Friday, 20 April 2018

29: Friday 20th April 2018

From the Director

I have spent a few days this week at the Latin American Heads Conference in Bogotá which has been very interesting. It has been interesting to talk about education and best practice and understanding ways we can continue to develop our world class learning at the ABC. As part of the Conference two of our staff Ana Raquel Suarez and Ana Cabrera presented a brilliant session on Reggio Emilia learning ideas and our early years learning philosophy. There were many positive comments about the work we are doing with our early years children. As part of the LAHC we also had two of our students participating in the conference. They did an amazing job representing our school and it was a pleasure to work with them.

We have finalized our infrastructure developments for next year and we are producing a special version of this newsletter next week. We are really excited about the plans and the further improvement of our learning environment. 

This Sunday is World Earth Day and we have been fundraising in school to support it. The focus this year is in raising awareness of plastic pollution and committing to Ending Plastic Pollution by Earth Day 2020, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This also fits with our support for the Sustainable Development Goals and especially numbers 6 and 14. This link is useful.

I am looking forward to being back in school on Monday and seeing many of you. 

Primary News

Dear Parents and carers,

Following on from Mr Keslake’s comments please read a snippet from our Reggio Emilia expert Mrs Yolanda Siri. Ms Yoli has been fully trained in the Reggio Emilia inspired approach, including spending some time in Italy.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy of education began in north Italy in 1945 in a region called Reggio Emilia. Its founder is Loris Malaguzzi.

It is recognised worldwide as one of the best education methods for early childhood and furthermore, the Harvard School of Education studies it as a model for their learning groups. The approach is centred on the following; the child as protagonist, the teacher as the guide, the learning space as the third teacher, the involvement of families and the documentation of the child’s learning.

The next two weeks are very hectic and there is a lot going on for you and our students to get involved with. We sent you out the letter about the Funzel Fundraisers this week and we hope the students will participate in order to raise as much as possible for this worthy an very important cause.

On Friday April the 27th at 6.00pm it is Latin Music Night. A chance to enjoy music from the region, performances from students across the school and a local professional group Ligia Morales and Salsa Clave will be playing for us to ‘dance our socks off’. 

Entry to the event is free and refreshments will be on sale. The PAC is decorated to create an exciting atmosphere and it always a really enjoyable evening. Do please come along and support the students.

Book Week is the last week of April in school. You have received letters explaining what will be happening and inviting you in to buy books for your children. Reading is a key skill for life and we want our children to love books and reading. It is very important that they have books at home to treasure.

The focus this year is poetry and we are looking forward to the students performing some poems for us.

On Monday the daily poetry reading will start and students will prepare their ‘poem in their pocket’ to read to anyone at a moments notice. Tuesday they will be sharing these poems. Wednesday is the Lower Primary Pyjama Day where the students can wear their night clothes to school for a bedtime story. Please make sure the night wear is not skimpy in any way. Thursday there will be classes sharing with each other and Friday is when the students dress up as a character. Each class has been set a theme so please check with the teacher if you are not sure what your child should be wearing. Over the week there will be some story dramatizations for LP students as well.

Please note that the school is closed on Monday 30th April for a mid term break.

Have a great week.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary
Lead Safeguarding Officer. 

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 23rd - Friday 27th - Book Week (parents are invited to read to the class)
Tuesday 24th - Prepa & First Parents invited to visit Book Fair
Wednesday 25th - Pre-Kinder and Kinder Parents invited to visit Book Fair
Wednesday 25th - Lower Primary Bedtime Story - Pyjama Day
Thursday 26th - First Grade Trip to Balsamar
Friday 27th - Primary Book Character Fancy Dress Parade
Friday 27th - 4th session of extracurricular activities finish
Friday 27th - Latin Music Night
Monday 30th - No school for students

Upper Primary
Wednesday 18th - Spanish Assembly - 9:20 am & 12:15 pm- PAC
Wednesday 18th - Charla COESAL Escuela para Padres - 7:30 am - 8:30 am - PAC
Friday 20th - UK Trip 2018 Study Groups
Saturday 21st - Retiro Comité Católico 3rd, 4th y 5th Grades - (8:00am-12:00pm) 
W/B Monday 23rd - World Book Day & Book week celebrations
Monday 23rd -FUNZEL Fundraising Week
Tuesday 24th - No GOLF this week (Session has ended)
Wednesday 25th - 5th Caceres Assembly - 09:20 & 12:15 - PAC
Wednesday 25th - Charla COESAL 5o grado Madre e Hija - 7:30 am - 8:30 am - Seminar Room
Wednesday 25th - Charla COESAL 5o grado Padre e Hijo - 7:30 am - 8:30 am - Lecture Theater
Friday 27th - UK Trip 2018 Study Groups
Friday 27th - Last Day Extracurricular Programme (Session 4)
Monday 30th - No school for students
Tuesday 1st- Labor Day Holiday
Wednesday 2nd - Session 5 Extracurricular Programme starts
Wednesday 2nd - No Upper Primary Assembly today

