Friday, 28 October 2011

11: Viernes 28 de octubre de 2011

Primary News

Donations and collections for people in shelters
Our sincere thanks to all who have contributed to our collections of goods for people who are still living in shelters and who have lost so much. All classes in Primary, this week, have spent time talking about the emergency and the effects that it has had on them personally and on the less fortunate people of El Salvador. It has been gratifying to see and hear that so many of our children, even the young ones, were empathetic to the needs of others and were keen to help in their own small ways.

3rd Avilés assembly
Well done and thank you to the teachers and pupils of 3rd Avilés for their spectacular assembly this week all about skeletons. Due to school closure last week the children did not have as much time to rehearse as usual, but they have worked really hard and their assembly was informative and fun. Thanks also to the parents who helped to prepare the costumes.

Please remember that we do start our assemblies promptly and that you risk missing your children’s performance if you are late.

5th Quintanilla assembly
The theme of Healthy Habits was covered by 5th Quintanilla in their assembly. The children reminded us that we should eat healthily, exercise regularly and keep our brains active if we are to live a long and healthy life. Again, these children had little time to rehearse due to the school closure last week but did really well to pull their assembly together in just a few days.

Please remember that we do start our assemblies promptly and that you risk missing your children’s performance if you are late.

UP Choir presentation at Plaza Madero
Thank you to Mr Santamaria and the group of children who performed a small concert for parents and friends at the Plaza Madero on Wednesday evening. The choir, recorder group and strings players gave us a taste of what to expect from our UP production “Dreaming of Disney” which takes place in school on the 23rd and 24th November.

Thursday, Lower Primary UN Day, was a very colourful and busy day for our youngest children. The costumes worn by the children were amazing and PK and K classes enjoyed exhibiting these to the parents in their own parades. All of the LP children paraded through the Primary corridors so that children and staff in UP were also able to admire their costumes and T shirt designs. The children also took part in a wide variety of activities which the teachers and assistants had prepared help them to think about countries in Asia and how things there might be different (or sometimes the same) as their own lives here in El Salvador. UN day really helps our children begin to become internationally minded, a core theme in our International Primary Curriculum.

1st Grade Curriculum Night
Grade 1 parents attended a Circus night at school on Thursday as the Grade 1 teaching team, all dressed as circus performers, helped them to understand how an IPC unit is used to help the children to become engaged in and excited about their own learning. In a colourful, active and memorable session the staff lead the parents through the Entry Point, Knowledge Harvest and then a carousel of academic activities of a typical exciting and rigorous IPC unit. I gather that the theme, which will be being taught in Grade 1 after Christmas, will have an exciting and different exit point too!

Prepa Contreras assembly
Thank you to the staff and children of Prepa Contreras for their assembly this week which reminded us about the importance of eating healthily. The children and teaching staff have worked very hard to get this assembly, delayed by the school closure last week, ready and the children delivered their message confidently and clearly.

Incomplete homework from Emergency packs
Well done to the children (and parents) who managed to get the work done from their Emergency packs over the recent school closure. Despite not being in school it is important that the children’s routines and work habits are kept as normal as possible and that they do not fall behind. A great deal of thought and preparation has gone into the preparation of the emergency packs and we are really pleased that most children completed the work set well. If for any reason your child did not do the work expected of them during the days that the school was closed please make sure that they catch up with this over the half term holiday and hand the completed work to their class teachers on the 7th November so that our records and reports can reflect the effort put in.

Half term
School will be closed from 29th October until 6th November for our half term break.

Remembrance & poppies
Our British Fortnight will be beginning after the half term break. Many of the children in Primary are already engaged in learning about Britain as part of their IPC units but during the first week back we will be talking to the children about a special ceremony in Britain which takes place on the 11th November. This is Remembrance Day and it is a time when people in the UK and other Commonwealth countries remember and reflect on the sacrifices made both in the past and the present by the country’s armed forces. At 11.00 am on the morning of the 11th day of the 11th month many communities maintain a few minutes silence to pay respect to those people. The older children in Primary will learn about Remembrance Day and will keep a minute’s silence at the appropriate time.

During this week we will also be selling Poppies in school. The poppies are a symbol which help us to focus on the event. Poppies will be sold by the Student Council at the beginning of each school day next week for $1.

