Tuesday, 27 June 2017

38: Friday 23rd June 2017

From the Director

Congratulation to the Classes of 2024 and 2017 who celebrated completing their respective school journeys this week. The Class of 2024 is moving from Primary to Secondary School and we are looking forward to seeing them grow over the coming years. The Class of 2017 celebrated their graduation from school yesterday. It was wonderful to hear their thoughts and reflections on their time at school and we wish them the very best in their future lives. These events show our community and the supportive way it helps our children grow up in the very best light. One of the highlights of the Class 2017 graduation was the moment when two of our Pre Kinder children handed out medals to students who had been at the school from Pre Kinder. We realised that amongst the graduating class were the two children who had done the same activity when they were in pre Kinder in 2003! Here is a photograph of them from last night!

It is always sad to say farewell at the end of the school year and many of us will be losing friends from our immediate community. We say farewell to teachers, support staff, students and families and we hope they all take good memories from their time at the ABC. I know all of us have fond memories of the people who have shared their time with us. Out of the leaving staff I am going to say a particular farewell to Catherine Corry who has been at the school for many years and has been at the heart of our understanding of the needs of young learners. We will miss her both personally and professionally and thank her for the great work she has done in our community.

We close down next week for our summer holidays. Some children will be taking advantage of our ABC Summer Camp and more information can be obtained through Sara Suster (sarasuster@abc-net.edu.sv)

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you all for contributing to our Food Truck-Kombidar activity on Monday! Children were able to understand how important it is to care for others and how, with a small amount, we can make a big difference. They all represented our school's Values and Traits greatly and felt proud of what we did. With all your support, we were able to donate more than 400 breakfasts for homeless people in Santa Tecla! We would like, once again, to thank all of you for such a positive response! We look forward to work with Kombidar, once again, next school year!

Later in the day the Upper Primary students took part in the fun day too.

A reminder for next year. All shoes must have a fastening or strap. If students arrive in slip on shoes we will call home and ask you to bring in another pair. We have been saying this all year and we will be enforcing it strongly next year.

We will be saying goodbye to a few of our students today, either moving to different countries or different schools. We hope they will remember their days at Academia Britanica Cuscatleca with fondness and will sometimes think of us and wonder what we are all doing now. We are also saying goodbye to Catherine Corry and Chris Hall as mentioned previously as well as the following; Laura Hall who worked in the Jubilee Library, Katy Sullivan from Grade 3, Piers Hunday from English Second Language is returning to China, Lindsey Grey from 1st Grade is moving to Spain, Nicola Butler from Prepa is also off to China, Nancy Duke is moving to the ‘States’, Marcela Alger moving to Guatemala, Lucia Vides going to study in Spain and of course Mrs Brenes and her daughter Jenny left us earlier in the year. We wish students and staff all the best in their new locations. 

When we have the IPC accreditation the visiting team will be interviewing parents to find out what you know about the IPC. They will also be sending you a quiz to complete. I thought it would be nice to get in a bit of practice so I have prepared my own quiz for you to test your familiarity with the IPC. The closing date for submission is the 28th July 2017. We will announce the winners in the ABC Weekly in August when we return and award three prizes of quality British Chocolates to the top three forms submitted. Good luck to everyone who takes part. We hope all the parents from Prepa to 5th will have a try.

The quiz will be sent to you by separate email. Please keep an eye open for it.

Staff will be returning to school on the 14th August to prepare for the coming year. Students are expected back on the 21st August. Please remember Primary provide all the day to day equipment needed and so students will not be bringing pencil cases or other equipment from home.

I cannot believe another year has flown by. I look at the grade 5’s and they have grown so tall and the Pre-Kinder students have grown so confident. There have been changes in all the grades in between as well. The students are very tired at the end of the year, as are the staff and parents too with the daily rush to get the students to school. Let us all have a wonderful and restful holiday so that we return in top condition for next year. Be safe and be happy. See you in August!

Very best wishes,

Sharon Short
Head of Primary and Safeguarding Officer
Academia Britanica Cuscatleca 
Effort leads to success!

Secondary News

Dear ABC community,

We are nearly at the end of our day and I would like to take a moment to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU on behalf of the school community, to each and every single one of the amazing teachers and staff, which have made this year another fantastic one!

It was teacher’s day yesterday as you all know, and thank you to the Prefect team and students for having celebrated it for us.

Last night, as I listened to the words of our graduates, it struck me just how positive and grateful they were when talking about the many memories they take with them, and how they have grown to love the school, which saw them grow.

I don’t think their love stems from the memories of homework and detentions, or being told not to wear non-school jumpers, but rather from their understanding of their teachers’ dedication and work and the passion with which they taught their lessons and carried out their everyday tasks and activities.

As educators, our purpose, beyond instilling and sharing our passion for our subject, is to guide and enlighten our students to develop with regards to any aspect of life.

This year at the ABC has not been without challenges, but we all did our bit, contributed, and worked as a TEAM to offer the very best experiences for you, our students. In turn, you also worked very hard to develop your skills and talents and through your various contributions, made the school a better place.

I have to say I am honoured and humbled to be part of this amazing team!

As is often the case in large international schools, the year ends with us having to say farewell to a number of teachers. To Kateri Cotoure-Latoure, Amos Van Die, James Merry, Lucy Burns, Anna Ravenscroft, Mariela Rodriguez, Lorna Sanchez, Dee Leong, Joel Godiah, Don Cleary, Kate O’Regan, and Ciara Gillespie I would like to say: 

Dear colleagues,

you have made a massive impact on our students here at the ABC and I am sure you will be sadly missed. We hope that your new place is full of fun and happiness and amazing experiences and that you find another community just as welcoming and warm as our ABC family.

Farewell and thank you!

To the staff remaining with us and to our students I say: I look forward to next year already and it will be my distinct honour and privilege to continue working for you next year.

Have a fantastic summer break!

Warm regards,

Natalia Cáceres Escalón 

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