Please note Ana Gloria Mena and Edda Padilla are Designated Primary Safeguarding Officers

Secondary News

Miss Caceres is attending the Latin American Heads conference in Bogota this week so has asked me to write the weekly.

Nothing separates successful people from unsuccessful people more than how they use their time
John C Maxwell

Never is this quote more pertinent than at this very moment, particularly for our Grade 10 and 12 students. We are very proud of the successes of ABC students across the school and beyond. We celebrate their achievements in a wide variety of areas, not least in the incredible performances in the recent school production or our students successes in maths and debating competitions. We also welcome back our Exabrits and enjoy following their successes beyond the ABC. 

However, whilst it is right to celebrate achievement, we cannot lose sight of what comes before - hard work! It is too easy for us to see others enjoying success and to attribute it to ‘talent’ or ‘luck’. However, nearly all success comes as a result of determination, resilience and, above all, effort. Often this hard work and the struggles involved are not apparent to others, but they are always there. As our Grade 10 and 12 students embark on their final week of school before their exams, they need to keep this in mind, and maintain the motivation to ensure they achieve the very best results possible in their exams. In most cases they have and it has been pleasing to see the effort, commitment and hard work being shown. I am sure this will be reflected in their exam results. I am also grateful for the generosity and energy shown by our teachers at this time of year as they support those students with their final exam preparation. Our students are lucky to be taught by such a talented and committed group of professionals who work tirelessly to ensure they achieve success.

This work will continue next week and it is imperative that students maintain a sensible routine and continue to come to school every day prepared to work hard right up to the final day of school. They need to use their time effectively, following a revision timetable and ensuring they have plenty of rest and exercise.

There is more information about the exams below, as well as information about some of the amazing events that have been taking place around the school to celebrate Earth Week. There is also some information about Book Week which is rapidly approaching. Please encourage your son or daughter to get involved and celebrate the joy of reading!

I wish you and your families a restful weekend.

Adrian Hall
Deputy Headteacher

Grade 10 and 12 - External Exams
Mr Hogan and Mr Hall have led Life Skills lessons this week outlining the expectations and procedures for the upcoming IB and IGCSE exams. It is crucial that students and parents fully understand these, as failure to adhere to the exam regulations may have serious consequences. Below you can find links to the exam timetables and regulations, as well as the presentations used in the Life Skills lessons. We would be very grateful if you could discuss these with your son or daughter before the exams begin next week.

Exam Regulations and Procedures (includes link to exam schedule)

Grade 9 and 11 - End of Year exams and Learning Review Days
This week, students and parents in Grades 9 and 11 were sent details of their exams which take place at the end of May. This are internal exams which will contribute to their Grade for Cal 3. Below you will find a link to the exam schedule and exam procedures. Over the next few weeks, subject teachers will be discussing these exams with their students and helping them to prepare.

ABC Earth Week 2018
To celebrate Earth Week, Mr Arevelo and students have been learning about the environment around us and how we can better care for our planet. As well as assemblies on Thursday and friday, students participated in many activities over the week to increase awareness of our responsibility to the planet and to raise money for charity.

Monday 16th
Recycling in the LRC

Tuesday 17th
Tree planting by the English/Spanish green area from 2:10 pm.

Wednesday 18th 
KS3 Assembly in the PAC at 7:00 pm

Thursday 19th 
KS4 & KS5 Assembly in the PAC at 7:00 pm and visit of the ABC Botanical Garden by the Science pond area at 2:10 pm

Book Week is Almost Here!

We are very excited to announce the start of Secondary Book Week 2018! This annual event will begin on Monday 23rd, and run all week long. 

Book Week offers opportunities to students and staff to engage with a breadth of literature genres and formats through a variety of activities. The activities, including displays and special guest, help to highlight the significance of literary interactions in our lives and allow us to engage in important discussions which focus on on literature related themes. 