Guy Fawkes
In the second week of British Fortnight we will be concentrating on the story of Guy Fawkes, another special occasion in the British calendar. This week will conclude on the 18th November with our annual ABC bonfire night. We look forward to seeing you there.

Regulation school caps for PE
All children in Primary should now be wearing the regulation uniform cap for their PE lessons. These are available from the school shop.

Another reminder about parking!
We understand that when the school has events early in the morning that parking for parents can be a problem. However, we must ask everyone please to use the emergency car park for these events. This week some of our teachers were unable to find places to park their cars in the Main car park as spaces had been taken up by parents.

The maintenance men who direct the traffic in the car parks have a difficult job to do and, as employees of the school, should be treated with the same courtesy and respect as other members of staff; values which we work very hard to help your children to learn.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 7th November: British Fortnight starts
Tuesday 8th November: Jolly Phonics Workshop for Kinder parents, 7.15-45am in classrooms
Thursday 10th November: Kinder Curriculum Night, 6.30pm in the PAC
Monday 14th November: Prepa Curriculum Night, 6.30pm in the PAC
Friday 18th November: Guy Fawkes Night
Friday 9th December: Reports sent home
Wednesday 14th December: Christmas Shows
Friday 16th December: School breaks for Christmas holidays
Monday 9th January 2012: School reopens and back to classes

Upper Primary
Monday 7th November: British Fortnight starts
Saturday 12th November: Grade 5 Catch up day - all children in school, 7 – 12pm
Friday 18th November: Guy Fawkes Event
Wednesday 16th November: 4th Hernández Assembly, 12:00 - 12:40pm in the PAC
Wednesday 23rd November: 2nd Padilla Assembly, 10:00 - 10:40am in the PAC
Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th November: Primary Production - Dreaming of Disney, 6:30 - 7:30pm in the PAC
Friday 25th - Saturday 26th November: 3rd Grade Camping, Friday 3:00pm - Saturday 10:00am
Wednesday 30th November: CAL 1 Achievement Ceremony 2nd and 3rd Grade, 10:00 - 10:40am in the PAC
Wednesday 30th November: CAL 1 Achievement Ceremony 4th and 5th Grade, 12:00 - 12:40pm in the PAC

Secondary News

Please note the school will be closed for the next week but the LRC is open at various times during the week.

British Fortnight (Monday 7th November - Friday 18th November)
We will be celebrating British Fortnight when we return to school after the half term break. In the first week we will be selling red poppies so all students can wear a poppy on Friday 11th November to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the First World War in 1918. In the second week we will be looking at issues related to the times of previous London Olympics (1908 and 1948) as well as looking forward to the coming Olympics in August 2012. We hope to see many of you at the Guy Fawkes party on Friday 18th November which will bring British Fortnight to a climax.

Coffee Project
Many thanks to all the parents and staff who contributed to the successful Grade 8 Coffee Project on Thursday. It was a huge success.

Making up time
We have had extra lessons this week to help make up for the time we lost while school was closed during the recent rains. We also plan to have a school day on Saturday 12th November following a Thursday timetable from period 1 to 6. We apologise for the inconvenience caused but we do need to make up some of the time in the classroom that was lost. The other part of the make up is the work done at home while we were closed. It is important this work is finished and we would ask that you check it is complete before your son or daughter returns to school after the coming half term break.

Thank you for the Donations
We were delighted with the response of our students during the emergency last week including making donations at times when they were critically needed including producing 600 sandwich based lunches last Friday. Thank you to everyone who helped for your kind generosity.

Christmas Gifts
Please note that during the Guy Fawkes celebrations we will have the traditional Christmas Fair where vendors can sell items to the Guy Fawkes visitors. The number of tables is limited, and available at $15 each. If you would like a table or more information, please get in touch with Sandra Acosta in the Main Reception, Roxana Hall in the Secondary Office or Mr Argueta.

