in their classes and created some delicious cocktails that the rest of the school got to enjoy. In total $132.92 was raised. A big thank you to all those that supported grade 6 and a huge well done to the whole year group for their effort and enthusiasm throughout.

Congratulations to our BKB Coach Mr Carrillo
From Team Sports
TSP congratulates our beloved coach José Roberto Carrillo, whose team "Brujos de Izalco" is champion of the "Torneo Apertura de la Liga Mayor de Baloncesto", It's the first time a coach wins this twice!

Congratulations Mr Carrillo! 

Grade 9- Model United Nations Day
From Mr Merry- MUN coordinator
Grade 9 took part in their annual Model United Nations on Wednesday 7th June, representing countries and key people in various mock United Nation committees. Their role was to examine many issues the world faces and try to find a political resolution, based on the ideals and policies their country/person holds. Added to this were unexpected crisis that could hit at any time. We were lucky enough to have two guest speakers. Paola Barragan and Oswaldo Zepeda who have both worked in an international context and were able to pass on some words of wisdom to any budding International Relations students. My thanks goes out to them for giving up their time.

Students looked amazing walking around the school in their suits and office wear and worked very hard throughout the day. It should be noted that the MUN is run wholly by students and without the help of Paul Davis, Majo Linares and their team of helpers from various grades this event would not be able to run. This involved returning Grade 10 and 12 Students. We were even lucky enough to have an EXABRIT Samantha Burch come and help too. This really is a day that celebrates students work at all levels and widens our school communities attitudes to international issues and how we can be involved. Well done to all involved.

Thank you for your continued support ensuring your children arrive on time and do not miss any of the days left. 

Have a wonderful weekend

Warm regards,
Natalia Cáceres Escalón

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 12th to Friday 16th - Grade 9 Work Experience
Monday 12th to Saturday 17th - CUBA MUSIC TRIP
Thursday 15th - Water Day for Grade 6
Wednesday 21st - Secondary school Talent Show - 10:30am PAC(open only to students)
Thursday 22nd - Class 2017 Graduation Ceremony - 5pm Auditorium
Friday 23rd - Secondary School Supermatch - 8:15am Field & Auditorium
Friday 23rd - Final Secondary School assembly - 10:30am Auditorium
Friday 23rd - Last day of school - Students leave at 12m

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