The LRC, in conjunction with the Spanish department have prepared a set of dynamic activities for students during timetabled lessons next week. Other activities such as competitions, a book fair and special display work will take place in and around the LRC. 

On Friday there will be a dress up as your favourite character day. In order to participate, students must complete a Google form indicating their intent to participate and their character ( prior to 3pm on Wednesday April 15th). 

Click here for the schedule of activities for the week.

Happy Book Week, ABC!

We Will Rock You - Encore! 
Today students and staff were able to enjoy the first of our Friday lunchtime concerts on the lawn in front of the LRC. There could be no better inauguration then an encore of the fantastic ‘We Will Rock You’ and the stars of the show ran through several of the big numbers. Again they did a magnificent job and sent everyone away happy to their final lesson of the week! Thanks to the amazing cast, and to the staff who helped organise the concert. We can’t wait for next week!

Team Sports

TSP Closing Ceremony
Graduation- Master in Competitiveness -
The graduation for the Master in Competitiveness took place this morning at UCA. Our graduating ABC teachers are Cecilia Hernández, Hugo Alfaro, Eduardo Salazar, and Giovanni Portillo who received their diplomas today.


TSP Table Tennis
Student games- Table Tennis-La Libertad –
The Student Games continue with Table Tennis. The ABC hosted this event during the day. The Bulldogs participated in the U11-12 and U15-17 categories. It is important to mention that they were able to classify for the national stage. 
Luis Miguel -1st place
Camilo Aguilar – 2nd place
Juan Antonio Varela – 3rd place 

TSP Soccer
Bulldogs Cup – U10 (m) –
Exciting games and excellent goals were the delight of today’s matches. 

TSP Handball
Trojan League-Handball
Handball began this afternoon at the American School. The ABC had two participating teams, and both gave their Best! Here are the results: 

ABC 8 - 12 Colegio Nazareth

57th Student Games - BKB - Mini (f) –
Second game for the children in the Bulldogs team. They showed a good defense and control which enabled them to score the three points for the ABC. 

ABC 33 - 12 Colegio Bethania

57th Student Games - BKB - Mini (f) –+
Girls Bulldogs team had a very difficult match against Colegio Belén, while fighting for the Student championship of La Libertad.

TSP Soccer
Bulldogs Cup – Soccer –
The championship continued this afternoon with exciting matches and many emotions!

Go Bulldogs!!!

57th Student Games - BKB - Pasarela (m) 
The Bulldogs are off to a good start this week. During their second game of the Championship they were able to score the first three point, winning against Colegio Maya. 20 seconds before the end and losing by one point, the ABC managed to score and thus, won the match. 

ABC 22 - 21 Colegio Maya

TSP Soccer
Student Games-Soccer - U17 (m) -
The Bulldogs were back in action as visiting team in the INDES League.

I. N. de Ilobasco 5 - 1 ABC

TSP Soccer
Opening Tournament "El Cafetalón" - Soccer - U8 (m) –
U8 Bulldogs team won today playing against Olimpía Azul y Oro.

ABC 3 - 2 Olímpia Azul y Oro

Go Bulldogs!!!

Saturday, 14 April 2018

28: Friday 13th June 2018

From the Director

I trust everyone had a good Semana Santa and a time for reflection before the start of this term. It certainly has been a busy first week. We have seen an amazing performances of “We Will Rock You”, a story about the importance of music and individuality. Congratulations to all the students and staff who made the show such a success. You can see some photos and report on the ABC Newsblog.

The ABC Swim team has had an amazing week with record numbers of children participating and winning medals with the team triumphing in the overall competition. The final results were as follows. 

Thank you to all the parents who supported the team and to all the children for their dramatic efforts which has led to such success. We are very proud of you. Again you can see some photos and report on the ABC Newsblog.

Along with many of you, we are increasingly concerned at stories about the damage plastic is doing in our oceans with a whale dying in Spain earlier this week (link). A number of children and staff have mentioned this story to me over the last couple of days asking us what we can do as a school. Coincidentally the British Embassy is launching a plastic recycling campaign and we plan to include all our community in this campaign. We have to help empower our young people to protect their world and the environment by taking actions in their own homes and school. We will be talking about this with the support of the Ambassador, Bernhard Garside later this term. 

As a final point I want to make an appeal that parents please do not use the school office for deliveries. In an emergency we are happy to receive an item which has been forgotten so we can deliver it to your child. However we do not expect parents to deliver items in a regular basis, including food. Children should bring packed lunches with them in the morning, or, purchase food at school. In summary please do not deliver food to school for your children and try to reduce the need to deliver other items which have been forgotten. 