Dates for your diary
Friday 28th October: End of First Half term - school closed for the following week.
Monday 7th November: School reopens - British Fortnight starts
Friday 18th November: Guy Fawkes Night
Friday 2nd December: Cal 1 Reports issued for Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11
Wednesday 14th December: Cal 1 Reports issued for Grade 10 and 12
Thursday 15th December: Award events for Grades 6-8 and 9-12
Friday 16th December: School breaks up for Christmas holidays
Monday 9th January 2012: School reopens and back to classes

Friday, 21 October 2011

10: Friday 21st October 2011

From the Headmaster

Closure due to the emergency
We hope that our community was not directly affected by the national emergency due to the heavy rains. Our CAS team, headed by Mr Argueta, has been monitoring the needs in our immediate area and responded appropriately. Thanks to students in 11th and 12th grades (Tuesday) and 9th and 10th grades (Wednesday), as well as the Parents Association and other members of our community, substantial aid was delivered on those two days to the Centro de Acopio in Santa Tecla. We were able to address the specific needs of those who had been moved from their homes as well as others who had lost their possessions. Today, volunteers from 11th and 12th grades were making 600 sandwiches for delivery to the needy for lunchtime. Please take note of the various help initiatives which are being carried out in the school and continue this excellent community response. Thank you for helping us fulfil our vision of creating responsible citizenship.

Students in 6th to 12th grade were able to carry on with work set by their teachers and Upper Primary students used their emergency packs, during the seven days of closure. Teachers will be evaluating the progress that students have made and we shall determine the extent of our make-up time.

We take this opportunity to remind you that we are asking all our ABC community to help the rain victims by bringing donations which we will then distribute, here is a list of items that are most needed: Diapers, Sanitary pads, Long lasting food, Canned food, Bottled Water, Beans, Rice, Powder milk, Soups, Flour (Maseca), Clothes - clean, in good conditions and already classified, Rain cloth, Mattresses.

Back to school
We shall be back to school as normal on Monday. Please note the following:

1. An additional period will be added to each day from Monday 24th October until Friday 28th October, inclusive, for the following grades:
  • Secondary School (6th to 12th grades): 2:00pm to 2:45pm (going home at 2:45pm) 
  • Primary School (4th and 5th grades ONLY): 1:30pm to 2:15pm (going home at 2:15pm); other grades will go home at the normal times.
2. There will be no Extra Curricular or Team Sports during this week. Team Sports events may take place at 3pm if the schedule, pitch and weather permit. There will be no Religion Classes on Wednesday 26th October.

3. The Half-Term break will be as normal - we shall not be using this as make-up time since many have made arrangements for this time.

4. We have assigned two Saturdays (November 12th and December 3rd) as possible make-up days, for 1st to 12th grade (note: we will not be making up time in this way for Pre-Kinder, Kinder and Prepa, due to the effect of six day weeks on students of this young age).

5. Other make-up time will be obtained by re-arrangements of events. The analysis that we shall make on the work done by students during closure time will determine the extent of the make-up time, grade by grade.

6. In order to be prepared for cold weather, we shall have Arctic Days until further notice - students can come in non-uniform and warmer clothes.

Primary News

United Nations and UP helping many Salvadorians
We hope you and your families are safe and sound and anxious to get back into school. We sure miss all of you.

On Monday 24th October, we had planned to host our annual United Nations Food Fair as part of the IPC units currently in place. Each lunch plate was going to consist of four dishes sampling each of the countries now under study by each grade level.

However, due to our National Emergency, we have considered the option of using the cost of this lunch ($2) to buy necessary toiletries and donate them to one of the local collection points. This will give our Upper Primary students the opportunity to empathise with other Salvadorians who have not been as fortunate throughout this horrible weather.

The items that will be purchased are toilet paper, sanitary pads, body soap, pampers, toothpaste and tooth brushes.

I hope you all support this initiative by sending on Monday 24th your $2 contribution or one of the items listed above.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Thursday 27th October: First Grade Curriculum Night
Friday 28th October: Prepa Contreras Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 24th October: United Nations Day (Food Fair has been substituted by UP donating proceeds to victims)
Wednesday 26th October: 3rd Avilés Assembly
Wednesday 26th October: 5th Quintanilla Assembly

Secondary News

Next week
Please note that we are extending the school day next week until 2.45 pm so that we can start making up class time that we missed last week. This means that all Secondary students will be finishing at 2.45 pm every day next week. We will continue to make up time after the half term holidays and you will be informed of our plans shortly.