I hope you all have a good week and wish our ESEN Debate team every success in the next round of their competition. They had a great start to the competition last week and have been preparing again this week.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Welcome back to school. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday with family and friends. There is a lot going on at the moment but we are looking forward to another term full of learning and discovery.

Every year we do the McLay Fun Run but it takes a while for us to distribute the funds raised so I am now very pleased to share with you some of the purchases made and distributed recently.

Our Primary Sports team spent $1,300 and selected high quality resources to take to local schools who do not have PE equipment. Basketballs, footballs, hoops, skipping ropes and cones were distributed to several local schools and presented by our staff. 

The local children were quick to show their appreciation. Please see the letter below.

World cup sticker books - Some students are bringing in world cup sticker books and arranging to swap stickers. Usually we do not permit this due to the arguments and children changing their mind, wanting things back again and so on. We are going to give it a try this time. If your child wants to join in please make sure you have explained they can only swap like for like cards/stickers, shiny for shiny, plain for plain, that they do not have to swap anything if they don’t want to but once the swap is done they will have to stick with it they cannot change their mind. If you want to supervise their swaps do not let them bring their books to school. Thank you.
As in all schools there is a recurring problem with Head Lice. One of our parents has let us know about this service and says it is quick, easy and effective. We are just passing on the information but please do check it out.

Funzel Fund Raisers. The whole month of April has been set aside in primary to raise funds for Funzel. The organisation does great work and has strong connections with the primary school, but of course there is a cost involved in all of it. Anything we can give to help them will be appreciated. The individual classes or grades are arranging a series of events to raise money. None of them are obligatory but we hope your child will be able to join in with some of them. A list of dates and events will be sent out separately early next week.

Book week. We are finalising plans for our book week which will be from the 23rd to the 27th April. There will be some specific guidelines regarding costumes this year and home made costumes are the ones we love to see rather than professionally made ones. Book week is a great way to foster a love of reading, such a vital skill and such a pleasure once mastered. Parents will be invited in to read to students. The focus this year is Poetry. Book sellers have also been invited into school and parents will be asked in to come and help their child choose a book or two. It is important that the children have their own books at home to read over and over again and to learn to love them.

IPC Entry points. We have had two IPC entry points this week. The 5th Graders started their unit ‘Full Power’ which is a largely science based unit. As always the teachers made a special effort to engage the students into the subject with some exciting activities.

Grade 2 started their Rainforest unit and on Wednesday it miraculously appeared in the corridor. Thank you to the parents who gave their time and resources to create such a wonderful experience for the children . I was impressed by the creativity demonstrated, especially the ‘tube float’ snakes. 

Today 1st Grade held their Teddy Bear Olympics. Those poor bears flying through the air as part of their Olympic activities! It is in fact a special day for Maths activities when students can measure, compare and work out results in a real context. I know the children had great fun and learned a lot. Thank you to the teachers for organising the event.

We have been invited to take part in an international painting competition and this week we sent off our entries to the Taiwan Embassy for inclusion. Congratulations to those students who were selected for the competition. The standard of work is very high.

Swimming. In case you haven’t heard the ABC swimmers are champions. Well done to our students and coaches for their commitment and their well deserved success. Please see the directors comments above.

Before the holiday we were able to distribute the Easter baskets that each class made. They were very well received. Thank you to everyone for their contributions. There are some photos on the school Facebook page.

Yesterday I was able to go along and see the first performance of ‘We will Rock You’.

It was a really enjoyable experience. The performers were great and everything was done to a very high standard. Congratulations to all the cast and crew as well as the whole Performing Arts Department.

Best wishes for the next week.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary
Lead Safeguarding Officer

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 16th - Registration opens for 5th session of extracurricular activities
Friday 20th - Kinder Francés assembly - 7:40 am - PAC
Monday 23rd - Friday 27th - Book Week
Friday 27th - 4th session of extracurricular activities finish
Friday 27th - Latin Music Night

Upper Primary
Monday 9th - First day Term 3 (Back to School from Easter Break)
Friday 13th - UK Trip 2018 Study Groups
Friday 13th - Extracurricular Programme online enrollment (session 5)
Monday 16th April - 5th Grade Transition Assembly (10:00am - 10:30am) - PAC
Wednesday 18th - COESAL Parent Partnership - 7:30 am - 8:30 am - PAC 
Wednesday 18th - 2nd Grade Spanish Assembly - 09:20 & 12:15 - PAC
Friday 20th - UK Trip 2018 Study Groups
Saturday 21st - Retiro Comité Católico 3rd, 4th y 5th Grades - (8:00am-12:00pm) 
W/B Monday 23rd - World Book Day & Book week celebrations
Wednesday 25th - 5th Caceres Assembly - 09:20 & 12:15 - PAC
Friday 27th - UK Trip 2018 Study Groups
Friday 27th - Last Day Extracurricular Programme (Session 4) 