Visiting Speaker and Parent Partnership Meetings are being postponed
The Breast Cancer Awareness talk and Parent Partnership meetings scheduled for this week are postponed until after half term. We will inform you of the new dates.

Thank you for allowing your son or daughter from Grades 9 to 12 to come in to school to help with donations last week - they were really appreciated and came at a time of great need. Thank you also for the donations towards the sandwich lunch which students made on Friday.

Your Child’s Statistical Confidential Information
Please remember to send your Child’s Statistical Confidential Information to the Secondary office. It is essential this information is all up to date.

Dates for your diary
Friday 28th October: End of First Half term - school closed for the following week.
Monday 7th November: British Fortnight starts
Friday 18th November: Guy Fawkes Night
Friday 2nd December: Cal 1 Reports issued for Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11
Wednesday 14th December: Cal 1 Reports issued for Grade 10 and 12
Thursday 15th December: Award events for Grades 6-8 and 9-12
Friday 16th December: School breaks for Christmas holidays
Monday 9th January 2012: School reopens and back to classes

Friday, 14 October 2011

9: Friday 14th October 2011

From the Headmaster

School closure
Thank you for your understanding regarding the closure of the school on Thursday and Friday. We expect to open as normal on Monday 17th October - but please pay attention to the notices which will be posted on the school website and Facebook.

Calendar change - Guy Fawkes Event now on Friday 18th November
Please note the change of date. This will allow us to be more certain about the weather, avoid a clash with another event and complete British Fortnight in style.

Primary News

Music assembly
Upper Primary got the week off to a wonderful start  with an assembly involving recorders, drums and lots of singing. In their music lessons with Mr Santamaria the children are learning lots of new songs which they can sing together in assemblies.

Basketball Tournament
Next week there will be an inter tribal basketball competition for children in Grades 1 to 5. This will take place during the children’s usual PE lessons.

Parent Workshops
Please note that all workshops have been postponed until the beginning of next term. You can check the calendar in the school´s website.

1st Grade We Are What We Eat

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Thursday 20th October: Prepa Curriculum Night
Friday 21st October: LP United Nations Day
Thursday 27th October: First Grade Curriculum Night
Friday 28th October: Prepa Pashley Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 24th October: United Nations Day
Wednesday 26th October: 3rd Aviles Assembly
Wednesday 26th October: 5th Quintanilla Assembly

Secondary News

School Closure in Secondary
In Secondary school work has been set by the teachers of your children which they should have been completing at home. If your children have not been working over the last two days then they need to do so over the weekend. We will be checking on the work on Monday when school reopens.

Rains and Ruin
We are putting together a list of much needed items for local people affected by the recent rains and we are asking that as many students as possible bring an item from the list with them when they return on Monday.

Please note Mathcounts Activities and Saturday Detentions will not take place tomorrow. They will take place next Saturday.

Parents Partnership meeting - Study and organizational skills: Building on last year grades has been postponed until Tuesday 25th October due to the rains this week. We hope many of you will come along to hear advice on how to help your students at home.

University Information night
Thank you to Mr Starr, Mr Quijano and Mr Dafnis for the presentation on Monday which many parents attended. Information from this evening can be found on the Class 2012 and 2013 blog.

Breast Cancer awareness
As part of raising awareness of the dangers and the excellent prospects of overcoming Breast Cancer when it is diagnosed early we are inviting all female students in Grade 11 and 12 and members of staff as well as any parents or friends who would like to attend a talk on Monday 24th October in the PAC at 2 pm. The talk will last for about 45 minutes.

UN Week
UN Week starts on Monday 24th October during which we will be celebrating the history of Nobel Peace prize Winners and how they relate to our world and its needs today. We will have an assembly at the end of the week but we are not having the international lunch this year.

CAS project
(shoe collection)
We are still asking students to bring in shoe in reasonable condition for a CAS project in Ataco.