Please note Ana Gloria Mena and Edda Padilla are Designated Primary Safeguarding Officers

Secondary News

Dear parents and carers,

I must start this week’s message expressing my deep admiration and gratitude to everyone involved in the fantastic performance of “We Will Rock You.” I know everyone who attended the shows were blown away by the incredible talent, creativity and emotion on display. Our students involved, cast, crew and band, devoted a lot of their time and effort to offer an incredible experience for all of us. I must say I felt so proud to see them on the stage having a wonderful time and embracing their talents! Of course no school production can happen without the incredible commitment, dedication and professionalism of our staff! Mr Anthony Pike, Ms Estela Mena, Mr Reebe Mayer, Mr Braddan, Mr Paul Valladares, Ms Serrano, Mr Hall and office staff; above all I would like to thank this amazing team: the ABC community is truly fortunate to have you! 

Congratulations to our ESEN debate team for winning their first round last Saturday against the Escuela Panamericana. We wish them the very best for tomorrow for their second round against the Colegio Lamatepec.

CAS 10° grade- Visit to “Caserío el Guayabo” Public School.
From Mrs María Haydeé Díaz- KS3 Spanish Coordinator
As part of their community service activities 10° grade students organized a reunion on Thursday 12th April at the public school of Caserío el Guayabo, a school that serves children from PK to 2° grade. This was a very rewarding and reflective activity for our students as they were able to see the educational difficulties these children must face every day.

Our students delivered 70 school packages containing supplies for the teachers to use to teach the children, and they were able to share their student experiences.

According to some of our students: 

“Yesterday’s experience was something special because we all were able to socialize with the children. The welcome given to us by the children singing a beautiful song for us really impressed me”. Luis Catani.

“It is a very poor school and it made me see another reality, and feel very fortunate with what I have; we must be more aware and help those people in need”. Juan Carlos Ayala.

“Yesterday my experience at the Caserío el Guayabo public school was incredible, it is something I will remember for the rest of my life. My school friends and I were not expecting such a moving welcome”. Andrea Reyes.

Poetry Competition- (Poetas de la Música)
From Mrs. María Haydeé Díaz- KS3 Spanish Coordinator
As part of the promotion activities of the poetry competition, “Los poetas de la música 2018 (Poets of Music 2018), the Spanish Department visited the 5th grade students in the Primary school. These meetings also serve to unify the communication links between the Primary and Secondary schools. We also met our future students who enthusiastically showed their creative and literary skills. It was a pleasure to share this activity with them.

Art Week! (Semana del arte)
From Ms. Lucila González- HoD Art Department
This week we celebrated Art Week, and this year it was dedicated to cartoon artist, Toño Salazar. The students had the opportunity to learn about the life and work of one of the greatest Salvadorean artists and diplomats who showed the importance cartoons have as pieces of art. The name and work of Toño Salazar can be found in many museums around the world, he was a great friend of Pablo Neruda and Rafael Alberti; an acquaintance of Diego Rivera, and Picasso to name a few.

The different activities organized, which revolved around cartoons for the delight and aesthetic enjoyment of the Secondary school community were:

A cartoonist visited the school and delivered talks about cartoons; an exhibition of masks; creation of displays with the support of the library. A photo booth stand with famous cartoons; the visit of an ABC former student and designer, Grecia Villatoro who spoke about design; and a group of students joined artist Luis Lazo, and created a mural.

Through the drawings of gods and mythological figures, the mural represents the importance of the native Latin American cultures, emphasizing the greatness of the gods. The images are inspired on the ABC tribes, Inti, the god of the sun representing the Incas; Quetzalcoatl representing the Aztecs, Kukulkan representing the Mayas, and Tlaloc representing the Pipils. The technique used was acrylic on wood, and the drawing pays homage to Art Week and Toño Salazar.