Dates for your diary
Monday 24th October: UN Week Starts
Tuesday 25th October: Parents Partnership meeting - 6pm PAC
Friday 28th October: End of First Half term - school closed for the following week

Friday, 7 October 2011

8: Friday 7th October 2011

Primary News

UP Tribal assembly
On Monday 3rd October, our Upper Primary students had special guests invited to their first Tribal Assembly. A group of teachers and parents shared their experience with all Upper Primary about the time when our school had four houses instead of four tribes. Among this group of guest we had former Tribal chiefs, cheerleaders, Student Council members who belonged to the Drake, Raleigh, Cortez and Columbus houses. We also viewed a video produced by Rodrigo Alfaro in which Mr Argueta was interviewed about the transition from Houses to Tribes and the meaning of each of the tribes' colours.

The assembly ended with our Primary Tribal Chiefs announcing this week's tribal points.

Thank you to our guests for coming. We hope to see you again and enjoy more of your anecdotes soon.

House points/Tribal points to you! Mariela, Emma Rita, Beatriz, Xenia, Liana, Sonia, Tutty, César, Natalia, Olgui, Gabriela, Sofia, Estefania, Tania, Catherine, Luis and Rodrigo.

Pre Kinder Music Assembly
Introducing musical instruments.
In their music lessons the Pre Kinder children have been learning about a range of simple percussion instruments and their names and which of the three main groups they belong to (metal, wood and skins).They also have learnt to sing a traditional song Humpty Dumpty, with which story they are familiar. The children had an assembly this week to reinforce their learning.

Pre-Kinder Curriculum Night
Pre-Kinder Curriculum Night on Thursday was very well attended by parents who enjoyed an explanation by the PK teachers about how the children in our school learn through play and discovery. The teachers were very keen to point out that in learning at this age it is the process which is important rather than the outcome. The teaching staff had prepared some very interesting videos and photographs to demonstrate the points they were making. Parents displayed their artistic talents by leaving pictures and paintings for their children to admire when they came to school the following day.

1st Cáceres Assembly
Well done and thank you to the children of 1st Cáceres for their assembly this week on Food and Healthy eating. As you know the Primary section of the school is working hard on encouraging our children to eat more healthily. Children in Grade 1 are working from an IPC unit called - You are what you eat. 1st Cáceres managed to pull together both of those messages and spoke very confidently and clearly during their presentation.

Spanish teacher
We would like to welcome Claudia Vela to our Spanish teaching team in Upper Primary. I am sure that she will soon settle in to the ABC routines and will be asset to the primary teaching team.

UP Crazy Head Day

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Thursday 13th October: Kinder Curriculum Night
Friday 14th October: Prepa Contreras Assembly
Monday 17th October: First Grade Parents Maths Workshops
Thursday 20th October: Prepa Curriculum Night
Friday 21st October: LP United Nations Day
Thursday 27th October: First Grade Curriculum Night
Friday 28th October: Prepa Pashley Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 24th October: United Nations Day
Wednesday 26th October: 3rd Aviles Assembly
Wednesday 26th October: 5th Quintanilla Assembly

Secondary News

Being ABC Positive
In our assemblies this week and next week we are talking about the importance of all of us being ABC positive. We want to stress the importance of all of us working together to be positive about the aims and mission of the school. It is really important we all give the same message.

Parent Teacher Meetings
We have had parent teacher meetings for all grades in the last two weeks and we feel these meetings have been an excellent opportunity to establish a good understanding between school and home. Please continue to follow our activities on the blogs for your child's grade.

Being Considerate
We want to reinforce our strong expectation in school that all students are considerate towards all members of our school community and we feel this very strongly.

There have been some concerns expressed by parents about activities at class parties. We are very anxious to work with you to ensure that our students behave responsibly at all times. We would like parents in each grade to think about and discuss parental expectations and agreements on how parties should be regulated. We are working in school to ensure our students make the right choices but we need your support.

Donations of Shoes
One of our CAS projects is organising a collection of unwanted shoes (in pairs) for a school in Ataco. If you have any unwanted shoes can you please send them in with your son or daughter.

Grade 11 Empowerment Day
All grade 11 students are expected to be at school on Saturday (tomorrow) at 8.30am for the Empowerment Day.

Dates for your diary
Saturday 8th October: Grade 11 Empowerment Day
Monday 10th October: Grade 11 and 12 University Guidance Meeting, 6pm PAC
Friday 28th October: End of First Half term - school closed for the following week