Parent partnership survey - 
Thank you to the parents who filled out our Parent Partnership survey. This programme has in the past been responsive to events and trends which our teenagers face and they have been varied: from Academics and University to emotional wellbeing, internet safety (which is ever changing,) mental and physical health and substance abuse, among others. Our aim of the survey was to hear from you to see what topics you would like us to include in the programme for the next academic year as we would like to publish the complete programme- topics and dates- at the start of the year in the hope that parents make it a priority to attend these events which serve to build a sense of community and support for eachother. 

Analysing the responses, it does seem there is some confusion over what the Parent Partnership programme is. This is what other schools call “School for parents” but we do not take that name as we believe we learn in partnership from each other and our aspiration is that parents share with us the topics they would like to establish conversations about with other parents and we will then facilitate the event. Some of the replies were more along the lines of what the Parent Association Assembly is about and what that Association is for. Our Parent Partnership programme is not where decisions are made. For your information, the time which continues to be more popular is in the evening and next year we will offer a mix of styles for these sessions: year/ Key Stage focused and also general interest sessions. 

Finally, we are coming to the last day of lessons for this academic year for Grade 10 and the last school day for Grade 12 before their IB exams. I appeal to all parents to make attendance to school a real priority. Lessons is the venue where students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers and teachers and where guidance takes place. It is important that these last lessons are true opportunities to revise and learn. Every school day is important in every Grade

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and see you all at tonight’s performance! 

Kind regards,

Natalia Cáceres Escalón

Dates for your diary
Friday 13th - This evening last performance for the ABC production ‘WWRY’ at 6 pm in the PAC
Thursday 26th - Last day for Grade 12 students and study leave begins
Friday 27th - IB and IGCSE exams and last day for Grade 10 and study leave begins; and Spanish Poetry ends
Monday 30th - School closed
Tuesday 1st May - School closed for national Labour Day

Team Sports

TSP Natación
57 Juegos Estudiantiles - Natación - 
ABC Campeón!!!

El equipo Bulldogs vuelve a lo mas alto de los Juegos Estudiantiles, tras tres extenuantes se revalida el titulo de Campeón Estudiantil La Libertad.
Gracias a todos los nadadores que dieron su máximo esfuerzo en cada prueba para lograr asi poner en lo mas alto a la ABC.
Felicidades Bulldogs!!!

TSP Atletismo
57 Juegos Estudiantiles - Campeonato Deparmental - Atletismo -

Jornadas 1 y 2 del primer día de competencia. Evento que se está realizando en las instalaciones del estadio Jorge "El Mágico " González. Mañana continuarán en horas de la mañana.
Go Bulldogs!!!

Categoría 15-17 Años
Anabella Herrera Turcios 
1° lugar en impulsión de bala
2° lugar 200mts planos
2°lugar 400mts planos

Nancy Sophia Massillon
1°lugar 400mts planos
2° lugar 100mts planos
3° lugar 200mts planos

Sofía Huezo Bandek
2° lugar Salto largo
3° lugar 400mts planos

Sofía Huezo Bandek
Anabella Herrera Turcios
Nancy Massillon
Isabela González Velázquez
1° lugar relevos 4×100 Femenino

Moisés Alexander Vázquez
2° lugar 1500mts planos

Categoría 13-14 años 
Ana Isabela González 
1° lugar salto largo
1° lugar 100mts planos

Luciana Fiorella Amaya.
3° lugar salto de largo

Ana Isabela González
Antonella Cienfuegos Martínez
José Enrique Bermúdez
Marco Flores Velázquez
1° lugar relevo Medley Mixto

TSP Fútbol
Copa Bulldogs – Fútbol – U10 (m) -

Tarde de buen futbol. Cuatro emocionantes juegos por el torneo Copa Bulldogs que cada fecha nos regala muchas emociones. Esta vez toco juego entre equipos ABC y cabe mencionar que fue un juego de infarto, que se definió por un gol pero que el resultado no refleja lo parejo y emocionante que estuvo el encuentro.
ABC (blanco) 2 – 1 (azul) ABC

TSP Baloncesto
57 Juegos Estudiantiles - Baloncesto - Mini (m) - 

El equipo masculino siempre de la categoría mini también inicio hoy actividad. El equipo comenzó con buen pie ya que logro su primera victoria del torneo al ganarle al Liceo Inmaculado Corazón de María.


TSP Baloncesto
57 Juegos Estudiantiles - Baloncesto - Mini (f) -

El baloncesto estudiantil dio inicio para la ABC. El juego ABC con La Floresta, juego difícil que se definió por la buena defensa y efectividad de las Bulldogs la cual significo los primeros tres puntos.

ABC 18 - 13 La Floresta 2